I built unofficial Spine runtime for Swift 2.1.

It fully supports bone and slot animations, including IK(Inverse Kinematics).

I tested all samples in Spine software(Spine boy, alien, hero, and so on) and confirmed it works nicely.

Please test it and leave your review!!

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THANK YOU! I've been waiting for this for a few months now. Will definitely give it a try!
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I'm using my runtime to make a sample game now. In doing so, I'll add more function to the runtime to make games more easily. So I'll update the runtime as much as possible.


added few functions that will make you use this runtime easier.
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First of all thank you so much for releasing your unofficial SWIFT runtime and sharing with the community :) :)
I've been running some simple Spine project tests and everything is working very nicely (mesh/spriteKit limitation aside!!)

*Licence question(s)*
Just wanted to check licence stipulation, before continuing and hopefully completing our own contributions (given we are using OS X/IOS/TVos with SpriteKit)
"You can use and modify this runtime for personal or internal purpose. But not for your commercial use."

Q1: Is this to reflect Spine/esoteric software licence requirements? (e.g.)
"Runtimes Software (the "Software") and derivative works solely for personal or internal use..."

...The Spine Runtimes are developed with the intent to be used with data exported from Spine. By purchasing Spine, Section 2 of the Spine Software License grants the right to create and distribute derivative works of the Spine Runtimes. Runtimes Software (the "Software") and derivative works solely for personal or internal use.

and if so (Given we have purchased a valid licence from 'esotericsoftware' for Spine Pro)
Q2: Does this allow us to use your SWIFT code base in our own commercial project?

It is my understanding, your readMe statement is to reflect/respect/adhere to Spines licence? Hence checking to be sure!!
(previously we used Spine with Starling official runtime. Hoping we can have full support in SpriteKit soon! so your work is greatly appreciated :)

Thanks again for the hard work!!

PS: I am guessing the issue with using meshes in SpriteKit directly, is ?possibly? todo with: rectangular textures VS mesh/vertices limitation? (from a quick read around older posts comments from Nate and in apple forum?)
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