Spine Changelog

Below you will find notes on the changes from one release to the next. For a higher level view of what we have planned for the future, please see our roadmap.

4.2 Releases


  • Added --export-all to export all skeletons, even if Export is unchecked, for both JSON and binary exports.
  • Fixed some cmd hotkeys not working on Mac.
  • Fixed --activated.
  • Changing physics constraint FPS resets the constraint to clear any accumulated time.
  • Allow playback of non-looping animation with no keys.
  • Import PSD: added [pad:0] to control padding per layer/group.

28 Jun 2024

  • Added matching folders to find and replace.
  • Allow creating new animations, skins, and events in a folder in animate mode.
  • Allow creating a slot folder when a slot is selected under a bone.
  • Fixed default names not taking folders into account when duplicating various items.
  • Fade point attachments on project load.
  • Import PSD: [slots] and [bones] only applies to immediate children, added [slots], [!slots], [!bones], and [pad:0] tags.
  • Launcher 4.2.18: Fixed hotkeys using opt on Mac.

20 Jun 2024

  • Fixed double click not deselecting bones.

19 Jun 2024

  • Fixed ctrl click not selecting multiple bones.

19 Jun 2024

  • Default auto key to on.
  • Fixed calculating mesh center in some cases.
  • Improved clipping stability for collinear points.
  • Fixed losing vertex selection when dragging a short distance.
  • Fixed 100% zoom being off by half a pixel, causing blurriness.
  • Don't set the viewport selection from the tree selection when changing between setup/animate mode.
  • Fixed crash with New Folder hotkey.
  • Fixed favor mode and view focus hotkeys.
  • Fixed mesh soft selection when using the Direct weight tool.
  • Fixed update bindings using the previous undo state.
  • Fixed mesh compensation in animate mode appearing to apply to pinned skins.
  • Launcher 4.2.18: Improved CLI parameter error messages.

3 Jun 2024

  • Fixed dragging a source or linked mesh to a different skeleton.
  • Fixed loading projects where a source mesh is not found.
  • Improved dragging multiple meshes to a bone when one of the meshes is a linked mesh.
  • Import PSD: fixed parsing for image editors that set group end markers to hidden.

31 May 2024

  • Data import checks for blank names.
  • Fixed blurry icons at UI scales other than 100% and 200%.
  • Fixed regions and meshes getting a blank name when Sequence is checked.
  • Launcher 4.2.17: fixes crash at start on Mac when a controller or similar device is connected.

29 May 2024

  • Fixed crash using undo after checking mesh on a region attachment with a sequence.

28 May 2024

  • Reset skeleton reference scale to 100 if <= 0.01 for older projects.
  • Fixed crash with find and replace unused.
  • Fixed find and replace unused for physics global timelines.
  • Fixed opening projects with an invalid sequence timeline.
  • Import PSD: [path:value*] pattern is applied to layers having no path value, using the layer name before any [name:value*] patterns.
  • Launcher 4.2.16: fixed race condition when running multiple Spine instances.

27 May 2024

  • Added new bone icons: drop, leaf, lightning.
  • Fixed skeleton reference scale being set to 0.01 after undo.
  • Warning skeleton icon for 0.01 reference scale.
  • Fixed frame offset not showing during key offset.

25 May 2024

  • Added tree setting to not show slot paths.
  • Show slot paths in gray.
  • Show the current frame number when dragging.
  • Show orange lines and the start and end frames of a drag.
  • Improved colored bone selection icon.
  • Allow bone compensation with the pose tool when there's only one bone.
  • Prevent forward slash in constraint names.
  • Don't key sequence timelines with favor tool.
  • Fixed sequence keys being deleted when changing attachment slot.
  • Fixed placeholder delete dialog not showing when delete confirmations are turned off.
  • Fixed slot name changing when dropped across skeletons.
  • Fixed crash with very high sequence numbers.
  • Import PSD: added [path:value*] pattern and [!path], allow blank names when there is a [name:value*] pattern.

21 May 2024

  • Added a button to select all bones of the same color.
  • Added a Select - Colored Bones hotkey.
  • Added tree option to show slot folders under bones.
  • Automatically set the attachment name/path and sequence settings when checking or unchecking Sequence.
  • Apply compensation when using the Pose tool for rotation or pasting bone transforms.
  • Improved Parent, Child, Next Sibling, and Previous Sibling hotkeys to work with multiple selection.
  • Improved sorting in the tree for slots with folders.
  • Tree search finds text in slot folder paths.
  • Tree auto scroll causes selection to match viewport when tree filters are toggled.
  • Fixed looping in reverse when playback interpolation is disabled.
  • Fixed 1 frame delay updating skins view after changing a folder parent.
  • Fixed crash opening a project while a file dialog is open.
  • Don't apply bone compensation for the pose tool.
  • Pause physics when dragging a tool with compensation.
  • Import PSD: added [bones] tag, [name] patterns apply to all layers and groups, added [slot:name*] and [bone:name*] patterns, stop a pattern with [!name], [!bone], or [!slot], fixed PSD file lock when cancelling overwrite.

16 May 2024

  • Fixed reading older projects.
  • Improved choosing a unique slot name.
  • Fixed pixel compensation when moving a slot to a new bone.
  • Don't wrap names on tree annotation tooltips.
  • Fixed animations and skins views not updating when folders are moved.
  • Fixed the find and replace dialog not having matches after showing an error dialog.

16 May 2024

  • Changed slot name uniqueness to the entire path rather than just the name. This affects findSlot at runtime.
  • Changed Pixels compensation and the Highlight Pixels hotkey to use the lower left corner of pixels rather than the center.
  • Added visibility dot to draw order and events. When unchecked, the draw order timeline is only shown when nothing or a slot is selected.
  • Added the number of skins to tree skin annotations.
  • Limit number of tree annotations to 15.
  • Improved scrolling to the selected tree node.
  • Reduced memory usage when saving a project.
  • Reduced project file sizes, especially for large projects.
  • Fixed animation draw order after drag and drop of all slots in setup mode.
  • Fixed Key Shown for physics mix keys.
  • Fixed editing clipping, bounds, or a path when the attachment isn't visible.
  • Fixed folder names not updating in animations and skins views after a rename.
  • Disallow forward slash in slot and constraint names using find and replace.
  • Numpad enter works like enter on all dialogs and text fields.
  • Don't zoom after import into an existing project.
  • Import PSD: allow [path] on groups, keep dialog open after an error, added Import PSD hotkey.

6 May 2024

  • Fixed slots not showing a key button when the tree is filtered.
  • Fixed draw order slots changing order during drag and drop when tree is filtered.

6 May 2024

  • Fixed constraint select buttons appearing when they shouldn't.

4 May 2024

  • Show bone select button on constraints.
  • Show constraint select buttons on bones for each type of constraint.
  • Show select button on bones or constraints when multiple are selected under a skin.
  • Fixed memory leak from bone and constraint skins increasing when the tree is refreshed.
  • Added hotkeys to select constraints for the selected bones.
  • Wrap clipping property buttons.
  • Portuguese translation improvements.
  • When texture packing with Current project checked, find meshes using both relative and absolute paths.
  • Launcher 4.2.14: Faster start up. Increased maximum possible memory usage.

1 May 2024

  • Greatly reduced memory usage for large projects.
  • Added animation count to metrics view.

1 May 2024

  • Fixed race condition reading audio devices.

30 Apr 2024

  • Fixed audio devices not appearing in audio view.
  • Refresh audio device list when the select box is clicked.
  • Show draw order timeline when a slot is selected in the tree.

29 Apr 2024

  • Fixed crash dragging a slot in animate mode when bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Fixed select box being cut off on export dialog for JSON and binary.
  • Improved Rosetta error message during export.
  • Fixed rare crash separating bone timelines.
  • Import PSD: fixed [bone] position when a group has no immediate layer children.

29 Apr 2024

  • Fixed long pauses on the export dialog for large projects when preview is closed.

28 Apr 2024

  • Fixed crash long pressing in the tree.
  • Fixed memory leak when unloading a project.

28 Apr 2024

  • Don't include folder names in the names of new slots.
  • Fixed dragging open button for recent projects menu getting stuck.
  • Fixed background flash after project version save warning.
  • Fixed physics constraint limit after import data.
  • Removed OK button from overwrite dialog.
  • Update animations and skins views after deleting a folder.
  • Fixed Frames: Range not appear in image and video export.
  • Added export preview Reset button, which uses a longer timeout.
  • Improved the export dialog for large projects that can't be previewed.
  • Fixed memory leak in some cases when loading a new project.
  • Import PSD: Added [origin] tag.

21 Apr 2024

  • Fixed Bezier IK constraint timelines.
  • Fixed issues from auto backup saving during other operations.

21 Apr 2024

  • Fixed binary export when a mesh has an internal vertex outside the hull.
  • Data export warnings when a mesh has an internal vertex outside the hull.
  • Fixed IK constraint timelines in binary exports.
  • Fixed draw order in animate mode when bones are hidden.

19 Apr 2024

  • Fixed skin constraints in JSON exports.

18 Apr 2024

  • Fixed CLI export crash with animation clean up.
  • Fixed loading some older projects.
  • Fixed export binary extension defaulting to .json.

18 Apr 2024

  • Fixed sequences in preview.
  • Fixed resetting physics when multiple constraints are selected and simulate is deactivated.

17 Apr 2024

  • Fixed clipping bounds for image and video exports.
  • Import PSD: fixed bone tag on merge groups.

16 Apr 2024

  • Improved weld toast messages.

15 Apr 2024

  • Fixed crash hiding a constraint.
  • Disable key buttons when a constraint is hidden.
  • Fixed sequence images being reported as missing when exporting.

14 Apr 2024

  • Improved project clean up when loading older projects.
  • Improved selection after dragging image files.

11 Apr 2024

  • Removed -180 to 180 degree limit on transform constraint rotation offset.
  • Bone rotation in setup mode is no longer limited to 0-360.
  • Fixed trailing 0 on fractional numbers.
  • Fixed world rotation not changing when axes are changed.
  • Faster CLI exports.
  • Region sequences use the size of the setup frame.

11 Apr 2024

  • Report byte offset when there's an error reading binary data.
  • Fixed sequences in the dopesheet and graph showing one too many ticks for Once and Once reverse.
  • Fixed sequence FPS showing many decimal places.
  • Fixed region sequence attachments where frames have different sized images.
  • Fixed image export causing sequences in the viewport to change/flicker.

9 Apr 2024

  • Fixed CLI version check with -v/--version.
  • Launcher 4.2.13: Fixed race condition when running multiple instances at once.

9 Apr 2024

  • Select only rootmost tree nodes after duplicate.
  • Fixed crash after duplicating a skeleton with nested skin folders.
  • Show a max of 10 items in tooltip when dragging.
  • Don't show drag tooltip when dragging image files into the viewport.
  • Updated Spanish and Turkish translations.
  • Import PSD: fixed linked meshes.

6 Apr 2024

  • Fixed Windows input methods not working after opening a file dialog.
  • Fixed transform constraint -100 mix still allowing the bone to be moved by the translate tool.
  • Show up to 10 skin names in the tree annotation tooltip for skins.
  • Import PSD: fixed parsing PSDs with no compression when a layer is below the canvas.
  • Show full skin path under skin placeholders.

4 Apr 2024

  • Enabled color management for Mac ARM when launcher is >= 4.2.11.
  • Updated Ukrainian and Chinese (TC) translations.
  • Improved overwrite dialog to show the file path.
  • Import PSD: [trim:mask] works on groups.
  • Fixed numeric textboxes not keeping values 0 or 1.
  • Launcher 4.2.11: Fixed color management for Mac ARM.

2 Apr 2024

  • Fixed weights not using the new bones when duplicating.

2 Apr 2024

  • Tree visibility dots for constraints to turn them off without changing mixes.
  • Don't wrap rotation and shear Y for a transform constraint when local is checked and relative is not.
  • Allow adding/removing bones for transform and path constraints.

1 Apr 2024

  • When duplicating, if constraints and all related bones are selected, the new constraints use the new bones.
  • Fixed duplicating multiple constraints using multiple undo states.
  • Prompt to duplicate constraint and attachment keys.
  • Fixed path constraint position curves for negative values.
  • Prompt to duplicate constraint bones and targets.
  • Launcher 4.2.10: fixed bloom.

31 Mar 2024

  • Updated viewport icons.
  • Fixed incorrect rounding of numbers.
  • Improved rendering efficiency and memory usage.
  • Fixed mouse cursor flickering on Windows.
  • Fixed views select box icon disappearing when disabled.
  • Updated translations for Chinese, Portuguese, and French.
  • Launcher 4.2.09: fixed mouse cursor flickering on Windows.

29 Mar 2024

  • Added a slot selection button to attachments.
  • Croatian, French, and Korean translations updated.
  • Warning icon on export dialog when exporting JSON with a .skel extension or binary with a .json extension.
  • Fixed import data for inherit timelines.
  • Fixed missing atlas page entries when texture packing.
  • Fixed keys being slightly off whole number frames after import data.
  • Fixed jump after pasting keys.
  • Fixed animation clean up for inherit timelines.
  • Don't show constraint drag indicator in animate mode.
  • Fixed draw order up/down slot icon not being shown in some cases.
  • Fixed draw order folder up/down icons.
  • Fixed incorrect draw order after drag and drop.
  • Fixed animation clean up removing keys incorrectly when Layered is checked.
  • Fixed import PSD using the wrong skeleton name.

27 Mar 2024

  • Icon updates for 200% interface scale.
  • Updated Japanese and Italian translations.
  • Fixed hovering paths in edit mode.
  • Remove duplicate attachments when loading old projects.
  • Updated Celestial Circus example project.

27 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crash selecting everything in a multi skeleton project with skins.

26 Mar 2024

  • Fixed pasting weights when parent axes is selected.
  • Fixed tree selection not changing viewport selection in some cases.

26 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crashes when adjusting keys.
  • Don't highlight hovered curve when a mouse button is pressed.

26 Mar 2024

  • Apply auto Bezier to first/last keys when looping.
  • Don't highlight hovered curve when a mouse button is pressed.

25 Mar 2024

  • Fixed hang using separate for the first/last keys.
  • Prompt to save before opening examples.
  • Fixed crash with set parent and multi select.
  • Fixed curves dimming when a handle is dragged.
  • Fixed drawing path with solid lines.
  • Show isolate as checked when using the new tool in mesh edit mode.
  • PSD processing improvements.

25 Mar 2024

  • Fixed import project creating duplicate animations.
  • When packing an atlas if an edge is whitespace stripped and duplicate padding is on, leave 1px whitespace.
  • Don't lose selected vertices when changing setup/animate mode.
  • Fixed crash when hovering a sequence key.
  • Launcher 4.2.08: Improved 4.2 editor rendering performance, especially when many keys are visible in the graph.

24 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crash keying shown timelines with a global physics timeline visible but no global physics constraints.
  • Added warning icon on physics constraints when the bone reaches invalid values.
  • Disallow creating new items in animate mode, except for skins, events, and animations.
  • Fixed the curves view not synchronizing first/last keys for looping animations.

23 Mar 2024

  • Added keying bone transform inheritance.
  • Allow 2-bone IK for bones with inheritance, with a warning icon on the constraint.
  • Added clicking on graph curve lines.
  • Added PSD export setting to write layers when using File per frame.
  • Synchronize the first and last graph curve handles for looping animations.
  • Hide color management for Mac ARM (Apple GPU bug breaks it).
  • Fixed attachments disappearing in animate mode when bones are filtered in the tree.
  • Fixed losing selection in animate mode when draw order changes.
  • Fixed constraint order being reversed after data import.
  • Don't flash physics limit during export.
  • Fixed binary export for physics limit of 5000.
  • Launcher 4.2.07: Fixed settings being reset for versions < 4.0.

22 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crash when showing a view.
  • Fixed copying weights when only bones are shown in the tree.

20 Mar 2024

  • Fixed curves when opening very old projects.

21 Mar 2024

  • Copy/paste weights when using the weights tool.
  • Copy/paste bones in the weights view.
  • Click to deselect the selected bone in the weights view.
  • Hotkeys for simulate and deterministic.
  • When importing data into a project using the CLI, scale can be a path to an atlas. The atlas' scale is used for the import.
  • Disallow fraction dopesheet row height.
  • Fixed rounding for pixel compensation in some cases.
  • Snap to the center of edges in edit mesh mode.

20 Mar 2024

  • Dim triangles for wireframe meshes in edit mode.
  • Toast messages for weld when there are no common bones or there is no overlap.
  • Toast messages when weld is applied to selected vertices and/or bones.
  • Allow welding a mesh, clipping, path, or bounding box attachment.
  • Allow choosing a mesh or clipping attachment as the source of weights when welding.
  • Keep weights view bone selection when applying weld.
  • Fixed incorrect physics data exports when limit is 500.

18 Mar 2024

  • Added a weights view Weld button to copy weights from another mesh.
  • Fixed crash dragging a slot and folder.
  • Remove special characters in names when processing PSDs.
  • Fixed duplicating a mesh and converting to a region and back without loading the image.
  • Fixed weights view bind button not being active in bind mode.
  • With the weights tool, ctrl+A selects all vertices without needing to select one first.
  • Dismiss instructional weights toasts when the action is taken.
  • Fixed blurry dialogs in some cases.
  • Fixed path constraint sliders affecting other constraints.
  • Fixed jitter in image and video exports.

17 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crash on import PSD dialog with relative paths.

17 Mar 2024

  • Moved PSD processing to its own Import PSD menu item.

16 Mar 2024

  • Improved import project dialog.
  • Resize the dopesheet/graph when unlocked after renaming items.
  • Fixed loading projects where multiple keys for a timeline are on the same frame.
  • Fixed binary export for IK constraint timelines.
  • PSD processing fixes.
  • Fixed separated keys after undoing bone or slot deletion.
  • Fixed rare crash after drag and drop.
  • Fixed expanded nodes in skins view for multiple skeleton.
  • More efficient tree line rendering.
  • Fixed losing empty animation folders when duplicating a skeleton.

15 Mar 2024

  • Fixed losing empty skin and event folders when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed crash creating a new folder in some cases.
  • Improved order when creating new physics constraint for multiple bones at once.
  • Fixed Pixels for negative coordinates.
  • Freeze viewport physics and preview playback when exporting.

13 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crash using undo after constraints reset.
  • Fixed crash duplicating skeleton with empty constraint folders.
  • Fixed empty slot folders being lost when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Clipping in a PSD acts like a [merge] tag.
  • Fixed dopesheet/graph not updating when jumping from a slot to draw order.

11 Mar 2024

  • Fixed animation overview row showing keys from other skeletons.
  • Fixed dopesheet and graph rows when an animation only has global timelines (draw order, events, physics) and the project has multiple skeletons.
  • Only show all global timelines when nothing is selected.
  • Show global timelines when related tree nodes are selected.
  • Animation clean up deletes global physics timelines if no constraint properties are global.
  • Animation clean up deletes physics reset all timelines if there are no physics constraints.
  • Fixed copying physics constraint settings.
  • When pasting constraint settings copied from animate mode into setup mode, don't change setup mode properties.

10 Mar 2024

  • Improved pasting constraint settings.
  • Prompt to duplicate keys for constraints.
  • Fixed projects on load with slots that are not in their folder.

9 Mar 2024

  • Added copy/paste for constraint settings.
  • Don't show insert line for collapsed folders.
  • Drop to start/end of collapsed folder if coming from above/below.

9 Mar 2024

  • Fixed new bone icons crashing with an old launcher.
  • Fixed orange +/- number when dragging keys.
  • Fixed crash dragging deform keys when using value retiming.

9 Mar 2024

  • Added 12 new bone icons.
  • Added Show bones to preview settings.
  • Added celestial circus, snowglobe, and cloud pot example projects.
  • Allow ctrl+shift+drag to duplicate keys when Offset is enabled.
  • Clear Offset when a project is loaded.
  • Hide list of dragged items when over a valid drop location.
  • Smarter default constraint order.
  • Fixed setting keys on the last animation frame.
  • Fixed tree drag and drop for 200% interface scale.
  • Fixed physics in preview.
  • Fixed physics properties label width.
  • Fixed draw order up and down hotkeys.
  • Launcher 4.2.06: Fixed the language resetting to default when running 3.8.99 after 2.1.27.

8 Mar 2024

  • Added a Warm up slider to image and video export so physics can start in motion for looping animations.
  • Fixed image and video export bounds when using physics.
  • Fixed animation clean up for physics reset keys.
  • Fixed deterministic physics being slightly incorrect and shaking when ctrl is held during playback.
  • Fixed text field focus issue on some dialogs.

7 Mar 2024

  • Fixed image compensation when physic constraints are applied.
  • Fixed Skin... crash when selecting some types of tree nodes.
  • Fixed issues with undo/redo when setting keys.
  • Fixed RGB timelines having an RGBA light color.
  • Added a folder highlight to drag and drop.
  • Fixed rare crash creating a new slot or constraint folder.
  • Allow relative paths for PSD data import.

7 Mar 2024

  • Increased max physics limit, inertia, and mix.
  • Fixed constraint order reversing after drag and drop.

6 Mar 2024

  • Changed physics limit to work regardless of framerate. Values are now larger (pixels per second).
  • Flash physics limit label when limit is applied.

6 Mar 2024

  • Added a physics constraint Limit slider.
  • Fixed bones not appearing when dropped on another skeleton.
  • Launcher 4.2.04: Fixes macOS audio issues for all 4.0 and 4.1 versions.

5 Mar 2024

  • Fixed keying using too many undo states.
  • Fixed crash middle clicking empty space in tree.

4 Mar 2024

  • Multiple select properties for path constraints.
  • PSD processing improvements.
  • Fixed drag and drop for multiple items to an empty folder.
  • Fixed physics timeline data import when using an import scale.
  • Fixed setting multiple keys being combined into a single undo state.
  • Fixed importing source meshes that are in a skin.
  • Fixed missing sequence images being moved to the end.
  • Fixes changing slots wrecking attachment position.
  • Fixed reverse constraint order in data exports.

3 Mar 2024

  • Multiple select properties for transform constraints.
  • Duplicate for IK, transform, and path constraints.
  • Fixed undo for transform constraint Match.
  • Middle click a folder to select all immediate non-folder children.
  • Fixed a crash after using undo.
  • Fixed crash removing bones/constraints from a skin.

3 Mar 2024

  • Added skeleton reference scale.

3 Mar 2024

  • Fixed crash creating a new constraint.

3 Mar 2024

  • Improved PSD processing error messages.
  • Fixed missing Replace weights view mode.
  • Better default images and audio paths.
  • Improved UI for adding/removing bones and constraints to/from skins.

29 Feb 2024

  • Fixed support for older macOS versions, back to 10.12.

27 Feb 2024

  • Fixed being unable to create a linked mesh when there is no skin.
  • Fixed crash using undo after creating a slot.

27 Feb 2024

  • Fixed dopesheet timeline scroll zoom when rows are hidden.
  • Fixed creating new constraints in the trial.
  • Fixed file dialog on Linux.

27 Feb 2024

  • Improved bone and constraint add to skin buttons.
  • Fixed physics not being applied right away after data import.

26 Feb 2024

  • Fixed constraint order getting reset on project load.
  • Fixed crash during drag and drop.
  • Fixed slot order being reversed after multi slot drag in animate mode.

26 Feb 2024

  • Fixed constraint Reset being backward.
  • Fixed crash moving attachments to a new bone.

26 Feb 2024

  • Fixed moving attachments to new bones.
  • PSD import fixes.

25 Feb 2024

  • Fixed audio on Mac.
  • Fixed crash deleting multiple different kinds of constraints at once.
  • Fixed crash processing PSDs.

25 Feb 2024

  • Added Auto scale to the texture packer.
  • Fixed folder New... select box being empty.

24 Feb 2024

  • Fixed opening some older projects.
  • Rename constraints that have a forward slash.

24 Feb 2024

  • Fixed crash creating a new attachment on a bone.

24 Feb 2024

  • Added folders for draw order and constraints.
  • Added PSD processing support: bring in images from any program that can write a PSD! The PhotoshopToSpine script is now obsolete.
  • Added "Keep image path" when renaming a mesh or region attachment.
  • Added "Rows" checkbox to dopesheet view properties.
  • Fixed showing IK constraint rename dialog twice.
  • Fixed constraint warnings showing when they should not.
  • Fixed incorrect meshes in some exports.
  • Fixed shear causing physics to explode.
  • Multi select properties for different constraint types.
  • Fixes for duplicate bone and constraint not being in skins.
  • Fixed sort orders after a constraint is renamed.
  • Show folder path in properties and for bones and constraints under skins instead of just name.
  • Include folder path for sorting events, animations, skins, and constraints.
  • Fixed audio being unloaded incorrectly when used by multiple skeletons.
  • Fixed data import for physics global settings and when a physics constraint is in a skin.
  • Fixed audio view cutting off event names.
  • Fixed audio view volume not being applied until changed.
  • Fixed auto key for IK stretch and positive.
  • Fixed holding ctrl for box select after deselecting a mesh.
  • Fixed selecting a sequence key changing the selection.
  • Fixed skeleton viewer physics when run from the editor.
  • Don't show blending overlay under draw order.
  • Improved drag and drop into folders for skins, events, and animations.
  • More efficient dopesheet rendering for stepped keys.
  • Fixed Spine window appearing during image or video CLI exports on macOS.
  • Lower CPU usage when not using physics.
  • Added missing FPS slider to WEBP export.
  • Physics defaults to translation for null bones.
  • Default images path changed to: ./images
  • Fixed ctrl + double click to select deform vertices in animate mode.
  • Fixed sequences changing in setup mode when preview is shown.

26 Nov 2023

  • Fixed mesh deforms in exports.
  • Fixed export preview with physics constraints changing the skeleton pose.

25 Nov 2023

  • Fixed crash when opening a new project with a path constraint selected.
  • When dragging box selection to scale keys in the dopesheet or graph, remember the original keys until the selection box is dismissed.
  • Fixed physics constraints in exports when one has a higher FPS than others.
  • Launcher 4.2.02: Fixed crash after waiting for another launcher instance to download an update.

23 Nov 2023

  • Applied some missing fixes from 4.1.
  • Draw negative frame numbers when the left side of the graph is expanded.

22 Nov 2023

  • Right click the preview menu button to toggle showing the controls.
  • Fixed attachment timelines not being applied on higher tracks.
  • Fixed case of names in JSON export.
  • Fixed some physics constraint behavior when strength is 0.

17 Nov 2023

  • Physics reset buttons affect preview.
  • Fixed running on older macOS versions.
  • Fixed physics timeline JSON exports.

15 Nov 2023

  • No physics for ghosting.
  • Fixed axis lines disappear at some UI scales and zoom levels.
  • Updated physics icons.
  • Improved physics accuracy in long image and video exports.
  • Fixed undo after creating a new physics constraint.
  • Fixed keying sequence FPS when physics are simulated.

13 Nov 2023

  • Fixed physics sliders in animate mode.

13 Nov 2023

  • Fixed physics deterministic getting checked during multi-select.
  • Update physics sliders as keyed values change.
  • Fixed crash when dragging keys.

13 Nov 2023

  • Added global physics timelines.
  • Fixed path deforms in animate mode.
  • Red key states for physics reset buttons.
  • Fixed bugs with deterministic physics.
  • Removed auto key from physics reset buttons.
  • Fixed timeline ticks at high frames when zoomed in.
  • Clamp physics and path constraint property values in the graph.

11 Nov 2023

  • Added physics constraints.
  • Added a pixel snapping mode for region attachments.
  • Added numeric mouse position coordinates to rulers.
  • Added auto Bezier button to dopesheet.
  • Added Export all to JSON export to include items with Export unchecked.
  • Fixed constrained bone transforms when multiple constraints are applied and the bones don't inherit some transform properties.
  • CLI project info processes all files in folder.
  • Fixed window size affecting filtering at 100% zoom.
  • Allow attachment compensation hotkey in animate mode.
  • Update viewport selection from tree when changing animate/setup mode.
  • Fixed changing mesh color in animate mode when multiple are selected.
  • Improved accuracy for bone transform values.
  • Allow hotkeys that change selection or navigate the tree during a tree drag and drop.
  • Fixed export image and video crop size in some cases.
  • Fixed sort order of folders when texture packing.
  • Added alt+letter hotkeys to toggle checkboxes on dialogs and tab to focus the first textbox.
  • Improved curve Value retiming mode when the handles are flat or separated.
  • Fixed Spine preventing OS sleep on macOS.
  • Improved mesh tracing for images with many disconnected pixels.
  • Improved attachment highlights when using pixel grid and highlight smoothing is disabled.
  • Fixed viewport zoom slider being under the ruler when the toolbars are right aligned.
  • Fixed edge pixels being lost in the atlas when a mesh cuts off part of an image.
  • Allow edge loop selection (hold shift) for the Weights tool.
  • Fixed compensation being applied to constrained bones in some cases.
  • Fixed incorrect path handle position for negative positions.
  • ~7% smaller binary export size.
  • Option to redownload example projects.
  • Improved texture packing, especially for multiple pages.
  • Fixed export paths when switching between a file/folder.
  • Fixed text field text being offset when focused.
  • Fixed error messages when export settings are invalid.
  • Fixed specifying a folder for CLI exports.
  • Fixed the Windows IME appearing under the Spine window when fullscreen.
  • Skip UTF8 BOM when reading JSON and atlas files.
  • Highlight playback view speed buttons.
  • Added nonessential data to exports: bone icon, skin color, bone visibility, slot visibility.
  • Fixed rare rounding errors for key times.
  • Fixed keying shearY for transform constraints.
  • Fixed weight locking for linked meshes.
  • Auto weights now respects locked bones.
  • Only place atlas files in a subfolder when there are duplicate suffixes.
  • Disabling interface animations removes animation on viewport zooming.
  • Fixed text being cut off with a user interface scale other than 100 and 200.
  • Launcher 4.2.00: native ARM for macOS, added --activated to test if an activation code has been installed, fixed race condition running many concurrent instances.
  • Launcher 4.2.01: fixed running many concurrent instances that download updates.

4.1 Releases

16 Oct 2023

  • Fixed texture packer error when scaling.

12 Jun 2023

  • Fixed crash box scaling keys.
  • Fixed crash when a linked mesh has a sequence and the source mesh does not.

11 Jun 2023

  • Fixed handles jumping in the graph when using box selection scaling in some situations.
  • Added --relative-parent-max CLI parameter.
  • Fixed using box scale to reverse keys.
  • Fixed rare crash while moving keys.
  • Fixed ghosting in GIF exports. GIFs may be slightly larger, but correct.
  • Fixed texture packer bilinear scaling for some image size and scale combinations.

30 Apr 2023

  • Fixed a sequence region attachment changing size in setup mode when preview is shown and the sequence image sizes vary.
  • Fixed attachments not showing in preview when a slot is hidden or viewport images are hidden.

5 Apr 2023

  • Fixed clicking in blank space to deselect graph handles.
  • Improved sensitivity when starting a drag on a graph handle.
  • Fixed incorrect snapping when dragging graph box selection edge.
  • Added holding ctrl while dragging graph box selection edges to scale using the center of the box as the origin.
  • Fixed incorrect handles after flipping with box selection.
  • Fixed key shift changing values or handles of subsequent keys during box selection scaling.
  • Further improved keeping tree selection when enabling or disabling the tree filter.
  • Updated Mac ARM support.
  • Fixed 1x1px image and video exports when an animation contains IK constraints and a parent bone has zero scale.
  • Fixed the "images resized" dialog appearing repeatedly when Preview is showing a sequence with various sized images.
  • Brighter key box selection when empty.

28 Jan 2023

  • Fixed find and replace not selecting slots if bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Improved keeping tree selection when enabling or disabling the tree filter.
  • Fixed the output path shortening when changing the animation to export.

15 Jan 2023

  • Fixed holding ctrl and clicking the back mouse button on Windows.
  • Fixed color dialogs for viewport background settings not updating until closed.
  • Fixed sequence timelines for Data Import.
  • Added chibi-stickers example project.
  • Fixed hiding a slot causing an attachment to be hidden.
  • Improved warning message when an image is not found.
  • Fixed mesh disappearing when moving a vertex to an invalid position with Deformed checked.
  • Don't scroll viewport when over the window edge.
  • Fixed find and replace dialog losing results after showing regular expression help.
  • Fixed sequence ticks not rendering in graph for some keys.
  • Fixed animation clean up deleting sequence keys.
  • Fixed selecting vertices with ctrl being too sensitive.
  • Improved first path segment when dragging the second handle.
  • Improved packing when using the power of two or square settings.
  • Fixed attachment key buttons not appearing when Show all skin attachments is unchecked.
  • Fixed Set Parent hotkey not working for some types items of items when multiple are selected.
  • Fixed crashes opening a file while dragging the mouse.

1 Nov 2022

  • File dialog chooses a folder for export output prefix rather than a file.
  • Fixed export output prefix being used as folder path in some cases.
  • Fixed texture packer whitespace stripping when using a sequence region or mesh attachment.

24 Oct 2022

  • Fixed crash when keying a mesh.

24 Oct 2022

  • Fixed crash unlinking a linked mesh without a sequence when the source mesh has a sequence.
  • Fixed undo state for keys when unlinking a mesh and copying the keys.
  • Ensure deform and sequence keys are only set for visible attachments.
  • Fixed Key Active hotkey for sequences.
  • Fixed version changing to Latest beta when Latest 4.1 is selected on the settings dialog.

6 Oct 2022

  • Fixed incorrect cursor position when typing into a text field in some cases.
  • Fixed crash with tree collapse hotkey.
  • When changing to animate/setup mode, scroll the tree to keep selected items visible.
  • Fixed dopesheet not showing keys after undoing bone deletion.
  • Fixed Key Shown when Show all skin attachments is checked.
  • Fixed export causing pinned skins list to double.

1 Oct 2022

  • Fixed slow animation playback speed.

30 Sep 2022

  • Support color tags in the animations view.
  • Added --skeleton-viewer to run Skeleton Viewer.
  • Fixed audio not starting over when repeat is enabled in some cases.
  • Fixed animation clean up deleting incorrect keys in some cases.
  • Don't show key buttons for deform and sequences in other skins when Show all skin attachments is checked.
  • Show skin name in dopesheet for deform and sequence timelines when Show all skin attachments is checked.
  • Improved selection when clicking timeline names.
  • Fixed keying when a slot has multiple sequence attachments.

28 Sep 2022

  • Fixed a crash when clicking a select box.

27 Sep 2022

  • Fixed sequence Frame being disabled sometimes in setup mode.
  • Fixed file extension color on open dialogs.
  • Export dialog no longer remembers the JSON export version from the last export.
  • Fixed CLI project import losing images and audio paths.
  • Fixed sequence key state when no timeline exists yet.
  • Don't show mesh resize dialog when changing a sequence's setup frame.
  • Show error icons when images or audio paths are not found or access is slow.
  • Added browse and open buttons for image files.
  • On the Find and Replace dialog enter replaces and ctrl+enter selects.
  • Fixed animation clean up changing curves in some cases.
  • Tree expand/collapse hotkeys work when multiple items are selected.
  • Removed enter and space from cancelling important dialogs.
  • Keep viewport selection after changing skin visibility.
  • Binding and removing bones updates the tree's warning icons.
  • Fixed the Pose tool interacting with bones that have Select unchecked.
  • Improved ghosting key frames based on dopesheet or graph focus.
  • Fixed view keeping focus when minimized or closed.
  • Fixed crash double clicking a path handle.
  • Draw selection lines around region attachments when selected with the bone Create tool.
  • Fixed rare crash when dragging keys.
  • Fixed file dialog showing current folder as a file.
  • Detect and fix invalid mesh edges in older projects.
  • Detect and remove more types of invalid attachments on project load.
  • Fixed linked mesh unlink combining with previous undo state.
  • Fixed CLI project info when there is no output path.

10 Sep 2022

  • Fixed smoothing not being applied to some parts of images.
  • Fixed crash when an image fails to load.
  • Fixed rare file dialog failure on Windows.
  • Fixed weights view Smooth, Prune, and Swap not using the selection for a linked mesh.
  • Fixed bone numbering in some cases for the Create tool.
  • Fixed New > Bone position for skin placeholders.
  • Fixed bone label not showing in tree properties in some cases.
  • Brighter lines between dopesheet keys.

8 Aug 2022

  • Fixed crash deleting mesh vertices.
  • Fixed crash dragging dopesheet rows.
  • Fixed crash while dragging a box selection.

8 Aug 2022

  • Tree button to select an attachment's slot or a slot's draw order works when multiple are selected.
  • Fixed issues with selecting and deleting path vertices.
  • Fixed "animation repeat" setting not being loaded from export settings JSON.
  • Improved scrolling to selected items in the tree and graph.
  • Fixed label for single bone IK properties.
  • Fixed undo after moving a single bone IK target.
  • Update relative paths after CLI import.
  • Fixed PSD export showing the wrong output type.
  • Fixed setting to disable double clicks in edit mesh mode and some other cases.
  • Fixed tap square for bone Create tool when holding ctrl.
  • The Last Tool hotkey now changes the tool in edit mesh mode.
  • Improved zoom responsiveness.
  • Preview respects loop start and end in animate mode when Play current animation is checked.
  • Fixed views briefly opening with the wrong size.
  • Fixed draw order changes using two undo states.
  • Don't start export when a enter is press in text field on the export dialog.
  • Launcher 4.1.09: fixed -Xmx CLI parameter on Mac, increased Mac and Linux maximum RAM default from 1024 to 2048.

14 Jul 2022

  • Fixed meshes losing bones in some cases when moved to another skeleton.
  • Launcher 4.1.08: fixed losing activation code when many Spine instances are started at the same time.

11 Jul 2022

  • Improved selection of bones without a length.
  • Fixed missing Bezier handles after pasting.
  • Fixed broken curves after pasting.

8 Jul 2022

  • Fixed crash when clicking Pack Settings.
  • Fixed crash clicking Select Bones during Edit Mesh.

7 Jul 2022

  • Fixed texture packer settings not being stored separately for JSON and binary export.
  • Fixed texture packer bilinear scaling smearing the image in some cases.
  • Better PNG optimization error messages.

5 Jul 2022

  • Fixed clicking in empty space to deselect in the graph.
  • Fixed rare crash with sequences during export.
  • Fixed Curves view not updating the skeleton during a drag.

1 Jul 2022

  • Fixed export launcher update warning.

30 Jun 2022

  • 4.1.00 released!

29 Jun 2022

  • Fixed texture packing to WEBP failing the first try and not using the specified settings.
  • Fixed crash pasting sequence keys after unchecking Sequence.

26 Jun 2022

  • The "separate" button in the Curves view now also applies to pasting keys.
  • Fixed dopesheet and graph drag indicator.
  • Added launcher update warning for PNG optimization.
  • Fixed loop start text field not showing 0.
  • Use skin placeholder setup pose visibility for Find and Replace "unused" search.
  • Added Find and Replace "missing images" search.
  • Improved Bezier handle adjustment when deform keys are moved.
  • Improved default Bezier handles for deform keys when Bezier is clicked.

19 Jun 2022

  • Allow setting the parent bone for multiple bones or slots to the parent of one of the selected bones or slots.
  • Improved dopesheet sort order when names end with a number.
  • Improved tree lines for selected items.
  • Fixed origin not appearing in texture atlas.
  • Allow dopesheet and graph select button when selection is not locked.
  • Fixed mesh or weights brush size circle not disappearing after a Brush+/- hotkey.
  • Allow dragging multiple constraints at once.
  • More space around graph auto frame when the graph view is tall.
  • Fixed crash dragging the last key handles in some cases.
  • Fixed IME input repeating the last character.
  • Fixed crash when attachment path contains a period before a slash.
  • Fixed crash right clicking to jump to an item when in a picking mode.
  • Disable sequence properties when attachment is not visible.
  • Fixed using sequences with linked meshes.
  • Fixed crash when a pingpong sequence has 1 frame.
  • Fixed rare crash during undo/redo.

25 Apr 2022

  • Updated Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, and Croatian translations.
  • Fixed APNG export artifacts.
  • Dim tree lines for hidden/inactive items and for text search.
  • Fixed blank new skin placeholder dialog.
  • Don't lose tree selection when showing multiple attachments.
  • Fixed find and replace for tree selection when draw order slots are selected.
  • CLI texture unpacking does unpremultiply alpha when the atlas page has pma:true.
  • Sort animations on import project dialog.
  • Improved expand/collapse icon for selected tree items.
  • Fixed rotate hotkeys not using a new undo state.
  • Prevent window title from pushing menu buttons off screen.
  • Fixed error showing initial welcome screen images.
  • Fixed image and audio paths set to "././".

29 Mar 2022

  • Added Unused checkbox and Select button to Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed loading some older 4.1-beta projects.
  • Fixed GIF export quality when speed is 1.

28 Mar 2022

  • Fixed font rendering issues.
  • Fixed skin icon colors in skins view.

27 Mar 2022

  • Added many settings to PNG and APNG exports.
  • Added speed setting to GIF export.
  • Fixed loading some older 4.1-beta projects.
  • Update the tree when changing the tree indentation setting.
  • Added colored lines to the tree.

21 Mar 2022

  • Added optimization settings to make much smaller PNG and APNG exports.
  • Much faster GIF export.
  • Added "replace existing animations" checkbox to Import project, animations.
  • Fixed export frame count not appearing right away.
  • Don't show path constraint chain scale warning when all bones are under the first bone.
  • Weight smoothing now respects weight locks.

9 Mar 2022

  • Added new export formats and encodings: WEBM, AWEBP, MPEG4, ProRes 4444, AC3, AAC.
  • Fixed unreliable video exports.
  • Much faster video exports.
  • Fixed rounding of bone weights in JSON exports.
  • Added warning when not exporting a skin that has bones or constraints.
  • Added forceAll JSON export setting.
  • Fixed bug where export preview caused setup mode to have some animate mode features.
  • Launcher update (4.1.04): functionality needed for new exports.

12 Feb 2022

  • Added support for WEBP to image export and texture packing.

8 Feb 2022

  • Fixed crash opening a project.

5 Feb 2022

  • Fixed draw order filter in graph and dopesheet.
  • Fixed applying a curve preset when existing handles are auto.
  • Fixed weights view lock icon placement for some font sizes.
  • Reduced overall memory usage.
  • Prevent favor tool overshoot for default and setup modes.

29 Jan 2022

  • Added locking a bone's weights in the weights view.
  • Fixed crash applying a preset in some cases.
  • Fixed preview not showing applied skin attachments in some cases.
  • Prevent text fields from having keyboard focus when disabled.
  • Fixed tint black checkbox when multiple slots are selected.

27 Jan 2022

  • Fixed undo after dragging weight text field in weights view.
  • Fixed text fields with very small negative numbers.
  • Improved bone rendering for very small bones.
  • Prevent bones from having zero scale in setup mode.
  • Improved mesh weight accuracy in binary exports.

20 Jan 2022

  • Fixed some crashes when setting or moving keys.

19 Jan 2022

  • Save 4.1 views separately so 4.0 views are not lost.
  • Fixed a mesh rotating when bound to a bone.
  • Don't change auto Bezier curves to linear when pasting keys.
  • Added Swap button to weights view.
  • Fixed the graph Shape retiming mode in some cases.
  • Added a default curve type setting.
  • Improved Bezier handle adjustment when moving and setting keys.

17 Jan 2022

  • Fixed view toolbars being hidden.
  • Fixed New select box when multiple bones are selected.
  • Fixed button to select a slot in the draw order when the draw order is closed.
  • Fixed selection after creating a constraint.
  • Fixed binding the parent bone to a mesh with no weights.

16 Jan 2022

  • Fixed problem reading curve presets from settings files.

16 Jan 2022

  • Added a Curves view with presets.
  • Changed dot icon for attachment visibility.
  • Added "Box select pause" settings for the graph and dopesheet.
  • Allow hotkeys to be reloaded without restarting.
  • Added Refine button to mesh trace and allow clicking to create vertices.
  • Added hotkey for mesh trace refine.
  • Mesh trace hotkey traces again if mesh trace is already open.
  • Fixed edit mesh dialog being the wrong size in some rare cases.
  • Added --animate-mode CLI parameter to open project in animate mode.
  • Added --no-save-prompt CLI parameter to never prompt when closing an unsaved project.
  • Moved graph retiming setting to graph view menu, default to shape, save across runs.
  • Reduced graph toolbar clutter.
  • Show fewer decimal places for rotation when not typing.
  • Don't use selected keys when enabling auto frame.
  • Changed most "Hide X" checkbox menu items to just "X".
  • Added checkbox for image and video export to render the current selection, removed --export-selection CLI.
  • Fixed sequences using pingpong reverse.
  • Fixed auto Bezier button highlighting when a key and handle are selected.
  • When the second Bezier handle is selected, setting the curve type affects the previous key.
  • Fixed dragging path constraint sliders with auto key.
  • Sort skins and animations using folders for JSON and binary data.
  • Don't write skin names in binary data for skins that are not exported.
  • Hide tree annotations for inactive skin constraints when Hide skin bones and constraints is checked.
  • Fixed data export with no output path.
  • Allow most actions when multiple bones are selected and one is the root.
  • Added toast when trying to set world rotation outside 360 degrees.
  • Added Layered checkbox for animations intended to be applied on top of other animations, so clean up knows to preserve more keys.
  • Fixed the "mesh image files" changed dialog appearing when a mesh sequence has different sized images.
  • Improved graph line rendering.
  • Fixed viewport blurry axis lines at some zoom levels.
  • Fixed bug when renaming events.
  • When pasting keys, use linear to avoid an S shaped Bezier.
  • Fixed attachment visibility being incorrect when bones aren't shown in the tree.

30 Nov 2021

  • Fixed crash adjusting deform key handles.
  • Changed rotation rounding to avoid unnecessarily precise values.
  • Fixes from 4.0.51.

21 Nov 2021

  • Dragging a graph handle when multiple are selected adjusts them like the 3.8 graph.
  • When dragging a graph handle, dim other curves.

19 Nov 2021

  • Updates from 4.0.49.

8 Nov 2021

  • Fixed crash exiting edit mesh mode.

7 Nov 2021

  • Fixed creating a new IK, path, or transform constraint by clicking to create the target bone.
  • Fixed tree nodes being grey when setting new constraint bones.
  • Fixed pressing ctrl when a text field is focused resetting the text field value.
  • Fixed box selection when a parent bone has zero scale X or Y.
  • Fixed removing a single attachment's timelines removing all attachment timelines.
  • Fixed crash pasting sequence keys to an attachment without a sequence.
  • Fixed Data Import for sequence attachments.
  • Fixed graph framing for scale keys.
  • Fixed dragging an attachment from a skin placeholder to the placeholder's slot.
  • Launcher update (4.1.01): fixed crash on Linux with some themes.

10 Oct 2021

  • Fixed crash duplicating a skin.
  • Fixed crash in some cases using undo in setup mode.

9 Oct 2021

  • Fixed using Set Parent on an image file.

8 Oct 2021

  • Added sequences for region and mesh attachments for easier frame-by-frame animation.
  • For drag and drop of multiple bones and slots, allow dropping on parent bone.
  • Show name color tags in the dopesheet and graph.
  • Show a toast instead of a dialog when attachment keys are automatically deleted.

4.0 Releases

25 Apr 2022

  • Fixed curves after unchecking tint black and using undo.
  • Fixed crash binding a bone to a linked mesh.
  • Fixed using spacebar to open the macOS file dialog.

9 Mar 2022

  • Fixed crash when opening a project in some cases with interface animations disabled.
  • Fixed mesh tracing for very large images.
  • Fixed shear tool handles when a constraint affects a bone's position.
  • Fixed animation still appearing in Preview after undo.
  • Fixed transform constraint Match setting an incorrect shear Y offset.

7 Feb 2022

  • Fixed crash opening a project.
  • Fixed ESS warning turning black.

5 Feb 2022

  • Fixed crash scrolling while dragging a path vertex.
  • Fixed crash after unchecking slot tint black in some cases.
  • Fixed compress for IK constraint timelines in JSON exports.
  • Fixed path constraint spacing timelines for data import.
  • Fixed crash opening a project when a select box list is shown.
  • Fixed packing image folders to a single atlas during data export when multiple skeletons use the same images path.

27 Jan 2022

  • Fixed alpha timelines in binary exports.
  • Fixed additive scaling mixing in the preview view.
  • Fixed opening a project with invalid animations.
  • Fixed crash using key offset.

18 Jan 2022

  • Fixed a mesh rotating when bound to a bone.

18 Jan 2022

  • Fixed crash using undo after unbinding all bones from a source mesh.
  • Fixed binding the parent bone to a mesh with no weights.

28 Dec 2021

  • Fixed animation clean up for Bezier keys in some cases.
  • Fixed image and video exports when using color management with linear blending.

15 Dec 2021

  • Fixed crash selecting overview keys.

15 Dec 2021

  • Fixed ctrl clicking a dopesheet key.
  • Fixed next/previous sibling bone selection hotkeys.
  • Fixed some rare crashes with weights.
  • Better error message when a GPU frame buffer can't be created.

10 Dec 2021

  • Reverted the change to additive blending for image export with a transparent background.
  • Fixed dopesheet box selection missing the first key when holding ctrl.
  • Backface culling applies to the preview view.

3 Dec 2021

  • Fixed image export Frames being set to zero when changing export type to Current pose.
  • Show the frame number range for image export Range.
  • Fixed additive blending for image export with a transparent background.
  • Fixed rotation values for Import data.
  • Better message when there is no current animation for export.

30 Nov 2021

  • Fixed texture packer scaling in some cases.

29 Nov 2021

  • Fixed weights view scrolling to the top when dragging bone order.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a skeleton in some cases.
  • Fixed crash with vertex selections.
  • Fixed crash when editing an invalid a mesh hull.
  • Fixed not being able to save a project with errors in some cases.
  • Fixed copying bone transforms not using the pose from constraints.

19 Nov 2021

  • Fixed export dialog only opening from welcome screen.

18 Nov 2021

  • Fixed opening old projects with an invalid linked mesh.
  • Fixed crash opening export dialog from welcome screen before opening a project.
  • Fixed errors after duplicating a skeleton with skin bones or constraints.
  • In the weights view, Selected now dims pie slices for bones that aren't selected.

8 Nov 2021

  • Fixed crash exiting edit mesh mode.

7 Nov 2021

  • When pasting separate keys to another timeline, check separate automatically if no keys have been set yet.
  • Keep RGB and alpha dopesheet rows next to each other.
  • Fixed duplicating slot or bone keys not setting separate in animations.
  • Don't reload images after Save As.
  • Fixed texture packer legacy output having wrong Y value when using padding.
  • Fixed not being able to save after deleting a skin in some cases.
  • Fixed crash dragging an image file to a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed rare crash exiting mesh trace mode.
  • Improved error messages when an image or video export is too large.
  • Show message when path constraints are deleted because a slot was deleted.

12 Oct 2021

  • Fixed texture packer not deleting old output files in some cases.
  • Improved UI quality when using interface scale other than 100 or 200.

10 Oct 2021

  • Fixed duplicating a skin with skin bones or constraints.
  • Fixed orange line between first/last keys for looping animations showing when the keys differ.
  • Fixed graph auto frame when switching from setup to animate mode.

8 Oct 2021

  • Improved Japanese translations.
  • Disallow hotkeys while mouse buttons are pressed.

7 Oct 2021

  • Fixed texture packer resampling being reset to nearest.
  • Fixed crash clicking empty space in the viewport when using Set Parent on an attachment.
  • Fixed Timeline FPS and Interpolated settings not being shown correctly.

6 Oct 2021

  • Colored dopesheet lines.
  • Fixed Pose tool causing attachments to flash when slots are hidden and auto key is on.

5 Oct 2021

  • Fixed constraint timelines not moving to the new bone when setting a new target.
  • Fixed constraint timelines under the wrong bone on project load.
  • Fixed not being able to create edges in edit mesh mode in some cases.
  • All texture packer scaling is now progressive when it makes sense for the highest quality.
  • Removed auto and progressive bilinear texture packer scaling.
  • Fixed allowing use of comma instead of period when entering numbers.

4 Oct 2021

  • Fixed a crash when using the New tool in edit mesh mode.
  • Creating a new bone for a slot now places it at the center of the slot's attachment.
  • Improved attachment names when duplicating a skin and checking "Rename attachments".
  • Fixed duplicate skin not having Duplicate keys checkbox for clipping, bounding boxes, and paths.
  • Fixed graph sometimes being scrolled to the right when first shown.
  • Don't show "Duplicate attachment for each skin" on new skin placeholder dialog when there is only one skin.
  • Fixed the texture packer's bicubic scaling looking like linear.
  • Better message when there are no iamge or video frames to export.
  • Fixed crash using undo after moving a slot with a skin placeholder to another skeleton.
  • Fixed crash opening project while dragging.

24 Sep 2021

  • Toast if an edge can't be deleted in edit mesh mode.
  • Fixed a rare bug where deleting an edge can leave mesh triangles incorrect.
  • Fixed fixing up separate timelines on project load.
  • Fixed separate timelines from Import Project when a bone has multiple properties separated.

21 Sep 2021

  • Improved skeleton drag and drop highlighting.
  • Fixed drag and drop crash when dropping skeletons after the last skeleton.
  • Allow setting transform constraint offset in animate mode.
  • Fixed bone rename being able to set duplicate slot and attachment names.
  • Allow New... Bone when multiple slots are selected.

20 Sep 2021

  • Fixed tree drag and drop crash.

20 Sep 2021

  • Fixed texture packing whitespace stripping when a mesh and region use the same image and the mesh is larger than after whitespace stripping.
  • Allow dragging multiple bones to the parent of one of the bones.
  • Fixed tree drag and drop when the mouse is not moved during the initial drop delay.
  • Fixed select box popup location when above.
  • Added a warning to path constraint Chain Scale when the constrained bones don't have the same parent (scale may be applied incorrectly).

15 Sep 2021

  • Fixed next/previous animation/skin hotkeys.
  • Fixed opening some older projects.
  • Fixed CLI crash when not specifying input or output in the export JSON or CLI.
  • Don't treat scale sign as an instant transition when applying additive tracks in Preview.
  • Improved Japanese translations for editor settings.

13 Sep 2021

  • Fixed reading transform constraint timelines in JSON data in some cases.
  • Fixed Import Project not setting checking separate correctly.

12 Sep 2021

  • Fixed crash unchecking Mesh for a source mesh.

9 Sep 2021

  • Fixed crash deleting multiple constraints at once.

9 Sep 2021

  • Fixed crashes in 4.0.27.
  • More efficient deletion of multiple items at once.

8 Sep 2021

  • Fixed crash on computers with bad locale settings.
  • Fixed some crashes when deleting items.
  • Don't show path position handle in path edit mode.
  • Fixed JSON and binary export hashes.
  • Fixed loading some very old projects.
  • Fixed a skin bone warning shown on meshes when it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed crash after animation clean up in some cases.

6 Sep 2021

  • Allow font size in the start settings JSON to be changed manually.
  • Fixed draw order hotkeys with slots from multiple skeletons.
  • Fixed opening very old projects with invalid bones.
  • Fixed crash with graph box select on a handle in some cases.
  • Fixed Timeline Pan/Frame Drag/Move hotkeys.
  • Fixed crash when loading a new project when an event text field is focused.
  • Improved view sizes when moving views to a new position.
  • Fixed dopesheet and graph view minimum sizes.
  • Don't allow a view to be so large it pushes another view off screen.

31 Aug 2021

  • Fixed slot alpha button not showing the correct color in some cases.
  • Toggling a graph dot doesn't select a tool when the graph is locked.
  • Improved path handle positions when using the New tool.
  • Fixed highlighting path rows in the dopesheet and graph.
  • Fixed path constraint mix timelines when exporting JSON.

29 Aug 2021

  • Fixed duplicating a selection of multiple bones.
  • Improved bone scale settings, especially for interface scale > 100.
  • Fixed erroneous color keys being set.

27 Aug 2021

  • Allow editor to run if file watching fails.
  • Fixed auto key for slot separate alpha/RGB in some cases.
  • Fixed slot alpha button not having the same color after RGB is changed.
  • Fixed some objects being removed from selection groups when the project is saved.
  • Added toast to explain box selection pause.
  • Added animated edge to box selection pause.
  • Fixed duplicate slot creating duplicate timelines for the new slot.
  • Fixed using key shift with a box selection.
  • Log project version update when a project is loaded with warnings.
  • Fixed duplicate attachment detection on project load.
  • Fixed opening some very old projects.

24 Aug 2021

  • Fixed Spine settings being reset in some cases.
  • Fixed opening old projects where a linked mesh has an invalid source mesh.
  • Improved Japanese translations.

22 Aug 2021

  • Fixed image/video export of "skeletons separate" showing hidden skeletons.
  • Launcher update (4.0.48): Fixed hitting enter rapidly from starting twice.

22 Aug 2021

  • Fixed loading some very old projects with errors.
  • Only drag adjust numeric text fields when the field doesn't have focus, allowing mouse selection.
  • Fixed dragging Current and Loop Start/End text fields.
  • Fixed left aligned numeric text fields.
  • Fixed integer sliders.
  • Increased rounding precision for most values.
  • Improved rounding, display, and range for all numeric sliders.
  • Never show 0.0 if the value is not exactly zero.
  • Fixed setting Loop Start/End on fractional frames.
  • Fixed RGBA2 timelines when exporting JSON for older versions.
  • Ignore files starting with "._" on macOS.
  • Fixed opening projects that have an event in a selection group.
  • Fixed image/video export of "skeletons together" showing hidden skeletons.
  • Fixed old projects that have animation, skin, or event names with slashes.
  • Fixed crash with Weights view mode hotkeys.
  • Fixed old projects with invalid constraint targets.
  • Fixed dopesheet keys being selected when not visible in some cases.
  • When selecting all text in a numeric text field, keep the most significant digits visible.

10 Aug 2021

  • Fixed Key Active hotkey crash.
  • Fixed crash using graph Store after undo in some cases.
  • Fixed crash using hotkeys while dragging a dopesheet or graph row.
  • Fix skin bones and constraints on project load that are missing a reference to their skin.
  • Fixed error message when reading JSON that is the wrong version.
  • Launcher update (4.0.47): Fixed losing settings files when running multiple Spine instances at the same time.

9 Aug 2021

  • Fixed setting a key sometimes not showing in the dopesheet/graph.
  • Fixed tree node highlighting.
  • Improved default name for new slot and attachment on a bone.
  • Better path handle placement when clicking with New tool.
  • Fixed Key Shown and Setup Pose setting keys in filtered timelines.
  • Fixed ctrl+shift+S hotkey for Save As.
  • Show transform values without rounding when focused.
  • Increased decimal places for the weights view and all constraint offsets and mixes.

30 Jul 2021

  • Fixed texture packer alias when whitespace stripping is used.
  • Fix invalid skin bones and constraints on project load.
  • Remove invalid animation, skin, and event folder items on project load.
  • Prevent saving projects with invalid animations or skins.

27 Jul 2021

  • Fixed binary export.

26 Jul 2021

  • Faster JSON export for large projects when pretty print is unchecked.
  • Fixed multiple characters appearing from one key press when typing at a low frame rate.
  • Fixed linked mesh deform keys when changing from unweighted to weighted.

25 Jul 2021

  • Fixed setting path constraint bones with percent spacing mode.
  • Fixed exporting hidden skeletons.

24 Jul 2021

  • Fixed reading transform constraints.

23 Jul 2021

  • Fix invalid bones in transform constraints on project load.
  • Fixed rare crash when minimizing a view.
  • Fixed crash when export image size would be zero.
  • Allow smaller image and video export scale.
  • Fixed transparency for video exports.

23 Jul 2021

  • Fixed MOV export for JPEG/RLE/TSCC codecs in some cases.
  • Fixed rare crash in file dialog.
  • Faster project saving (60%+ faster for extremely large projects).
  • Fixed tree draw order key button turning orange after dragging a slot briefly.

22 Jul 2021

  • Fixed loading very old projects with flip timelines.
  • Fixed memory not being released between project loads in some cases.
  • Fixed setting keys for many timelines taking a long time for very large projects.

21 Jul 2021

  • Fixed opening older projects which contain a timeline with no keys.
  • Fixed opening older projects with errors in selection groups.
  • Fixed binary import data with a scale != 1.
  • Fixed flash of loading images in some cases: undo, changing animation during playback, etc.

18 Jul 2021

  • Fixed rare crash when using undo while attachment preview is showing.
  • Fixed crash on Linux when clicking to open a file.
  • Fixed editor not running on Linux with old GCC.
  • Improved CLI error messages when failing to read a JSON or binary file.
  • Launcher update (4.0.44): Fixed Linux crashes.

17 Jul 2021

  • Fixed clean up deleting Bezier keys with the same value when the handles make a curve.
  • Fixed holding shift with the bone rotate tool.
  • Launcher update (4.0.43): Don't show "Latest beta" if there's currently no beta in progress, fixed rare error overwriting update file.

15 Jul 2021

  • Fixed orange line in graph between first and last when they have the same value and repeat is enabled.
  • Fixed graph Hide rows when the dopesheet is not synced.
  • Detect project problems with bones and slots.
  • Fix up invalid separate bones and slots on project load.
  • Fixed rare crash changing selection after deleting an object.
  • Fixed crash deleting an attachment while the tree preview is open.
  • Fixed position of bones when using Import Data, Import into an existing skeleton.

10 Jul 2021

  • Show toast if project automatic backup could not be saved.
  • More warnings when opening projects.
  • Prevent saving projects that contain errors.
  • Fixed pasting separate color keys to combined slot.
  • Fixed animation separate bone and slot references on project open.
  • Fixed selection group references on project open.
  • Preserve image size when changing between a mesh and region and the image file is not found.
  • Fixed crash using select all on graph handles when keys without handles are visible.

8 Jul 2021

  • Fixed rotate tool sometimes jumping by 360 degrees.
  • Show gray file extensions on file dialogs.
  • Remove a recent path if it takes too long to verify it exists.
  • Fixed color timelines not being duplicated when a slot is duplicated.

2 Jul 2021

  • Fixed CLI crash.
  • Fixed dialogs not appearing when interface animations are disabled.
  • Right click Save Project As in main menu to open OS file dialog.
  • Right click save button in titlebar to open save as dialog.
  • Fixed Import Project when a slot has been moved to a different bone.

1 Jul 2021

  • Smoother zoom and zoom to fit.
  • Fixed being prompted to update to 4.0 each time Spine is run.

1 Jul 2021

  • Remove timelines that have the wrong bone on project load.
  • Reset origin when double clicking a vertex with ctrl.
  • Fixed scaling multiple box selections in the dopesheet.

30 Jun 2021

  • Fixed crash opening new project while in edit mesh mode.
  • Enabled anisotropic filtering by default.
  • Fixed not being able to drop files on welcome screen.
  • Improved drag to select for low frame rates.
  • Fixed flicker when multiple dialogs are shown.
  • Fixed dopesheet not updating after renaming some items.
  • Fixed rare crash with path constraint proportional spacing.
  • Remove duplicate timelines in old projects on load.
  • Fixed loading images appearing in image or video exports when writing to a skeleton's images folder.
  • Improved file watching.
  • Improved dragging multiple keys on non-integer frames in the dopesheet and graph.
  • Launcher update (4.0.40): allow cancelling auto start when specifying a CLI version, improved error messages, CLI exports make a server request to get latest patch versions when a major.minor.xx version is specified.

28 Jun 2021

  • If no output path is given for CLI JSON and binary, use the input folder.
  • Added a warning icon on the export dialog when smoothing is used and anisotropic filtering is not enabled.
  • Mesh edit mode create tool, fixed dragging edge from vertex while holding shift.
  • Mesh edit mode, fixed middle mouse button.
  • Fixed skeleton pose when changing animation visibility.
  • Improved mouse scrollwheel over the timeline for long animations.
  • Fixed losing draw order keys that key the setup pose when creating or deleting a slot.
  • Right click tree annotation to select it without scrolling.
  • Slower timeline mouse scrollwheel speed.
  • Disallow OS file drag and drop when a modal dialog is open.
  • Improved bone scale tool nudge.
  • Graph value mode doesn't affect other side of neighboring keys with separated handles.
  • Fixed key button staying orange in rare cases.
  • Fixed "Hide viewport skin bones" not updating the graph, dopesheet, or bones for the current frame.
  • Improved dopesheet and graph performance.
  • Improved mouse and keyboard input at low frame rates.
  • Keep tree selection after dragging multiple tree nodes.
  • Fixed crash setting an image file's parent.

22 Jun 2021

  • Highlight slots in the draw order for selected attachments.
  • Fixed handles on the other side of the next key changing when setting a Bezier curve.
  • Added curve buttons to dopesheet.
  • Greatly reduced memory usage when opening multiple projects.

19 Jun 2021

  • Fixed sorting of fields in saved export and texture packer settings JSON.
  • Fixed being unable to scroll or zoom the graph when the dopesheet has Current active.
  • Fixed viewport zoom to fit when bones are hidden.
  • Fixed export warning dialog showing when Warnings is unchecked.
  • Fixed data exports changing Bezier curves to stepped when the values are the same but the handles are not flat.
  • Show key offset frame number above key being dragged, not where the mouse is.
  • Fixed texture packing with debug from the CLI.
  • Fixed texture packing polygons losing 1px at the edge of regions.
  • Fixed CLI texture packing not removing previously packed atlas files.
  • Fixed texture packing duplicate padding not being done when packing polygons and a mesh uses all pixels in the region.
  • Fixed color keys in very old projects resetting alpha to 0.

16 Jun 2021

  • Fixed key offset remembering properties that are no longer visible.
  • Fixed crash when an image file is deleted while dragging it in Spine.
  • Fixed crash when using Disable Constraints hotkey.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes.
  • Fixed error showing editor window on Linux.
  • Fixed crash for CLI texture packing with projects.

15 Jun 2021

  • Fixed pose tool not rotating smoothly.
  • Fixed adjusting constraint order when there are two constraints.
  • Fixed selecting bones with the Create tool.
  • Fixed duplicating deform keys when a bone is duplicated.
  • Fixed texture packer alias treating certain differing images as identical.
  • Fixed polygon packing failing to combine meshes for the same image in rare cases.
  • Fixed texture packer aliasing images that have been whitespace stripped too small.
  • Hotkeys to show the graph, dopesheet, and tree also focus the view that is shown.
  • When repeat is on, auto Bezier and default Bezier curves use flat handles for the first and last keys.
  • Fixed auto Bezier for the last key.
  • Fixed zooming graph when graph rows are hidden.
  • Improved snapping using shift while creating a mesh edge.
  • Fixed loading stepped keys in JSON data.
  • Launcher update (4.0.38): improved version selection, can choose a major.minor version to get the latest patch version.

3 Jun 2021

  • Fixed constraints reverting the changes made by other constraints in some cases.
  • Dopesheet row panning can start in the row area.
  • The tree, graph rows, select boxes, etc can be panned using right mouse drag.
  • Right click a graph dot to toggle.
  • Moved Auto Key button to main toolbar.
  • Improved preview view at small sizes.
  • Renamed "Latest" version to "Latest stable".
  • Added a viewport warning icon for surprising settings.
  • Select all vertices with ctrl+A if one is already selected.
  • Select root bone automatically for Create tool when there is a single skeleton.
  • Fixed settings dialog not resetting some settings to their defaults.
  • Fixed export for a project with one inactive animation.
  • Fixed auto key for translation when scale is separated.

7 May 2021

  • Better CLI error messages if specifying pack settings for export and vice versa.
  • When packing to a single atlas as part of data export, use the project name even if there is only one skeleton.
  • Allow choosing atlas per skeleton or a single atlas when there is one skeleton.
  • Improved dopesheet panning using the right mouse button.
  • Fixed pan momentum not being applied.
  • For image and video export, allow fractional values for crop X/Y.
  • Fixed crash for CLI export when the input is a data file and the export is data + packing.
  • Improved bone rendering when very thin.
  • Fixed skins not being visible when exporting the current pose as an image.
  • Set all versions in JSON when exporting to older JSON versions.
  • Timeline buttons and hotkeys for changing the timeline position don't affect the scroll position unless Current is active in the dopesheet.

15 Apr 2021

  • Fixed incorrect texture packer warnings that a mesh doesn't match its image.
  • Fixed texture packer warnings printed twice.
  • Fixed previewing attachments during playback by hovering in the tree.
  • Fixed outline view for 200 interface scale.
  • Fixed weights pie sizes for 200 interface scale.
  • Fixed weights view bone list not showing percentage when bone names are long.
  • Fixed auto weights failing when a zero length bone is on top of another bone.
  • Fixed origin for transform tools at 200 interface scale.
  • Allow pose tool to rotate bones other than the deepest bone in the hierarchy.
  • Added outline view setting to hide ghosting.
  • Added color property to skins.
  • Right click tree auto scroll button to scroll to selected nodes.
  • Disable browse button for image and audio path when invalid.
  • Fixed path constraint timelines for 3.8 legacy JSON export.

8 Apr 2021

  • Improved Color hotkey.
  • Allow ctrl+shift to duplicate a key whike key Shift is active.
  • Fixed data import when in animate mode.
  • Only show the clipping start/stop annotations for tree draw order for visible clipping attachments.
  • Fixed clipping start/stop annotations for tree draw order after changing the end slot.
  • Improved selecting a skin in the tree when Show all skin attachments is enabled.
  • Indent checkboxes on the new skin placeholder dialog.
  • If an attachment has a skin warning, the vertices are invalid even when "Hide viewport skin bones" is unchecked.
  • Show tree annotations for inactive skin constraints when "Hide skin bones and constraints" is unchecked.
  • Prevent dragging constraints to skin constraints to change constraint order.
  • Fixed IK constraint Stretch for two bone IK when the child bone local Y is != 0.
  • Allow Uniform for two bone IK.
  • Fixed graph not showing correct properties for one bone IK.
  • When creating an IK constraint, clicking a constrained bone creates the target at the tip of that bone, so the constrained bones don't move.
  • Fixed event audio path not appearing if first shown in animate mode.
  • For audio view, draw selected audio event waveform on top, dim others.
  • Added Disable Constraints hotkey.
  • Fixed the ghosting selection button not turning blue.
  • Fixed exporting skeletons that aren't visible.
  • Hide view menu when switching between setup/animate mode.
  • Fixed clipping tree annotations being out of sync with the active animation.
  • Hide constraint edit buttons in animate mode.
  • Allow bone over color in pick modes.
  • Launcher update (4.0.36): fixed blurry bones on launcher screen, fixed click to cancel auto start.

22 Mar 2021

  • Fixed meshes not appearing in Edit Mesh mode with Deformed unchecked.
  • Holding alt when adjusting bone length will move the child bones.
  • Fixed slot separate RGB and alpha key buttons showing the wrong state.
  • Increased dopesheet zoom button spacing slightly.

19 Mar 2021

  • Fixed being able to select two Edit Mesh buttons at once.
  • Allow ctrl+shift+drag to copy keys while graph key offset is active.
  • Don't draw orange first/last key lines when key offset is active.
  • Fixed crash manipulating handles of keys that have some properties without handles.
  • Fixed first/last handles being separated in some cases.
  • Launcher update (4.0.34): fixed "Other..." not being translated.

18 Mar 2021

  • Requires launcher 4.0.33.
  • Store preview mix across app runs (for track 0).
  • Fixed orange line connecting first and last keys for looping animations.
  • Updated Spanish translations.
  • Graph frame selection now works when only handles are selected.
  • Fixed graph frame of selected keys for interface scale > 1.
  • Fixed some positions being off by 1px for interface scale > 1.
  • Fixed graph crash when framing some kinds of keys.
  • Allow right click on graph selection.
  • Launcher update (4.0.33): fixed crash on macOS.

17 Mar 2021

  • Fixed crash on macOS.
  • Launcher update (4.0.31): fixed all Turkish translations being missing.

16 Mar 2021

  • Added older versions to JSON export, back to 3.5 (data may be lost).
  • Improved graph curve colors.
  • Fixed graph favor tool moving keys out of range.
  • Fixed cancelling a color dialog removing the last undo state.
  • Fixed RGBA and RGB keys after enabling tint black on a slot.
  • Updated translations for most languages.

15 Mar 2021

  • Improved graph Frame when > 1 key is selected.
  • Allow alt+drag in graph when over a key.
  • Fixed export preview causing loading images in image/video exports in some cases.
  • Fixed bugs with APNG export, made it faster, and reduced APNG file sizes.
  • Improved the Pose tool for rotation > 360 degrees.

14 Mar 2021

  • Graph Frame button now frames the selected keys.
  • CLI texture packing now uses the faster headless mode.
  • Added shortcuts for the --export/-e CLI parameter: json, json+pack, binary, binary+pack.
  • Fixed APNG export when frames are identical.
  • Allow texture unpacking in the trial.
  • Keep start/end graph key values in sync when repeat is enabled.
  • Updated translations: French.

13 Mar 2021

  • Use linear for texture packer defaults.
  • Fixed box scaling graph keys sometimes using the wrong values.
  • Highlight World axes button when the rotation text box has focus in animate mode (world axes don't allow > 360 degrees).
  • Show graph start/end Bezier handles with repeat when start/end values are the same, even if other curves for the same key don't have the same start/end values.
  • Fixed moving two slots in the draw order in some cases.
  • Store the timeline position in undo states that set key values.
  • Show file version numbers when possible if reading a skeleton data fails.
  • If deleting an active animation, make another animation active to avoid confusion.
  • Improved dash graph lines slightly.
  • Fixed draw order keys changed when dragging an attachment to a bone.
  • Launcher update (4.0.30): fixes opening projects via macOS Finder for 3.8.99 and earlier editor versions.

9 Mar 2021

  • Fixed texture atlas regions being off by the amount of padding.

9 Mar 2021

  • Fixed image reloading failing occasionally.
  • Fixed polygon packing for some region placements.

8 Mar 2021

  • Fixed path constraints from old projects having a Y mix of 1.
  • Fixed select getting unchecked in some cases when selecting multiple bones.
  • Improved texture packing.

6 Mar 2021

  • Fixed texture packing when 3+ meshes use the same image.
  • Fixed texture packing when 2+ meshes use the same image and don't overlap.
  • Improved texture packer polygon debug lines.
  • Unfocus dopesheet text boxes after pressing enter.
  • Fixed toast messages flickering when rulers are shown or hidden.
  • Show a dialog about needing to restart after resetting hotkeys to defaults.
  • Don't show graph crosshair for handles.
  • Disallow pasting a separate key to a combined bone.
  • Allow pasting a combined key to a separate bone as two keys.
  • Added a "New Point" hotkey.
  • If a color dialog is cancelled, revert any keys set by auto key.
  • Clicking an attachment when attachment selection is disabled no longer selects a bone with select unchecked.
  • Fixed interface scale changing to 1 after CLI export.
  • Fixed favor hotkeys using the wrong frame if the graph is not visible.

5 Mar 2021

  • Fixed crash zooming out in the Audio view with very short audio files.
  • Fixed arrow key nudge in mesh edit mode.
  • Write the atlas scale in the atlas file.
  • Texture packing is faster and more memory efficient.
  • Fixed polygon packing with 1 padding.
  • Texture packing no longer adds a 1px border to whitespace stripped regions when duplicate padding is used.
  • Fixed texture packing cutting off regions when scale is used.

1 Mar 2021

  • Fixed size of favorite buttons on recent files dialogs.
  • Fixed previously exported atlas images not being removed when doing another export.
  • Use underscore for atlas image names.
  • Fixed rotation nudge clamping to 0-360 in animate mode.
  • Fixed dopesheet double click to delete a key when key offset is active.
  • Fixed key offset with 2 keys.
  • Reset key offset if a key is set.
  • Allow zooming out farther in the graph and dopesheet.
  • Improved the viewport zooming speed based on zoom level.
  • Fixed some graph drawing artifacts.
  • Fixed the texture packer when the scale is not 1.

28 Feb 2021

  • Fixed texture packer not deleting the first export image when exporting subsequent times.
  • Fixed texture packing 3+ meshes using the same image.
  • Give more room to recent/examples on the welcome screen.
  • Remember checkboxes on mesh edit dialog.
  • Fixed rare crash when starting graph key drag.
  • Fixed crash clicking Bezier in the graph when IK keys are selected.
  • Improved behavior when Bezier is clicked and the selected keys are already Bezier.
  • Fixed crash storing image or audio files in a selection group.
  • Fixed a crash after clicking "Defaults" on the settings dialog.
  • Fixed crash when the Audio view shows a very complex waveform.

25 Feb 2021

  • Fixed edit mesh in animate mode moving vertices too much.
  • Fixed edit clipping, bounding box, and path in animate mode not changing the setup pose.
  • Launcher update (4.0.27): fixed a dialog.

23 Feb 2021

  • Fixed polygon packing cutting off some polygons.
  • Better cancellation when packing many images.
  • Faster export when using animation clean up with many animations.
  • Fixed texture packer not deleting previously exported atlas images.
  • Fixed race condition where tree can show the wrong image files.
  • Launcher update (4.0.26): fixed log out for < v4.0.

22 Feb 2021

  • Improved recovery when memory is low.
  • Free working memory after polygon packing.
  • Launcher update (4.0.25): faster start time, many performance improvements, fixed error when an updated is downloaded in < 1 second, fixed crash when the update file can't be written.
  • Launcher 4.0.25 is required for editor 4.0.55-beta and later versions.

14 Feb 2021

  • Polygon packing is much faster.
  • Adjusted spacing of viewport buttons.
  • Fixed clicking dopesheet rows changing the collapse state.
  • Fixed clicking dopesheet or graph rows scrolling the tree when scrolling is disabled.
  • Fixed key button state when selecting or switching between bones with combined and separate transform properties.
  • Graph frame for percent properties (eg scale) no longer always includes 0% and 100%.
  • Fixed hotkeys files not opening with default file association.
  • Fixed typing hex color not updating the color.
  • Fixed color key state not showing existing keys.
  • Fixed changing slot color creating two undo states.
  • Launcher update (4.0.24): runs on Apple M1 hardware, much faster start time on Windows.

7 Jan 2021

  • Fixed crash restoring the tree selection after some actions.
  • Fixed background color settings remaining visible when opening a color dialog.
  • Fixed new bone using translated bone name.
  • Fixed rare crash clicking in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed views changing size by 1px after minimize all.
  • Don't hide a mesh's wireframe on hover.
  • Fixed Import Data with separated translate, scale, shear, or color timelines.

6 Jan 2021

  • Improved performance for projects with many constraints (1000+).
  • Graph auto frame no longer scrolls frame zero off screen.
  • Selection history skips items that can't be selected.
  • Launcher update (4.0.23): greatly reduced start time, added a context menu to log out, fixed a rare startup crash, fixed Windows uninstaller leaving shortcuts.

31 Dec 2020

  • Fixed CLI crash.
  • Added a hotkey to hide Bezier handles except for around the selection.
  • Greatly improved bone rendering quality, especially at small sizes.
  • Changed the bone scale setting: 0 means bones are never enlarged, even when zoomed in all the way.
  • More efficient graph rendering when displaying many curves.
  • Improved viewport name tag rendering for 200 interface scale.
  • Fixed rulers and missing or flickering lines when interface scale != 100.

29 Dec 2020

  • Fixed not being able to create constraints.

28 Dec 2020

  • Fixed crash clicking tree Expand when a skeleton is hidden.
  • Don't scroll ghosting view when dragging a slider.
  • Fixed spacing issues at font sizes other than large.
  • Added hovering a graph key briefly to prioritize snapping to it within the next few seconds.
  • Show world rotation in animate mode as 0 to 360 rather than -180 to 180.
  • When the graph is unlocked, check all selected rows by default.
  • Select keys when setting stepped or linear curves with handles selected.
  • Fixed clicking to scroll or using the mouse wheel on scrollbars.
  • More validity checks for data import.
  • Fixed using Set Parent to create a path, bounding box, or clipping attachment with no vertices.
  • Fixed deleting the slot if empty when canceling creation of a path, bounding box, or clipping attachment.

25 Dec 2020

  • Fixed clipping and bounding box attachments losing their color when duplicated.
  • Moved Sync button from the graph to the dopesheet.
  • Show "key all" dopesheet button button when synced.
  • Use 2 decimal places when showing non-integer timeline positions.
  • Improved playback reset button icons.
  • Improved disabled icons with UI scale > 1.
  • Fixed CJK language names with UI scale > 1.

23 Dec 2020

  • Fixed animation curves after changing the timeline FPS.
  • Fixed outline view when using color management with linear blending.
  • Fixed smoothing when using color management with linear blending.
  • Ignore inapplicable keys when showing selected state for graph Bezier and separate buttons.
  • Fixed auto Bezier when multiple keys are selected.
  • Allow curve presets when keys are not Bezier.
  • When setting keys to Bezier, the initial curve is computed much more intelligently, similar to auto Bezier.
  • Check mesh triangles and edges are valid during data import.
  • Better data import error messages.
  • Fixed crash using mesh edit New in animate mode.

21 Dec 2020

  • Fixed export changing background color when set to solid.
  • Show alpha on background setting color buttons.
  • Added texture packer setting to write using the legacy format.
  • When exporting an image sequence and packing, the world origin is written to the atlas file for each frame.
  • Fixed atlas file handle not being released if packing fails.

21 Dec 2020

  • Added setting for alpha dither type to GIF export.
  • Don't show key presses on hotkey popup for hotkeys that aren't bound by default when using --keys-defaults.
  • Fixed crash using key offset after deleting bones.
  • Updated texture packer format to be more concise and support name/value pairs.
  • Added prompt to export settings reset to defaults button.
  • Fixed next/previous buttons in the graph.

19 Dec 2020

  • Fixed window size and position when initially opened unmaximized.
  • Fixed hex text field on color dialog.
  • Allow Edit Mesh in animate mode so meshes used mid-animation can be edited.
  • Fixed scale tool when a region is scaled negative on one axis.
  • Disallow data import when multiple attachments under the same slot have the same name.
  • Launcher update (4.0.22): additional fix for multimon on Windows.

16 Dec 2020

  • Fixed failing to create the Spine window with some graphics drivers when multiple monitors are connected on Windows.
  • Added a viewport setting for color bleeding to fixed artifacts along image edges when zoomed out.
  • Improved texture packer bleed speed.
  • Improved tree expand and collapse buttons when there is no selection.

14 Dec 2020

  • Added additional key names for hotkeys (F13-24, numpad, etc).
  • Store interpolation for the Playback view per project.
  • Fixed image file sorting.
  • Added image path text field when multiple regions or meshes are selected.
  • Fixed crash using deselect while dragging a graph handle.
  • Fixed rare crash while dragging a view tab.
  • Fixed rare crash with new Skin Placeholder dialog.
  • Fixed welcome screen fonts for SC text when language is set to TC.
  • Added draw order default hotkeys for the numpad.

11 Dec 2020

  • Improved FPS for projects with many attachments and/or constraints.
  • Fixed image and video export for multiple animations when color management is enabled.
  • Slightly faster data export.
  • Fixed data export progress dialog not showing the skeleton name.
  • Fixed texture packing whitespace stripping for meshes.
  • Fast texture packing is now faster.
  • Improved data export progress bar.
  • Fixed crash separating translate, scale, or shear for a bone with no keys.

10 Dec 2020

  • Fixed undo after deleting a bone not restoring the keys.
  • Fixed animation overview keys affecting timelines that are not visible.

9 Dec 2020

  • Fixed JPEG export preview.
  • Fixed the tree, dopesheet, and graph filter hotkeys.
  • Fixed crash with animation clean up.
  • Fixed crash separating RGBA timelines for multiple slots at once.
  • Fixed separate alpha checkbox showing in setup mode.
  • Fixed AVI RAW export when the width is not a multiple of 4.
  • Enabled the alpha channel for AVI encodings RAW and PNG (player support may vary).
  • Fixed a bug with shear timelines not resetting to the setup pose.
  • Fixed shear Y being lost when a bone is duplicated.
  • Fixed slider visuals for ghosting offset, playback speed, and others.
  • Launcher update (4.0.20): fixed possibility of the app window appearing off screen, fixed setting CJK language from < v4 editor.

6 Dec 2020

  • Fixed rare crash when pasting keys.
  • Fixed rare crash using undo after deleting a key.
  • Don't print CLI project import twice.
  • Fixed crash with CLI data import.

5 Dec 2020

  • Even more icon updates.
  • Fixed crash importing via the CLI.
  • Fixed crash with graph selection.
  • Fixed image and video exports being cut off when using color management.
  • Fixed not being able to drag some overview keys.
  • Launcher update (4.0.18): detects language setting changes from < v4 editors, fixed crash when double clicking start with a very low frame rate.

2 Dec 2020

  • Fixed dragging edge of graph box selection.
  • More icon improvements.
  • Fixed bone properties still showing after the bone is deleted.
  • Fixed some rare dopesheet crashes.

28 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash using ctrl+alt+drag on graph selection box.
  • Fixed crash using graph Swap.
  • Fixed crashes clicking graph toolbar buttons for some key types.
  • Fixed graph handle snapping and ease buttons for deform timelines.
  • Fixed graph favor creating keys for timelines that can't be adjusted.
  • Fixed a rare crash from clicking very fast within a single frame render.
  • Fixed a rare crash when pasting keys.
  • Fixed bugs with graph handles when keys are deleted.

26 Nov 2020

  • Added moving multiple Bezier handles at the same time.
  • Added Bezier handle box select by holding alt or first selecting a handle.
  • Select all (ctrl+A) selects handles if a handle is already selected.
  • Added graph ease buttons.
  • Clicking the Bezier button when a key is already gives an ease in-out curve.
  • Fixed path constraint spacing for zero length bones.
  • Fixed UI layout being off slightly with UI scale 200.
  • 40+ new hotkeys.
  • Tooltips show user customized hotkeys.
  • Fixed tree annotations not showing after text search.
  • Graph favor tool creates keys if there is no selection and no keys on the current frame.
  • Allow overshoot with the graph favor tool.
  • Setting for clicking on empty space in the graph to set the timeline position.
  • Setting for dragging in empty space in the graph to manipulate keys and handles.
  • Fixed pasting separate timeline keys to/from a target that isn't separated.
  • Apply graph auto frame when the view is resized.
  • The Key Rows hotkey selects all keys on the current frame.
  • Adjusted shear tool appearance and reduced hit detection.
  • Favor +/- hotkeys reduce amount as they near 100%.
  • Improved alt+drag handles behavior to separate/unify.
  • Improved many icons.
  • Graph Store stores all curves and only shows the stored curve for the selection.
  • Darker shadow curves.
  • Multiple favor +/- hotkey presses are stored in a single undo state.
  • Added right click on a graph key to select that curve.
  • Fixed crash deselecting during graph box select.

22 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash with UI scale > 100.

22 Nov 2020

  • Added favor +/- and mode hotkeys.
  • Fixed slot color key buttons not showing the right state.
  • Reorganized dopesheet and graph filters.
  • Fixed RGB timeline JSON export.
  • Color bleed when texture packing uses much less memory.
  • Fixed setup mode hotkeys.
  • Added graph bounce and flat buttons for Bezier handles.

20 Nov 2020

  • Fixed hotkey crashes.
  • Replaced favor icon placeholders.
  • Improved key shown icon.
  • Launcher update (4.0.15): fixed Spine picking up environment variable settings.

20 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash deleting graph keys or using undo.
  • Reset favor tool when loading a new project.
  • Auto frame if needed when using the favor tool.
  • Added icons for favor modes.
  • Added shadow curves while using the favor tool.
  • Added hide toolbar option to graph view menu.
  • Fixed graph keeping selected keys for curves that are no longer shown.
  • Increased favor slider height to match select box.
  • Added separate hotkey sections for dopesheet and graph.
  • Renamed Key Dopesheet hotkey (ctrl+shift+L) to Key Shown, now works for dopesheet and graph.
  • Renamed Dopesheet Setup Pose (ctrl+shift+J) hotkey to Setup Pose, now works for dopesheet and graph.
  • Added key shown buttons.
  • Added new hotkeys for auto key and graph functions.
  • Launcher update (4.0.14): fixed setting Latest beta changing to Latest on restart, save chosen version if exited without starting the editor.

19 Nov 2020

  • Added many new favor tool modes.
  • Improved easing for graph favor mode.
  • Favor uses graph keys on the current frame if there's no selection.
  • Fixed CLI import scale.
  • Fixed crash restoring a selection group for keys that no longer exist.
  • Fixed next/previous/first/last/select hotkeys to use the graph when it has focus.
  • Fixed setting tint black not changing the dopesheet icon.

18 Nov 2020

  • Added graph favor tools.
  • Fixed the texture unpacker writing PNGs without alpha when a texture region has few colors.
  • Fixed auto key not being applied when the pose tool is used to translate.
  • Fixed graph handle snapping flat line.
  • Allow multi selection for graph handles (but still not multi move).

16 Nov 2020

  • Added separate X and Y sliders for path constraint translate mix.
  • Added a proportional spacing mode to path constraints.
  • Fixed AVI export.
  • Renamed "Dopesheet FPS" to "Timeline FPS".
  • Added a default timeline FPS setting for new projects.
  • Fixed path constraint when a parent bone of the path is scaled.

15 Nov 2020

  • Added separate X and Y sliders for transform constraint translate and scale mix.
  • Fixed transform key buttons not being updated.

14 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash when selecting multiple slots.
  • Fixed crash loading some projects.

14 Nov 2020

  • Added keying translate, scale, and shear X and Y separately.
  • Added keying RGB separately from alpha.
  • Fixed graph showing incorrect setup values.
  • Replaced mipmaps setting with anisotropic filtering.
  • Auto Key is applied when the button is clicked.
  • Added Weights - Select Bones hotkey.
  • Added Weights view hotkeys to tooltips.
  • Improved slot color buttons.
  • Fixed graph and dopesheet contents after undo/redo changing animation.
  • Always include 0-100 when framing percent values in the graph.
  • Dopesheet select all uses current selection, like the graph.
  • Select all selects everything if the current selection already contains all the keys for the selected timelines.
  • Improved efficiency when there are many keyable tree nodes.
  • Fixed slot color button flickering while scrubbing.
  • Fixed color dialog HSB modes not matching all RGB values.
  • Color buttons show half alpha, half opaque so the color can be seen at low alpha.
  • Improved color button checkered background.
  • Fixed saving a project when a selection group contains a graph key.
  • Setting a selection group focuses the relevant view.
  • Launcher update (4.0.13): respects setting latest beta in < v4.0 editor settings.

9 Nov 2020

  • Fixed shader crash on macOS.
  • Reduced dopesheet and graph box select time.

8 Nov 2020

  • Fixed crash using graph box select Y scale on deform keys.
  • Fixed crash using ctrl + box select on deform keys in the graph.
  • Allow clicking auto Bezier to change the curve type to Bezier.
  • The snap button or shift+alt will snap Bezier handles to flat.

8 Nov 2020

  • Added graph box selection.
  • Revised dopesheet box selection to match the graph: it hides unless you wait a moment after drawing the box.
  • Fixed artifacts at some zoom levels when using mipmapping.
  • Added more smoothing levels (now 0-11) for both the viewport and exports.
  • Export preview uses the mipmap setting.
  • Fixed export preview not working for "current pose" when a skeleton has no animation.
  • Fixed crash deleting a key after dopesheet box select scale.
  • Fixed pasting keys when the viewport has focus.

4 Nov 2020

  • Added setting to use mipmapping for higher quality downscaling.
  • Fixed "Mesh doesn't appear to match image" texture packer warning.
  • Improved display of texture packer log when a warning occurs.
  • Fixed dragging scale text fields on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Fixed polygon packing not writing all the image data.
  • Improved texture packer scaling and added new options: auto and progressive bilinear.
  • More efficient texture packing when downscaling (~20% faster).
  • Graph auto frame is applied when setting keys, but only as necessary.
  • Hold ctrl (cmd on macOS) when clicking a mesh to bind to a bone to stay in bind mode.
  • Added many hotkeys for the Weights view.
  • Allow Bind in the Weights view when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed crash removing bones bound to a mesh in some cases.
  • Improved graph selection when handles are under their key.

30 Oct 2020

  • Don't auto frame when deleting a key.
  • Draw shadow curves when using Store.
  • Fixed logic for key curve type, auto Bezier, and separate button states.
  • Improved aesthetics for graph and dopesheet.
  • Ignore shift, ctrl, and alt modifiers when being held for a hotkey.
  • Improved logic for which graph rows are checked/unchecked.

29 Oct 2020

  • Only double click delete on graph keys, not handles.
  • Added shadow curves during graph editing.
  • Fixed key shift setting wrong values.
  • Allow snapping with key shift.
  • Added handles for Bezier curves at the start and end of a repeating animation.
  • Fixed clicking disabled buttons.
  • Added graph support for the hotkeys: Copy, Store Selection, Set Selection, Top, and Bottom.

28 Oct 2020

  • Improved graph IK constraint boolean timelines.
  • Don't use snapping with boolean, draw order, and event timelines.
  • Fixed hover context being lost.
  • Don't user fixed width font for non-numeric graph values.
  • Fixed snapping being off very slightly.
  • Colors for IK constraint curves.
  • Fixed snapping with clamped values.

28 Oct 2020

  • Fixed snapping not ignoring other selected keys.
  • Fixed crash deleting or setting curve type after using key offset in graph.
  • Fixed key offset reverting changes to curve type.
  • Graph rendering improvements, fixes being one frame behind.
  • Fixed moving draw order, event, and IK graph keys.
  • Fixed ctrl+shift when dragging a graph handle.

26 Oct 2020

  • Fixed graph snapping for scale keys.
  • Show timelines for hidden bones in the graph and dopesheet when the bone is selected.
  • Fixed crash selecting graph keys without curves.
  • Fixed synching dopesheet/graph selection for keys without curves.
  • Fixed graph curve type and other buttons for keys without curves.
  • Fixed graph setup value lines when a timeline has a single key.
  • Better project import save when input and output are the same file.
  • Fixed CLI headless exports not being able to load old projects.

25 Oct 2020

  • Added flash for graph snap button.
  • Graph responds to key presses when dragging, without moving the mouse.
  • Fixed crash dragging a graph handle with ctrl+shift.
  • Fixed crash using key offset with auto Bezier handles.
  • Adjusted icon alignment for 100 and 200 interface scale.
  • Added hotkey for graph snapping and momentary hotkeys for graph X/Y.
  • Draw hover context curve on top.
  • Fixed crash when deleting all keys in a timeline.
  • When using -r or --import with the CLI and the input and output file are the same, the file will be resaved rather than imported into itself.

24 Oct 2020

  • Improved graph rendering.
  • Allow dragging Bezier handle lines.
  • Use shift+alt for graph key snapping.
  • Added ctrl+shift+drag to duplicate keys in the graph.

24 Oct 2020

  • Fixed bone rotate tool jumping by large amounts.
  • Removed curve type buttons from the dopesheet.
  • Fixed crash deleting keys without curves.
  • Improved keeping key selection after undo.
  • Added snapping to the graph.
  • Improved graph key shift.
  • Added graph "hover context": after hovering a key, snapping and selecting keys/handles will prioritize that key and it's curve.
  • Use number font for graph numbers.
  • Always keep graph key numbers on screen.

23 Oct 2020

  • Added selecting keys in the graph.
  • Added automatic Bezier handles.
  • Added separate button to move Bezier handles independently (or hold alt).
  • Added double click to delete a graph key.
  • Don't show attachments in the graph by default (like events and draw order).
  • Fixed the dopesheet showing the wrong rows with graph sync.
  • Fixed stepped, linear, and Bezier hotkeys not doing the same as clicking the buttons.
  • Fixed clicking a key in the dopesheet not moving the timeline position.
  • Added settings for setting the timeline position in the graph and dopesheet.
  • Don't shrink weights pies when zooming out.
  • Fixed background color for dots and squares.
  • Added button to reset background settings to defaults.
  • Fixed crash dragging to copy keys that don't have curves.
  • Always synchronized graph and dopesheet key selection.
  • Fixed many undo states from dragging a text field.
  • Fixed rotation tool to set rotation < -360 and > 360 in animate mode.
  • Fixed new names losing leading zeros.
  • Launcher update (4.0.10), supports older glibc versions on Linux.
  • Launcher update (4.0.11), redownloads updates after upgrading license from ESS to PRO.

17 Oct 2020

  • Fixed crash when setting a key.

17 Oct 2020

  • Don't show draw order in the graph by default (like events).
  • Fixed rare welcome screen crash for languages other than English.
  • Fixed dragging multiple dopesheet box selections.
  • Fixed undo for keys in some cases.
  • Fixed skin constraints when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed the order of the applied skins when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed metrics view including clipping and animation for skeletons with export unchecked.
  • Fixed linked meshes going to the wrong skin when duplicating a skeleton.

16 Oct 2020

  • Fixed --clean-all.
  • Fixed underline in Skins view.
  • Fixed incorrect restart warning for settings dialog.
  • Fixed reading dark color from skeleton JSON.
  • Launcher update (4.0.09).
  • Fixed launcher failing to run <= 3.8 versions for some users.
  • Launcher uses language used for install when uninstalling.
  • Launcher sets language for <= 3.8 versions.
  • Re-released 3.8.99 to fix double clicking keys to delete.

11 Oct 2020

  • Fixed error dialog font sizes.
  • Launcher update (4.0.08).

11 Oct 2020

  • Fixes for the Spine Trial.

11 Oct 2020

  • Fixed --logout CLI parameter.
  • Launcher update: 4.0.07
  • Fixed line in graph when rows are hidden.
  • Example projects are downloaded on demand.
  • Use fixed width font for export progress dialog.
  • Fixed Create tool not moving attachment when clicking to create a new bone.
  • Fixed undo when auto key is off.

9 Oct 2020

  • Added Graph X/Y hotkeys.
  • Fixed crash with smooth 4 when keeping edges.
  • Fixed envelope button rendering.
  • Improved button padding and icon spacing.
  • Launcher update (mandatory, 4.0.04).
  • Fixed graph timeline being out of sync with curves in some cases.
  • Added hotkeys for setting linear, stepped, and Bezier keys.

7 Oct 2020

  • Fixed CLI arguments on macOS.
  • Fixed black welcome screen images.
  • Launcher update (all beta users must update).
  • Launcher uses framerate setting.
  • Fixed some settings not being reverted when cancel is clicked.
  • Fixed toolbar button icon padding.
  • Faster mesh tracing.
  • Fix colored edges for translucent borders.
  • Replaced viewport and export linear filtering with smoothing settings.
  • Added viewport settings to keep edges when smoothing.
  • Added setting for attachment highlight smoothing.
  • Smoothing and pixel grid cannot be combined.
  • Increased minimum alpha for the color of a selected path.
  • Updated Japanese translations.
  • Improved line rendering for interface scale > 100.
  • Fixed filter buttons missing active state.
  • Added Graph view setting and hotkey to hide the graph's rows.
  • Fixed IK constraint bend positive being unchecked when a project is loaded.
  • Fixed artifacts with smoothing 4 when "keep edges" is unchecked.
  • Fixed missing/loading image colors.
  • Fixed launcher when interface scale is not 100 and color management is enabled.

4 Oct 2020

  • Draw graph value on top of curves.
  • Improved Timeline Frame Drag/Move hotkeys to not use auto scroll.
  • Fixed Timeline Pan Drag/Move hotkeys.
  • Fixed cutting before Bezier handles on the left edge of the graph.
  • Added cutting Bezier handles on the right, top, and bottom edges of the graph.
  • Improved crash dialog.
  • Launcher updated.
  • Fixed Sync not hiding part of the dopesheet toolbar when Spine starts.

1 Oct 2020

  • Fixed opening files from Finder on macOS.
  • Fixed uninstaller entry on Windows.
  • Fixed crash moving keys with no curves with Key Shift.
  • Fixed curves not being updated in same cases, such as after Key Adjust.
  • Fixed example project image paths.
  • Fixed animation clean up CLI parameter.
  • Added --clean-all CLI parameter.
  • Fixed choosing latest non-beta version.
  • Fixed crash clicking a curve button after Swap.

29 Sep 2020

  • The Graph view has been replaced by a fully featured curve editor.
  • 64-bit support to make use of any amount of system memory.
  • High resolution UI graphics for HiDPI displays (Spine interface scale > 100).
  • Interface scales other than 100 and 200 now look nice.
  • Color management for correct color rendering on wide gamut displays.
  • Linear and gamma blending workflows.
  • Many performance improvements, especially for large projects.
  • Improved path curve rendering quality.
  • Added tree annotations to slots for start/end of clipping.
  • Auto scroll dopesheet horizontally when box selecting past the edge.
  • Fixed dopesheet rows not being highlighted for the selected slot.
  • Improved sorting when names are numbered starting at zero.
  • Don't prompt to duplicate keys for linked meshes that inherit deform.
  • Don't change the tree selection for the Animations or Skins view unless the tree has the old item selected.
  • Fixed slot "jump to draw order" button not appearing.
  • Show both colors in slot icon for tint blank.
  • Show slot icon overlay for non-normal blending.
  • Fixed width glyphs when displaying hexadecimal numbers.
  • Hide Selection hotkey now renders while making selections.
  • Added settings dialog button to reset hotkeys to defaults.
  • Added hotkeys for setting the timeline position and panning the timeline using the mouse.
  • Fixed conflicts with other software on Mac.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse inputs when running old Spine versions on Mac (eg 2.1.27).
  • Fixed crashes when switching between old Spine versions (eg when using Chinese).
  • Always show key offset frame number when kept.
  • Keep key offset state when using undo/redo.
  • Key offset works for all types of keys.
  • New dialog for "images resized" to better explain the options.
  • Fixed tree text search when using hide skeleton/skin names.
  • Allow dropping .export.json and .pack.json files on the Spine window to open the export or texture packer dialog.
  • Fixed loading bounding boxes from very old projects.
  • Fixed CLI import for very old projects.
  • Allow gradient with solid background color.
  • Show full path for pinned skins.
  • Improved timeline position display.
  • Added Dopesheet Setup Pose hotkey.
  • Apply UI scale to attachment lines and handles.
  • Don't mousewheel zoom unless over the viewport or scrollable area.
  • Added a button for attachment tree properties to select the slot.
  • Update mouse position when zooming while dragging to use a tool.
  • Fixed flickering world scale values.
  • Allow dragging left/right on text boxes to change numeric values.
  • Fixed toolbar positions when ruler is shown.
  • Improved refreshing image and audio files.
  • Added highlight attachments setting.
  • Improved middle mouse button for viewport selections.
  • Middle mouse button for making dopesheet selections.
  • Added setting to make middle mouse button pan instead of select.
  • Added setting to disable pan momentum.
  • Box select on a key starts at the key's frame.
  • Show more accuracy for key frame numbers.
  • Allow panning vertically in the dopesheet with the right mouse button.
  • Dopesheet order matches tree selection order.
  • Reduced amount dopesheet can scroll right at frame 0.
  • Fixed packing fully transparent images.
  • Clicking the selected tool no longer selects the last used tool.
  • New Skin Placeholder hotkey works when attachments are selected.
  • Fixed playback freeze when hiding audio events.
  • Fixed the frame button breaking the Audio view when the view is narrow.
  • Fixed shear tool position when zoomed in.
  • Undo/redo applies animations to set the skeleton poses.
  • Improved bone images, icons, and icon sizes.
  • Added scaling for zero length bones.
  • Fixed rare bug where mesh triangulation was incorrect.
  • Fixed viewport zoom after changing bone scale setting.
  • Fixed playback for long audio files.
  • Audio playback failure no longer crashes.
  • Fixed selection history when the tree is hidden.
  • Fixed constraints with zero mixes resetting bones.
  • Translation improvements for many languages.
  • More space efficient dopesheet toolbar layout.
  • Greatly improved bone scale for projects using large images.
  • Fixed point attachment world rotation and viewport size.
  • Increased drag distance to make Weights view direct tool more sensitive, hold shift for even more sensitivity.
  • Soft mesh selection now works with the Weights view direct, add, and replace tools.
  • Weights view slider shows the highest weight value while dragging.
  • Fixed playback speed not being applied when playing backward.
  • Texture atlas packing logs a warning when an image doesn't appear to match a mesh's UVs.

3.8 Releases

13 Sep 2020

  • Fixed issues with the window losing focus on Windows in some cases.
  • Fixed double clicking a key to delete.

10 Sep 2020

  • Fixed hanging on app start on macOS in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when pressing delete during key offset.
  • The first time an attachment is hovered, don't show an already loaded attachment immediately.
  • Fixed not opening on the correct monitor on Windows.
  • Fixed maximized and fullscreen sizes on Windows in some cases.
  • Fixed Import Data when specifying a folder.
  • Allow dragging animations to folders in animate mode.

10 Jul 2020

  • Fixed a memory leak with the tree.
  • Fixed the "images resized" dialog pushing vertices against the edge when the new image is too small.

2 Jul 2020

  • Fixed out of memory errors in some cases when image loading is aborted.
  • Fixed high memory usage when mousing over attachments with large images in the tree.
  • Fixed tree hover image preview not showing in some cases.
  • Fixed key offset losing the curve type for some of the first keys.
  • Fixed double click not deleting a key in some cases.
  • Fixed export preview losing the currently selected skin.
  • Wait to re-maximize window until after closing the file dialog.
  • Don't apply edge highlighting to attachment image loading placeholders.

24 Apr 2020

  • Fixed a crash with headless export.
  • Added select attachments hotkeys.

15 Apr 2020

  • Respect the Export checkbox for attachments and skins when exporting JSON/binary/images/video, packing polygons, doing data export with Attachments packing, computing the skeleton AABB, and for the Metrics view.
  • If an attachment won't be exported, any deform timelines are removed and any attachment keys are changed to show no attachment.
  • If a mesh won't be exported, any linked meshes for that mesh also won't be exported.
  • More efficient file system checks.
  • Log warning when file system access takes a long time.

7 Apr 2020

  • Fixed crash hovering vertices during mesh tracing.
  • Fixed pasting attachment keys that clear the attachment.

7 Apr 2020

  • Fixed crash when creating a path and checking Closed.
  • Improved error detection when importing data with bad mesh data.
  • Improved bone split renaming when the original name ends in a number.
  • Added hotkeys for selecting bones and slots.
  • Don't show the dragged tree node until after the drop delay.
  • Fixed crashes when pasting keys for objects that have been deleted.
  • Fixed crash unchecking Mesh when a linked mesh is selected.

5 Apr 2020

  • Fixed crash with weight strength hotkey.

4 Apr 2020

  • Fixed rare crash after duplicating a mesh.
  • When duplicating an attachment, don't make the new attachment visible.
  • Fixed rare crash with storing recent projects.
  • Don't use mesh vertices with polygon packing when a region attachment uses the same image.
  • Allow single quotes around any key name or typed character in hotkeys.txt.
  • Added brush, feather, and strength hotkeys for Weights and Mesh Tools views.
  • Improved visualization for mesh soft selection on hover.
  • Fixed dopesheet not redrawing in some cases when an attachment is selected.
  • Fixed dopesheet sometimes not scrolling vertically with mouse wheel.

3 Apr 2020

  • Fixed a crash when keying.
  • Fixed the dopesheet showing the same bone twice in some cases.

2 Apr 2020

  • Don't require two presses of spacebar to clear the viewport selection when the dopesheet has a selection.
  • Fixed dopesheet contents sometimes including the last selected item.
  • Fixed crash using undo after creating a new skin placeholder on a bone.
  • Fixed crash pasting keys copied before adding vertices to a mesh.
  • Fixed a number of bugs and crashes dealing with mesh vertices and draw order.

31 Mar 2020

  • Fixed loading placeholder images showing during export if the preview was open.
  • Fixed deform timelines in binary exports when the project contains a skin with no attachments.
  • Better error messages when CLI export settings are invalid.
  • Improved next/previous animation/skin for items not in a folder.
  • Fixed allowing folders to be created with the same names.
  • Fixed crash from having duplicate folder names.
  • Fixed crash while editing event properties.
  • Fixed separator placement on the bone New... select boxes.
  • Fixed moving a clipping attachment to a different skeleton and it referencing the end slot in the old skeleton.
  • Fixed undo of attachment creation leaving the slot with an invalid attachment.
  • Fix slots on project load that have an invalid attachment.
  • Dopesheet contents now considers the tree selection.
  • Fixed point attachments not being selected after creation.
  • Allow a project to be opened if a skeleton has only invalid bones.
  • Improved how attachment timelines are applied in the Preview view.
  • Fixed view dipping toward the setup pose when mixing animations in the Preview view.

9 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a crash with the Select All hotkey.
  • Focus tree or dopesheet when clicking anywhere in the view or view tab.

5 Mar 2020

  • Fixed a rare bug that caused excessive CPU usage.
  • Improved Metrics view sizing, hide animation table for setup mode.
  • Fixed Select Keys hotkey.
  • The Deselect hotkey can now also clear the dopesheet selection.
  • Added Select All hotkey for both the viewport and dopesheet (defaults to ctrl + A).
  • Added Top and Bottom hotkeys (defaults to HOME and END keys).
  • Fixed images sometimes not loading for image and video export.
  • Faster export preview.
  • Fixed CLI exports fading in at the start.
  • Added hotkeys to focus the dopesheet, tree, or viewport.
  • Added a focus indicator to the tab for the Dopesheet and Tree views.

7 Feb 2020

  • Fixed a mesh disappearing when bound to the mesh slot's parent bone.
  • Select all text in numeric text boxes when focused.
  • Fixed slot tree node expanded state getting lost.

6 Feb 2020

  • Fixed PSD export for animation frames.
  • Faster cancellation for polygon packing.
  • Fixed polygon packing when a linked mesh image is a different size than the source mesh image.
  • Fixed texture unpacker when atlas has regions out of bounds.

5 Feb 2020

  • Fixed skin constraints not being applied unless checked in the Skins view.

4 Feb 2020

  • Fixed skin constraints not being applied for pinned skins.
  • Fixed image files showing up after a file was deleted.
  • Fixed projects on load that have a key to an attachment that does not exist.
  • Faster project loading.
  • Improved mouse wheel scroll speed.
  • Fixed PSD export with slot blend modes.
  • Fixed linked meshes not using the parent mesh polygon when packing polygons.
  • Fixed the export dialog being slow for very large projects in some cases.
  • Added Select Keys hotkey.
  • Next/previous skin and animation hotkeys use folder order.
  • Fixed polygon packing overlapping in some cases.
  • Improved limit for scanning image and audio files (breadth first).
  • Toast if file scanning was limited.
  • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in select boxes.
  • Fixed dropping a constraint on a skin.
  • Fixed launcher unnecessarily downloading an update.
  • When reducing vertex weight from 100% when 2 bones are bound, give it to the other bone.

13 Dec 2019

  • Fixed skins not being removed from bones and constraints when a skin is deleted.
  • Fixed tree annotations not selecting the correct object in some cases.
  • Show remove from skin button when multiple IK constraints are selected.

10 Dec 2019

  • Fixed crash when adding a bone to a skin.

7 Dec 2019

  • Allow binding bones to attachments in animate mode.
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused Spine to not see changes to image files.
  • Fixed deform keys showing stepped between frame 0 and first key.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of the length of the last curve in a path.
  • Allow dopesheet box select to select keys that are offscreen.
  • Fixed bug with selecting objects when the Tree view is hidden.
  • Fixed image and audio file changes not being detected in animate mode.
  • Disallow forward slash in folder names.
  • Fixed warnings always being printed for CLI export.
  • Setting a key replaces an existing key rather than overwriting with a new key.
  • Suggest a name for new skin placeholders.
  • Fixed vertex location when dragging to create a new path vertex.
  • Fixed dragging to create a new path vertex on an existing path segment.
  • Fixed undo using two states when creating path vertices.
  • Fixed path vertex translation when creating path vertices.
  • Added a "mesh" checkbox when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed color chooser sliders not updating.
  • Much faster polygon packing when the output has multiple atlas pages.
  • Fixed polygon packing not detecting images that are too large.
  • Fixed the shear tool and outline view for bones affected by constraints.

6 Nov 2019

  • Fixed corrupt JSON and binary export.
  • Fixed IK constraint timelines not being exported correctly.
  • Fixed inconsistent ordering in JSON exports.
  • Fixed skin bones in CLI exports.
  • Fixed export dialog not showing skin select box in some cases.
  • Fixed image and video export hanging when the preview is shown.
  • Fixed a rare crash when clicking vertices without moving the mouse.
  • Fixed dragging multiple images into the viewport when the root bone has been translated.

9 Oct 2019

  • Fixed crash when setting transform constraint bones.
  • Fixed crash during CLI data export.
  • Fixed Preview clamping alpha 0-100 when a track button is pressed and additive is enabled.

7 Oct 2019

  • Fixed crash using Key Selected hotkey on attachments in the tree without an animation active.
  • Don't show image preview when hovering visibility or key buttons in the tree.
  • Fixed crash when an unsaved project could not be saved.
  • Fixed row hover on Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed crash when news images fail to be written.
  • Fixed rare crash computing skeleton bounds.
  • Fixed rare crash storing recent paths.
  • Fixed rare crash when making vertex selection.
  • Fixed rare crash when using New path tool.

5 Oct 2019

  • Fixed IK constraint timelines when using Data Import.
  • Sort the updates select box on Settings dialog.
  • When using import into existing skeleton, fixed bone and attachment positions when existing bones have been moved.
  • When using import into existing skeleton, fixed reversed draw order and improved draw order position for new slots.
  • Fixed undoing dragging a bone in the Weights view for triangle order.

5 Sep 2019

  • Fixed rare crash when making selections in the viewport.

4 Sep 2019

  • When creating a skin placeholder, keep the attachment path when rename is not checked.
  • Fixed Weights view losing the selected bone when selecting a different mesh.

2 Sep 2019

  • Fixed crash ctrl+clicking a clipping deform dopesheet row with a mesh selected.
  • For texture packing, don't combineSubdirectories on subdirectories with a pack.json OR that have a parent directory with a pack.json.

30 Aug 2019

  • Improved performance adjusting the draw order via hotkeys with many slots.
  • Fixed scale Y numeric text entry.
  • Fixed mesh wireframes not showing in Edit Mesh.
  • Added Owl example webpage.

27 Aug 2019

  • Fixed crash deleting a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed texture packing choosing the next highest image size in some cases.
  • Slightly smaller texture packer output images in some cases.
  • Better missing and loading placeholders.
  • Fixed crash creating a new skin placeholder while creating a new bounding box, path, or clipping attachment.
  • Pasting vertices correctly uses the current vertex selection.
  • Pasting vertices doesn't show a "paste" message if the vertices don't move.

27 Aug 2019

  • Fixed mesh tracing.
  • Fixed crash splitting a bone with a long numeric name.
  • Fixed crash when a mouse can't be detected.
  • Fixed crash deleting a skin placeholder in some cases.
  • Better texture packer default settings.

26 Aug 2019

  • Fixed texture packing not happening in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when changing skins while playing an animation in Preview.
  • Added warning when opening PRO projects with ESS.

26 Aug 2019

  • Much faster polygonal texture packing.
  • Fixed export progress bar.
  • Fixed events not being expandable in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed some texture packer settings not being stored in the project.
  • Fixed polygonal texture packing sometimes failing with multiple scales.

25 Aug 2019

  • Fixed Edit Mesh, Trace not working with some image files (eg 16-bit PNGs).
  • Fixed crash opening alien example project.
  • Fixed renaming slots affecting draw order.
  • Improved progress bar slightly for data + texture packing export.
  • Fixed path constraint viewport handle when position mode is percent.
  • Fixed right alignment in text fields.
  • Fixed width numbers for numeric text fields.
  • Improved accuracy and rounding for numeric text fields.
  • Typing scale only applies 0 when enter is pressed, preventing loss of mesh shapes.
  • Fixed typing +123, /123, and *123 for numeric text fields.
  • Fixed typing scale on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Disallow blank event audio paths.
  • Fixed tree expansion when using text search without Text search filters.
  • Fixed polygonal texture packing not showing meshes in some cases.
  • Improved polygonal texture packing when multiple meshes use the same image.

22 Aug 2019

  • Fixed deform keys swapping X and Y when reordering bones in the Weights view.
  • Fixed hang when submitting a crash report.
  • Improved CLI error messages.

21 Aug 2019

  • Fixed rare startup crash on macOS.
  • Fixed Find and Replace when replacing with $ or \ without regular expressions.
  • Fixed Find and Replace and multiple selection from naming a skin "default".
  • Forward slash (/) is no longer allowed in skin, animation, or event names.
  • New Event now creates folders.
  • Improved showing native file dialog in some cases.

20 Aug 2019

  • Fixed crash using Zoom to fit during Edit Mesh, New.
  • Fixed slot "Select in the bone hierarchy" button when all tree filters are enabled.
  • Fixed texture packing meshes when multiple meshes use the same image.
  • Improved Japanese translations.
  • Fixed crash using Edit Mesh, Trace when the image cannot be found.
  • Fixed crash when ctrl+clicking an attachment with a bone New select box open.
  • Fixed crashes when text search has filtered an entire skeleton.
  • Reduced resource usage when a skeleton's images folder cannot be found.

14 Aug 2019

  • Fixed undo changing slot attachment keys to clear the slot attachment.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a key.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging an image file if a bone in a different skeleton is selected.
  • Fixed cursor when typing in scale text boxes with auto key on.
  • Fixed setup/animate mode text not scaling with the interface scale setting.
  • Fixed PSD export showing names even when Others is unchecked.
  • Expand to matching nodes when Text search filters is checked.
  • The Tree view setting Show all skin attachments now also shows deform timelines for attachments in all skins.
  • Aligned Metrics view contents to the top.
  • Improved project checking on project load.
  • Fixed welcome screen image file caching in some cases.

8 Aug 2019

  • Fixed projects on load to restore animations, events, and skins hidden due to a beta bug.
  • Fixed some settings not being saved.
  • Preview respects the Pixel grid setting.
  • Fixed recent projects submenu not being clickable.

8 Aug 2019

  • Fixed constraints not being applied in some cases when other constraints are in an inactive skin.
  • Fixed removal of duplicate attachments on project load.
  • Fixed crash for CLI.
  • Dopesheet scrolls to the top when opening a new project.
  • Fixed Import Data into an existing skeleton creating duplicate attachments and other problems.
  • Prevent double clicks on menus from activating twice.
  • Project open warning for orphaned skeletons.

7 Aug 2019

  • Fixed problems with binary export for some projects.

6 Aug 2019

  • Fixed softness being reset to 0 when copying IK keys.
  • Updated translations for Japanese, Turkish.
  • Fixed Import Project, Animation choosing the wrong skeleton.
  • Fixed crash when dragging an attachment to a skin.

5 Aug 2019

  • Updated translations for Chinese.
  • Fixed hovering a vertex with multiple meshes selected.
  • Fixed crash using Weights tool with add mode when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed images being loaded multiple times when dragging an image file into the viewport.
  • Fixed layout when dragging multiple large images that take some time to load.
  • Fixed bone icons being too small.

1 Aug 2019

  • Updated translations for Japanese, Korean, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

30 Jul 2019

  • Fixed text search outline being too dim in some cases.
  • Fixed nearest resampling when packing a texture atlas with a scale < 1.
  • Fixed Instant Tooltips hotkey on dialogs.
  • Fixed crash in some cases after undoing a bone that was added to a skin.
  • Fixed crashes from wrong properties being shown in the tree after dragging a node that doesn't support drag and drop.
  • Fixed key Offset complaining the first and last keys are not the same after deleting keys.
  • Updated translations for German and Italian.

23 Jul 2019

  • Fixed poor triangulation for mesh images that are much longer in one dimension.
  • Fixed crash when clicking on the Find and Replace dialog.

20 Jul 2019

  • Highlight Local axes when the scale X or Y text fields are focused.
  • Fixed select boxes with icons not highlighting the selected item.
  • Holding alt when opening a file dialog on OS X will use an old style dialog as a temporary workaround for OS X Catalina not showing file dialogs at all.
  • Fixed rare bug where too many undo states are applied.

19 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash loading some older projects.
  • Fixed crash clicking the bones select box when setting bones for a path constraint.

17 Jul 2019

  • Improved rotation/translation selection behavior for Pose tool.
  • Added the missing Select and Export checkboxes for paths.
  • Added a Name checkbox for all attachments.
  • Improved name colors.
  • Fixed right click sometimes not switching tools.
  • Fixed local scale not being shown when scale text boxes are focused and axes are World.

17 Jul 2019

  • Added missing tooltips.
  • Slightly reduced project file size.

16 Jul 2019

  • Fixed key Offset preventing box select in the dopesheet after getting the toast that the first and last keys must be the same.
  • Fixed texture packer scale text boxes not adjusting with font size.
  • Adjusted main menu padding.

16 Jul 2019

  • Always show the current skin when the Show all skin attachments tree setting is checked.

16 Jul 2019

  • Fixed mesh New tool showing in the wrong location.
  • Fixed the way Bone scale affects zooming.
  • Keep tree selection when creating a new folder.
  • Fixed crash in Find and replace dialog.
  • Fixed crash clicking the dopesheet Select bones button when a mesh is selected.

15 Jul 2019

  • Fixed shift + enter not working for text search.
  • Fixed crash when hiding skin bones.
  • Fixed not being able to select the Pose tool.

15 Jul 2019

  • Fixed changelog entry height on welcome screen.
  • Another fix for the Text search filters checkbox.
  • Fixed crash when hiding skin bones in the tree.

14 Jul 2019

  • Fixed "deformed in animations" dialog when selecting a mesh with deform keys.
  • Fixed using ctrl for some hotkeys (eg Edit Mesh - New).
  • Fixed Find and Replace wrecking the draw order when cancelled.
  • Fixed creating a linked mesh not adding a new undo state.
  • Fixed Text search filters being able to hide tree nodes and never show them again.
  • Fixed tree filters Reset button not updating text search.

14 Jul 2019

  • Fixed keeping selection when keys hide/change a slot's attachment.
  • Slight performance improvements during playback.
  • Added separator to bone New select box.
  • Added folders to the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Added full row select for the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed undo no longer working after Import Data failed.
  • Faster cancellation of long running texture packing.

13 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash moving an attachment with visibility keys to a placeholder.
  • Fixed a few rare crashes.
  • Fixed a few more crashes when deleting mesh vertices.
  • Disable attachment image preview when dragging a tool.
  • Fixed removing deform all keys for a mesh not removing linked mesh keys.
  • Fixed undo after removing weights from a linked mesh.

12 Jul 2019

  • Fixed crash during CLI export.
  • Fixed key Adjust moving vertices too much when there are linked meshes.
  • Fixed a number of crashes when deleting mesh vertices.
  • Greatly reduced CPU usage when the welcome screen is open.
  • Greatly reduced CPU usage during playback on Windows and Linux.
  • Fixed MSAA setting not being applied for OS X.
  • Fixed not being able to type in Settings dialog when the welcome screen is open.
  • Improved bold font when interface scale > 100%.
  • Fixed animations showing up multiple times after exporting with animation clean up.

10 Jul 2019

  • Adjusted settings slider ranges.
  • Fixed clicking twice to delete a vertex in Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed a few uncommon crashes.
  • Fixed being unable to delete a mesh vertex in some cases.
  • Fixed vertices moving incorrectly when connecting hull UVs in Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed crash mousing over bone select when choosing path constraint bones.

10 Jul 2019

  • Stability improvements.

10 Jul 2019

  • Added Retina support on OS X for fonts and viewport (try interface scale of 100% or 200%).
  • Fixed invalid language/font selections.

8 Jul 2019

  • Added Layers option for PSD export, great for drawing attachments with a different perspective.
  • Added Previous Selection and Next Selection hotkeys (page up/down by default) to reduce the need to scroll the tree up and down.
  • Fixed alt being stuck when exiting Spine on Windows.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a skeleton after undo.
  • Fixed loading projects with an invalid path.
  • Improved warnings on project load.
  • Changed rotation display from -180..180 back to 0..360.
  • Fixed key shift sometimes not moving keys.
  • Faster image and video export for large projects.
  • Improvements for multiple monitors on Windows and Linux.
  • IK constraint keys show a stepped line if only checkboxes changed between keys.
  • IK softness and stretch are mutually exclusive.
  • Remove orphaned items in previously deleted folders on project load.
  • Improved box selection for paths, bounding boxes, and clipping attachments.
  • Clicking region attachments in Animate mode selects it in the tree.
  • Pick modes exit on undo and combine into a single undo state.
  • Fixed clipping attachment End Slot button not turning blue.
  • Allow right click to expand/collapse the tree while dragging a tree node.
  • Fixed dragging mesh UVs with the New tool not moving the deformed vertices.
  • Fixed loading projects in CLI headless mode.

27 Jun 2019

  • Added tree to Skins view.
  • Improved Skins view pin buttons and the bottom section can now scroll.
  • Fixed Preview not updating when animations are changed.
  • Fixed Import Project when there is only one skeleton.

25 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crash with selection groups.
  • Fixed crash in trial.

24 Jun 2019

  • Added tree for animations in the Preview view.
  • Expand to the selected animation in Animations view.
  • Fixed right clicking the first bone in the Weights view.
  • Fixed Weights view with long bone names.
  • More efficient rendering when the tree has thousands of items.
  • Fixed crash clearing all filters.
  • Allow deleting folders with a multi selection of mixed types.
  • Slightly improved stability (iterators).
  • Fixed rare crash during attachment mouse over.
  • Update Audio view when renaming events.
  • Centered Metrics layout.
  • Sort skeleton select boxes to match draw order.

23 Jun 2019

  • Fixed skin bones after duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed Animations view synchronization with the tree.
  • Remember expanded animations per skeleton in Animations view.
  • Fixed Direct weights tool cursor being shown for other modes.
  • Improved multi selection highlights in lists.
  • Improved tree annotation layout.
  • Improved weights view bone color boxes.

22 Jun 2019

  • Added folders to Animations view.
  • Fixed crash double clicking some tree nodes.
  • Improved many icons.
  • Added underline for active animation and skin.
  • Fixed Import Data setting attachment image paths to the attachment name.
  • Highlight node expansion icon in tree.
  • Hiding Images or Others also hides ghosting motion vectors.
  • Fixed motion vectors for paths.
  • Darker viewport name label.

20 Jun 2019

  • Fixed loader scale for IK constraint softness.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh crash.

19 Jun 2019

  • During drag and drop the tree no longer highlights the hovered node until the drag is active (250ms to prevent accidents).
  • Fixed crash renaming an event in animate mode.
  • IK constraint properties show only the settings applicable to one or two bone IK.
  • Added button to remove the child bone from an IK constraint.
  • Fixed binary export.
  • Improved draw order icon.

17 Jun 2019

  • Added a Softness setting to IK constraints.
  • Alt+click with Create tool won't select a bone.

17 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crash splitting a bone.

16 Jun 2019

  • Added Preview setting to automatically play the animation being edited.
  • Import Project, Animation can now import multiple animations at once.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a bone in some cases.

16 Jun 2019

  • Fixed pasting deform keys.
  • Fixed bone positions when dragging bones from one skeleton to another.
  • Order a new duplicate skeleton after the original.
  • Improved flash when a project is opened.
  • Improved dopesheet orange frame number when dragging left of frame zero.
  • Handle failure to load the mesh image for tracing.

12 Jun 2019

  • Fixed export bounds when using Current pose.
  • Fixed repeat last export/packing hotkey.
  • Removed "attachment deleted" toast when creating placeholders.
  • Set default texture packing setting to rectangles.
  • Fixed crash for Import Project, Animation when a key's slot or attachment can't be found.
  • Fixed crash using undo after creating an animation, skin, or event.
  • Fixed crash using arrow keys during mesh tracing.
  • Fixed rare crash when pasting deform keys after modifying a mesh.

11 Jun 2019

  • Added a Tree view setting to show all skins with attachments under each skin placeholder.
  • Preview, Skins, and Animations view show folder paths (until they get a tree for folders).
  • Fixed name uniqueness problems with skins and events.
  • Fixed dialog padding.
  • When expanding all nodes in the tree, don't expand skins.
  • Fixed a slot's attachment being hidden when moving a different attachment out of the slot.
  • Fixed undo after renaming an attachment with Clear path checked.

10 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crashes when creating new items.
  • Fixed focus issues with event properties.
  • Fixed crash unlinking a linked mesh.

10 Jun 2019

  • Fixed crash with New button when editing vertices.
  • Fixed PMA artifact rendering when Deformed is unchecked in Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed Reset moving the mesh if a parent bone has nonuniform scale.
  • Fixed dialog fade out.
  • Fixed undo crash after dragging in a new region attachment.

10 Jun 2019

  • Fixed view tabs not reducing to an icon at the correct size.
  • Fixed Auto Key setting keys for skin bones when Hide viewport skin bones is checked.
  • Names for animations, skins, and events are now unique per folder and the name used in exported data includes the parent folders.
  • Scroll to tree selection after a rename action.
  • Fixed crashes when inactive skin constraints are keyed.
  • Dim inactive bones and constraints in the tree.

7 Jun 2019

  • Improved graphics for sliders and tree properties.
  • Added mesh trace tooltips.
  • Fixed tool icon location when selecting a single vertex.
  • Meshes no longer move after using reset, trace, etc.
  • Changes made in Edit Mesh mode are combined into a single undo state.
  • Fixed duplicate button not working for some attachments.

5 Jun 2019

  • Improved mesh tracing.
  • Added padding to mesh tracing.
  • Fixed crash from clicking dialog buttons as they disappear.
  • Default to hiding skin bones in the viewport.
  • Fixed bone remove from skin button showing instead of delete.
  • Fixed dragging a skin constraint trying to change constraint order.
  • Fixed tree annotations showing incorrectly during drag and drop.
  • Text search dimmed colors are disabled during drag and drop.
  • Fixed crash renaming the root bone with multi selection.

4 Jun 2019

  • Added automatic creation of a mesh hull.
  • Fixed Spine freezing if the audio device hangs.
  • Binary format is much smaller for large projects.
  • Performance improvements for large projects when the tree is expanded.
  • Don't keep project that failed to load in the favorites.
  • Fixed selecting bones in Weights view.
  • Support importing pre-3.8.12-beta JSON.
  • Fixed creating bounding boxes and paths.

2 Jun 2019

  • Fixed bone compensation when a transform constraint has negative translate mix.
  • Fixed a crash selecting a bone or constraint when using skin bones or constraints.

1 Jun 2019

  • Bones and constraints can now be added to a skin and will only be active for that skin.
  • Import Data can now import into an existing skeleton.
  • Bones can now be constrained by multiple IK constraints.
  • Fixed rotate tool icon spinning when a mesh is selected.
  • Unchecking Select no longer hides ghosts for that attachment.
  • Fixed the timeline ghosting indicator for zero frame animations.
  • Fixed ghosting being affected by Preview.
  • Tooltips for tree filters.
  • When filtering open dialog, pressing enter when only a folder is shown chooses the folder.
  • Fixed tree hover highlight flicker when using undo.
  • Fixed slider handle graphics.
  • Message when constraints are deleted as a result of deleting a bone.
  • Added main menu icons.
  • Fixed texture packing when using scale.
  • Added a button to slots for jumping from the bone hierarchy to the draw order and vice versa.
  • Deleting a bone no longer deletes constraints unless the bone was the target or last constrained bone.
  • Some popup messages now include a button to open the log.
  • Fixed deleting items in folders.
  • Fixed tree annotations not showing right away after a constraint is created.
  • Fixed crash hovering a hidden attachment in the tree.
  • Clicking selected item in the tree no longer deselects it.
  • Rulers font size is smaller and based on the font setting.
  • Fixed text wrapping on some dialogs.
  • Log when a mesh image file's dimensions change.
  • Improved alphanumeric sorting.
  • Fixed polygonal packing when multiple meshes attachments use the same image.

30 Apr 2019

  • Selecting multiple attachments and choosing New Skin Placeholder provides the same advanced options as when selecting one attachment.
  • Fixed crash creating a folder for a new skeleton.
  • Vertices moved with a deform key are colored differently.
  • Mesh Reset in animation mode resets only the selected vertices.
  • Adjusting weights or mesh soft selection size draws the size indicator circles at the selected vertex, when a single vertex is selected.
  • Ctrl+double click a vertex in animate mode to select all deformed or undeformed vertices.

29 Apr 2019

  • Added folders to organize animations, skins, and events.
  • Added multi-editing for skins.
  • Selecting a hidden bone in the tree shows the bone in the viewport.
  • Linked meshes that inherit deform now show the keyable state of the source mesh.
  • Fixed welcome falsely showing that there is unread news or changelog items.
  • Improved Key Selected (ctrl+L by default, cmd+L on Mac) to key selected slots, events, constraints, and attachments.

24 Apr 2019

  • Fixed the positions of toast messages and the selected name.
  • Added unpremultiply to the texture unpacker.
  • Added Slot > New: Bone (creates a bone and moves slot under it).
  • Fixed a second performance problem with the bone Create tool.
  • Fixed texture packing with scale.

22 Apr 2019

  • Added rulers.
  • Fixed blurry font rendering on some dialogs.
  • Creating multiple skin placeholders for existing attachments keeps original visibility and uses a single undo state.
  • JSON export no longer writes an empty default skin.

21 Apr 2019

  • Fixed hotkeys that show a dialog from causing a character to be typed in the dialog.
  • Many fixes from 3.7.93.

17 Apr 2019

  • Added tight packing of mesh polygons to the texture packer.
  • Fixed export progress bar movement.
  • Fixed cancelling texture packing.

13 Apr 2019

  • Many fixes from 3.7.92.
  • Fixed welcome screen layout jumping when first shown.
  • Added x and y coordinates for setup pose AABB in JSON and binary data.

13 Mar 2019

  • Don't show welcome screen if opening a project by double clicking a file.
  • Fixed welcome "new" image when window is narrow.
  • Improved welcome layout, more horizontal space for recent projects.
  • Fixed scrollbars not showing sometimes.
  • Changes from 3.7.92.

27 Feb 2019

  • Welcome screen showing news, changelog, tips, links, recent files, and examples.
  • Fixed width font for dopesheet frame text boxes.
  • Dopesheet frame text boxes fit 5 digits.
  • Trial intro animations and sign up.
  • Improved fonts.
  • The Large font can use the Bitmap setting for more efficient rendering.
  • Show "Restore" for maximize and fullscreen tooltips.

3.7 Releases

1 Jun 2019

  • Fixed a performance problem with the bone Create tool.
  • Fixed crash for certain paths when opening the export dialog.

22 Apr 2019

  • Fixed loading some projects with an invalid clipping end slot.
  • Fixed performance issue with Create tool.
  • Fixed losing view layouts.
  • Fixed weights view slider not appearing.
  • Fixed Rotate tool icon rotation when mesh vertices are selected.
  • Fixed Auto Key not creating a key when pasting vertex positions.
  • Fixed spacing for dopesheet rows for bones with no keys.
  • Prevent keys from being pasted in setup mode.
  • Added ctrl+alt hotkey (cmd+alt on Mac) to tooltip for key Offset.
  • Fixed using key Offset via the hotkey so it can be adjusting multiple times.
  • Fixed key Offset not adjusting curves correctly.
  • Fixed crash when binding bones and choosing a linked mesh.
  • Fixed Import Data when the data doesn't have a default skin.

13 Apr 2019

  • Fixed transform constraint Offset not auto collapsing for animate mode.
  • French updates.
  • Fixed projects that have a linked mesh with another linked mesh as the parent mesh.
  • Fixed crash deleting a skin placeholder and keeping all attachments.
  • Fixed ghosting solid rendering.
  • Fixed texture unpacker hotkey.
  • Fixed open project error message.
  • Improved temp file usage to not leave as many files behind.
  • Improved display support on Linux.
  • Fixed bones not drawn hollow when a transform constraint has negative mix.
  • Fixed ghosting for mesh deforms.
  • Added motion vectors to region attachment vertices.
  • Fixed atlas packing during data export always combining subdirectories when Image Folders is chosen.
  • Fixed loading old export settings JSON format.
  • Fixed Import Data with path attachments.
  • Fixed projects on load which have a clipping end slot in the wrong skeleton.
  • Clearing tree text search scrolls to the selected nodes.
  • Hiding a path's slot no longer prevents path constraints from being applied.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh, Generate causing image to disappear when backface culling is enabled.
  • Fixed exporting to the images folder from the CLI.
  • Fixed loading old export settings JSON.
  • Suggest a unique name when duplicating a skin.
  • Fixed naming when duplicating multiple skins at once.
  • Fixed undo after duplicating a skin.
  • Fixed duplicating a skin creating linked meshes where the source mesh is another linked mesh.
  • Fixed Preview crash when adding new timelines during a mix.
  • Fixed crash after deleting the animation playing in Preview.

19 Feb 2019

  • Fixed running texture packer from command line when pack settings file ends with .pack.json.
  • Fixed texture packer settings dialog always showing Current project as checked.
  • Fixed mesh resize prompts not appearing when only the image width or height changed.
  • Fixed specifying -j/--project on the CLI.
  • Fixed non-bitmap font rendering on OS X.
  • Fixed crash deleting attachments.
  • Fixed a rare crash when saving.
  • Fixed crash using Import Project - Animation when the project has no animations.
  • Fixed crash with an invalid audio device.
  • Fixed rare crash when dropping a project file on the Spine window.
  • Fixed rare crash with tree text search.
  • Show dialog instead of crash when unable to write export or texture packer settings file.
  • Fixed rare occurrence of an image not being loaded when exporting images or video.

17 Feb 2019

  • Fixed texture packing settings not showing Combine subdirectories as checked.
  • Fixed using export settings JSON in old format.
  • Attachments with Export unchecked are no longer visible in image and video exports.
  • Don't draw clipping, bounding boxes, or points in the Outline view.
  • Fixed Outline showing hidden slots when Shear tool is selected.
  • Fixed blurry Unicode fonts and improved font rendering.
  • Improved where word wrapping occurs for Japanese and Korean.

11 Feb 2019

  • Fixed dopesheet selection box positions when the dopesheet is resized vertically.
  • Remember last bone Split settings.
  • Fixed bone not being selected after bone Split.
  • After deselection, the dopesheet orders the previously selected skeleton first, even when the previous selection had no keys.
  • Fixed bones not following paths for image and video export when the export is done from setup mode.
  • Fixed error about currentProject when running the texture packer.
  • Fixed Preview during mixing when rotation is not keyed on frame 0.

8 Feb 2019

  • Key Offset now respects loop start/end.
  • Fixed whitespace stripping for meshes when using a texture packer scale != 1.
  • Improved saving export and pack settings as JSON when choosing "export" or "pack" as the filename.
  • Better error message when export settings file can't be found.
  • Fixed reading older export settings JSON files.
  • Slightly faster editor loading times.

9 Jan 2019

  • Fixed crash showing a dialog in certain conditions.

8 Jan 2019

  • Fixed texture packing when multiple skeletons or attachments use the same image files.
  • Fixed texture packing whitespace stripping for region attachment images.
  • Fixed texture packing when multiple attachments end with /name.
  • Fixed crash when creating two IK constraints with a cyclic dependency.
  • Fixed crash related to tree draw order.

7 Jan 2019

  • Fixed texture packing Image folders along with JSON/binary export not removing images path from texture region names.
  • When packing multiple skeletons into one atlas, an error is shown if atlas texture regions have the same name.
  • Fixed crash when exporting a texture atlas into a skeleton's images folder.

7 Jan 2019

  • Fixed JSON Data Import.
  • Always set the output prefix when changing the animation to be exported on the export dialog.

6 Jan 2019

  • Assume all PNGs are sRGB (don't apply other gamma).

6 Jan 2019

  • Don't apply PNG gamma if sRGB is specified explicitly.
  • Fixed sRGB being applied twice when a PNG has sRGB specified explicitly.
  • Fixed a rare crash.
  • Fixed a crash with the Create tool.
  • Improved selection outline when an attachment is scaled.

4 Jan 2019

  • Search hotkey (enter) selects any existing text.
  • Search - Select All hotkey (ctrl+enter) expands the tree to every selected node.
  • Added a red border to the tree search box when an invalid regular expression is typed.
  • Show hotkeys in tooltips for main toolbar's Options group.
  • Translation updates.
  • Better proposed name when creating a new skin placeholder.
  • Disallow NaN values for JSON data import.
  • Fixed rare crash when choosing a recent project.
  • Added totals to CLI project information.

26 Dec 2018

  • Fixed crash when hiding all animations.
  • Playback Repeat defaults to checked for animations in older projects and is set correctly when a project is loaded.
  • Improved error messages.

25 Dec 2018

  • Only hide skeleton and skin names in attachment names.
  • Fixed font rendering for the ! character.
  • Show hotkeys in Views select box.
  • Fixed mesh stripping when a region uses the same image.
  • Don't prompt to move a slot when dropping an attachment on the current slot's bone.
  • Faster start up for CLI usage.
  • Fixed main toolbar button widths when text is not shown.
  • Better text alignment for the Small font.
  • Fixed Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fonts being slightly too tall.
  • Much improved font kerning.
  • Double right click on an animation in the Preview view makes it the active animation for the skeleton.
  • Gray all tree items when a search matches no results.
  • The tree search will now be considered a regular expression if it starts and ends with /.
  • Added Search - Select All hotkey (ctrl + enter by default, cmd + enter on Mac).
  • Fixed numeric sliders not showing the precision if a value is typed.
  • Playback Repeat is now stored per animation (for the editor only).

21 Dec 2018

  • Texture packing can now use mesh UVs for whitespace stripping.
  • Added a Current project texture packer setting when packing a folder to use mesh UVs from the current project for whitespace stripping.
  • Added a CLI parameter (-j or --project) to specify one or more projects to use mesh UVs for whitespace stripping.
  • Hide Combine subdirectories texture packer setting when it doesn't apply (packing only attachment images).
  • Added tree settings to hide skeleton and/or skin names in attachment names.
  • Type-to-select for select boxes with icons.
  • Fixed Settings dialog not resetting to defaults.
  • Orange flash when using key adjust or offset.
  • Fixed a crash when picking a slot for attachments.
  • Fixed tree horizontal scrollbar appearing too early.
  • The tree is more efficient when it has many thousands of nodes.

17 Dec 2018

  • Better export error messages when a file cannot be written.
  • Linear filtering setting now affects ghosts and attachment outlines (much better for pixel art!).
  • Bone scale no longer affects viewport backgrounds.
  • Settings dialog improvements.
  • Reduced memory usage for extremely large projects.
  • Removed debug lines from color chooser.
  • Updated Japanese translations.
  • Added keyboard input to lists and select boxes: up, down, home, end, and type-to-select.
  • Escape to close a select box, filter button, etc no longer deselects.
  • Fixed flickering and other issues with pixel grid rendering.

16 Dec 2018

  • Fixed crash getting OS language.
  • Fixed dopesheet sometimes not showing overview keys.
  • Fixed a rare crash.
  • Added Add Selection hotkeys (shift+0 thru shift shift+9).
  • Added setting (prefs.json only for now) to use the middle mouse button to pan.
  • Greatly reduced project loading times for projects with thousands of attachments.
  • Faster loading of subsequent projects.
  • Faster switching between setup and animate mode.
  • Fixed export preview freezing when settings are chosen which would result in an unreasonably long export.
  • Added scrollbars for export skeleton, skin, and animation select boxes.
  • Improved error messages for debugging.
  • Fixed crash using bone split when the tree properties don't match the viewport selection.
  • Fixed dopesheet not showing new keys when the Show All Bones/Slots hotkey is used.
  • The Preview view is now affected by the Playback view Interpolated button.
  • Fixed export preview border being off by 1px.
  • Fixed crash clicking the Draw Order timeline when bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Better Slot Color view layout when small and for dark color when Tint Black is enabled.

13 Dec 2018

  • Allow transform constraint scale and shearY mix < 0.
  • Fixed duplicating or deleting the root bone with multi selection.

12 Dec 2018

  • Fixed dopesheet crash when locked with row that has no keys and the animation is hidden.
  • Fixed CLI export problems.

11 Dec 2018

  • Text search box uses less vertical space above the tree when possible.
  • Triggered event are now shown above the selection name if they would otherwise be off-screen.
  • Improved alphanumeric sorting to handle numbers that are not at the end of a name.
  • Fixed audio not loading in some cases for a collapsed or hidden skeleton.
  • Fixed bug where some images were not unloaded when a skeleton is hidden.
  • Improved efficiency for projects with many hidden skeletons.
  • Hiding a skeleton now hides all the tree nodes for that skeleton.
  • Show empty dopesheet rows for selected bones that have no keys.
  • Dim tree nodes that don't match the text search.
  • Stopped dopesheet from flashing when ctrl/cmd is pressed.
  • Dopesheet rows can be dragged to reorder.
  • Organized Views select box.

6 Dec 2018

  • Hiding slots in the tree now hides Draw Order.
  • Fixed text search crash.

6 Dec 2018

  • Holding ctrl + alt (cmd + alt on Mac) while dragging keys in the dopesheet now does key Offset.
  • Fixed tree crash.

5 Dec 2018

  • Added type-to-search and type-to-filter to the tree.
  • Fixed tab not focusing the rotate text box.
  • Fixed bad clipping from wrecking the camera.
  • Improved pasting vertices.
  • Show bones, slots, and attachments tree filter buttons as selected when the tree filter is active and all types are selected.
  • Attachments tree filter button disables all attachment types when clicked if any attachment filters were active (previously it enabled all attachment types).
  • Hiding slots in the tree now also hides Draw Order.
  • Removed Constraints from tree filter.
  • Fixed crash adding a new skeleton or dragging to reorder skeletons.
  • Added text field focus highlights.
  • Added Tree Filter and Dopesheet Filter hotkeys to toggle filters on/off.

1 Dec 2018

  • All languages have been updated with the latest translations.
  • Update the export preview while dragging the frame slider.

30 Nov 2018

  • Fixed lag when dragging sliders on export dialog.
  • Fixed export dialog not showing "all animations" when "separate skeletons" is chosen.
  • Added Fibonacci setting when splitting a bone.

28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed MSAA export on OS X.

28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crashes using New tool in Edit Mesh mode when a mesh has deform keys and weights.

28 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crash clicking Files on the Settings dialog.

28 Nov 2018

  • Background settings improvements.
  • Metrics view considers all visible skins.
  • Color dialog layout improvements.
  • Respect setting to disable double click in various areas.
  • Categories for the Settings dialog.
  • Fixed a bug when moving a slot to a new bone.
  • Allow right click when picking a parent in the tree.
  • Fixed crash when dropping an image file on a bone.

20 Nov 2018

  • Added an option to move current slot when setting an attachment's parent to a bone.
  • Show dialog when moving an attachment to a bone in the viewport (use tree filter to easily select and move slots rather than attachments).
  • Hotkeys for playback speed.
  • Added back the MSAA setting for the editor (nice for hard edges of region, mesh, and especially clipping attachments).
  • Added MSAA setting for image and video export.
  • Fixed open export when output is prefix.
  • Fixed image and video export not applying deformation when in setup mode.
  • Fixed insertion indicator while dragging a skeleton in the tree.
  • Allow dragging multiple skeletons at once.
  • Added settings for various background types.

18 Nov 2018

  • Allow event a draw order keys to work with key Offset.
  • Toast message when key Offset causes the key on the last frame to be lost.
  • Added dialog to choose behavior when mesh image files change size.

17 Nov 2018

  • Enter closes color dialog.
  • Fixed Prune showing incorrect number of weights removed in some cases.
  • Added more Edit Mesh hotkeys.
  • Fixed rare crash pasting keys.
  • Fixed crash creating a skin placeholder for a non-mesh attachment and duplicating the attachment for each skin.
  • Fixed a crash during command line data import.

15 Nov 2018

  • Fixed export dialog preview when a skeleton has no current animation.
  • Potential fix for gray screen after fullscreen -> minimize -> restore for some Windows users.
  • Fixed headless CLI data export.

12 Nov 2018

  • Fixed pasting vertex positions with world axes selected.
  • Added toast messages for copy and paste.

12 Nov 2018

  • The selected vertex positions for mesh, path, bounding box, or clipping attachments can now be copy/pasted.
  • Another video export fix.

12 Nov 2018

  • Fixed video export not being able to create a temp file.

12 Nov 2018

  • Offset can now be used with deform, IK constraint, transform constraint, and path constraint keys.
  • Keys that don't support Offset (attachments, events, or draw order) are automatically deselected.
  • Offset is not applied if ctrl and shift (cmd and shift on Mac) are pressed to copy a key.
  • Fixed Offset not allowing multiple changes to rotation keys in some cases.
  • The Mesh Tools view now shows the soft selection brush size and feather in the viewport.
  • Less flicker when resizing the application window.
  • Fixed texture unpacking to restore stripped whitespace.
  • Fixed maximizing the application window with an auto hiding taskbar on Windows.
  • When importing a skeleton, if no attachments are visible, the first skin is made visible.
  • When creating a new region attachment for an image file, the attachment is nudged by 0.5 in each direction with an odd dimension to keep 1:1 texels:pixels when bones have integer world coordinates.

10 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crash exiting Weights bind mode.
  • Fixed crash holding alt when key Offset is used and an overview key is dragged.
  • Fixed crash after deleting an attachment in some cases.
  • Fixed crash pasting event keys after deleting the event.
  • Clicking a file icon in the file dialog now opens the browse dialog in that file's parent folder.

9 Nov 2018

  • Fixed crash duplicating when a name ends with a very large number.
  • Don't give editor focus when clicking SRTH keys.
  • Fixed mesh Scale causing two undo entries.
  • Fixed crash with old launchers trying to start the editor twice.
  • Improved rendering during resize/maximize/fullscreen/restore.
  • Keep maximized state after minimizing on Windows.
  • Fixed switching to/from Spine when fullscreen on Windows.
  • Fixed CLI exports hanging when the output folder is blank.
  • Fixed CLI data import allowing skeletons to have the same names.
  • Fixed Animations view skeletons select box.

6 Nov 2018

  • Fixed video export and exporting a file per frame.

6 Nov 2018

  • Fixed Preview not displaying correctly.
  • Added Isolate checkbox to Edit Mesh dialog.

4 Nov 2018

  • Fixed the old pose still showing after deleting keys.
  • Force a redraw after maximize/fullscreen/restore on Windows.
  • Go back to losing fullscreen when focus is lost (thread).
  • Fixed double clicking name in the viewport to rename when something else is selected in the tree.

4 Nov 2018

  • Fixed not being able to key meshes, paths, and other items.
  • Fixed undo for dopesheet keys.
  • Fixed mesh, path, bounding box, and clipping attachment world rotation.
  • Fixed export skeleton select box disappearing.
  • Fixed a number of crashes with editing meshes and deform keys.

30 Oct 2018

  • Fixed crash with Update Bindings when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed crash in some case when holding shift to select bones in the Weights view.
  • Fixed a mesh, path, bounding box, or clipping attachment being corrupt after undo in some cases.

27 Oct 2018

  • Fixed issues with multiple selection in the tree.
  • Improved stability.
  • Improved export handling of hidden skeletons and skeletons and animations with export disabled.
  • Fixed crash during undo when applying the tree attachment selection to the viewport.
  • Fixed crash dragging in the Weights view when a mesh has no weights.
  • Fixed crash when clicking a region attachment with the Create tool.

27 Oct 2018

  • Fixed crash hovering a mesh in the tree in certain scenarios.
  • Improved automatic selection of attachments in the viewport based on the tree selection.
  • Fixed dopesheet showing rows during playback as if there is no selection.

26 Oct 2018

  • Many stability improvements.
  • Added Export checkbox for skins.
  • Fixed reordering constraint bones.
  • Editor receives focus after clicking a bone in the dopesheet (eg for pasting a bone transform).
  • Fixed hover of region attachments under a skin placeholder during playback.
  • Fixed clicking a region attachment in the viewport in animate mode (selects in the tree).
  • Added Dim and Triangles checkboxes to Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed key offset being applied when the Offset button is not active.
  • Fixed crash selecting multiple skin placeholders when no skin is active.
  • Improved Find and Replace list UI.
  • Fixed crash while offsetting.
  • Fixed a crash when a skeleton has no bones.

22 Oct 2018

  • Use native file chooser on OS X with latest Spine launcher.
  • Fixed export fit size when only width or height is specified.
  • Fixed open dialog layout issues.
  • Fixed key state after dopesheet jump to start/end.
  • Fixed changing playback speed causing the skeleton to jump.
  • Fixed clicking the timeline during playback when playback speed != 100%.
  • Moved range and crop controls out of preview on the export dialog.
  • Provide a default name when creating a new attachments.
  • Fixed auto key after moving a path position.
  • Fixed export dialog size for data export.
  • Fixed minimum application window size.
  • Ghosting is now drawn before or after each skeleton, not all skeletons.
  • Scrolling for the Ghosting view and collapsed by default.
  • Fixed an export crash.
  • Fixed data export having skeleton width and height as 0 if the skeleton is hidden.
  • Fixed shear Y numeric entry when auto key is active.
  • Fixed rotation numeric entry for world axes when parent bones are scaled or sheared.
  • Fixed scale numeric entry for mesh and bounding boxes not using the selected axes.
  • Added right click Open menu item and open button in titlebar for browse dialog.
  • Added checkbox to keep all attachments when deleting a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed losing fullscreen when the application window loses focus.
  • Fixed fullscreen not being the right size on secondary monitors.
  • Fixed pasting bone transforms to bones with inherited shear or rotation disabled.
  • Fixed pasting bone transforms to IK bones with a different bend direction.
  • Fixed crash when moving slots to a different skeleton using Set Parent rather than dragging.
  • Fixed draw order changing when moving slots to a different skeleton.
  • Increased dopesheet FPS limit to 1000 (to match milliseconds).
  • Timeline zoom range now scales with dopesheet FPS.
  • Fixed crash undoing a new bounding box or clipping attachment.
  • Undo system improvements for stability.
  • Fixed a path control handle getting further away when translating the other handle.
  • Offsetting now selects all keys in each timeline with a selected key.
  • Slightly wider hex color text field.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh not updating triangulation after deleting an edge.

30 Sep 2018

  • Fixed crash deleting a bone used in mesh weights.
  • Fixed mesh keys exporting as stepped.

29 Sep 2018

  • Allow setting any font size in prefs.json.
  • Fixed Preview and Ghosting not showing meshes.
  • Fixed mesh wireframes not moving during playback.
  • Fixed opening very old projects with incorrect paths.

27 Sep 2018

  • Fixed mesh editing in animate mode.
  • Fixed UI transparency rendering issues.

26 Sep 2018

  • Current frame no longer shows decimal during playback.
  • Fixed export preview size estimate for huge files.
  • Fixed crash binding a bone to a mesh.
  • Flash taskbar for longer after an export (Windows).
  • Fixed a crash when changing skins.

25 Sep 2018

  • Fixed JSON and binary export.
  • Fixed opening some older projects.

24 Sep 2018

  • Fixed setting region world rotation.
  • Duplicate for any number and type of selected items.
  • Prune now modifies the mesh as the slider is changed.
  • Added a limit to Prune for the maximum number of bone weights per vertex.
  • Fixed not scrolling to the slot when selecting an attachment in the viewport and bones and attachments are hidden in the tree.
  • Focus text box when clicking outside rename dialog.
  • Import Project can now import multiple skeletons at once.
  • The Animation and Skins views show the tree properties without scrolling the tree (right click still does).
  • Added Duplicate hotkey (ctrl + D, cmd + D on Mac).
  • Fixed rare crash when duplicating a slot.
  • Right click pan no longer stops box selection in the viewport.
  • Right click can no longer select when doing box selection in the viewport.
  • Fixed dopesheet mixing rows from different skeletons.
  • Remember Weights view mode.
  • Only show "slot is hidden" export warning for regions, meshes, and clipping attachments.
  • Added Warnings checkbox to disable warnings after JSON and binary export.

23 Sep 2018

  • Rename and delete for any number and type of selected items.
  • Select and Export setting for clipping and bounding box attachments.
  • Select and Export settings when selecting multiple attachments.
  • Set Parent when selecting multiple attachments.
  • Mesh settings when selecting multiple region or mesh attachments.
  • Fixed losing tree selection when hovering a different attachment in the tree.
  • Fixed undo and redo hotkeys happening twice.
  • Update mesh icons when unlinking a linked mesh.
  • Truncation with ellipsis when the tree properties are too narrow.
  • Fixed disabled duplicate icon.

22 Sep 2018

  • Added title bar buttons for open, save, undo, and redo.
  • Drag Open button in title bar to access recent projects.
  • Reduced memory usage, CPU usage, and project file size, especially for projects which use many deform keys on dense, weighted meshes.
  • Better project unloading before loading another, preventing memory exhausting with extremely large projects.
  • Slightly faster project loading and saving.
  • Only show audio path in animate mode if it is set.
  • Fixed IK timelines being exported with stepped curves.
  • Fixed crash when creating a new skin placeholder for an existing attachment.
  • Fixed event properties flashing when changed in animate mode.
  • Fixed sorting in the dopesheet of color, attachment, and deform timelines.
  • Fixed exports showing all applied skins.

17 Sep 2018

  • Added the Skins view to show multiple skins at the same time.
  • Added options when creating a skin placeholder for an attachment to copy to all skins, copy keys, create linked meshes, and rename the copies.
  • Added option when duplicating a skin to rename the attachments.
  • Flash taskbar on Windows when an export is complete.
  • Fixed bone Z-fighting in some cases.
  • Fixed deform keys not being removed before some actions (eg Generate) if a mesh doesn't have weights.
  • Fixed incorrect triangle lines after undoing Generate.
  • Fixed animations' Export checkboxes.
  • Fixed GIF export dithering and issues with transparency.
  • Allow dragging to change transform constraint order.
  • Fixed bones select box labels after dragging.
  • Fixed GIF playback when set to one time.
  • Fixed attachments incorrectly having a "not found" red X on their icon.
  • Fixed skins select box not showing on export dialog in some cases.
  • Fixed dopesheet not updating when a mesh's Inherit deform is changed.
  • Select default text on all dialogs.

13 Sep 2018

  • Duplicating a skin can create linked meshes.
  • Duplicating a skin can also duplicate deform keys.
  • Fixed some GIF animations not exporting.
  • APNG export improvements and optimizations.
  • Fixed project files with invalid path constraint bones.
  • Adjust relative paths when importing a project into another to keep the same images and audio paths.
  • Don't look in application working directory for relative image and audio paths.
  • Fixed crash using Set Parent to move bones to a different skeleton.
  • When choosing New > Bone with shift held, the parent bone remains selected (like it does with the Create tool).
  • Fixed crash when pasting keys if the slot or bone for the key has been deleted.

7 Sep 2018

  • Fixed balance for mono audio files.
  • Fixed export dialog not showing last background color.
  • For export, checking Others now includes names, if they are visible.
  • Fixed GIF export having a black last frame.
  • Improved GIF quality slightly.
  • Path handles are no longer considered for export bounds.

5 Sep 2018

  • Fixed audio playback after pressing last key and jump to start timeline buttons.
  • Fixed bone shear for Data Import.
  • Fixed Preview showing tint black after it is removed from a slot.
  • Fixed failure to read some MP3 files.
  • Added hold previous button to Preview.
  • Improved scrollbar graphics.
  • Added events list with colors to Audio view.
  • Fixed audio keys being drawn incorrectly in the dopesheet.
  • Added Repeat Last Texture Packer hotkey (ctrl+shift+P).
  • Fixed audio playback when changing between animations playing the same audio.
  • Fixed selecting an event marking the project as unsaved.
  • Fixed event key state after pasting into String field.
  • Added "hold previous" button to Preview view.

1 Sep 2018

  • Fixed dopesheet height.

31 Aug 2018

  • Fixed crash opening export dialog.

31 Aug 2018

  • Fixed zoom to fit and zoom 100% when interface scale > 100%.
  • Fixed losing selection when ctrl/cmd + clicking a selected attachment with the Create tool.
  • Fixed artifacts on color dialog and Slot Color view.
  • Slightly faster application start up.
  • Minor fixes for stability.
  • Added choosing an audio output device to the Audio view.
  • Weights view checkboxes now select the Weights tool instead of being disabled.
  • Fixed crash using ctrl/cmd to add different types of attachments to the same selection.
  • Fixed smart selection rules for bounding boxes, paths, clipping, and point attachments.
  • Fixed point attachments not showing as selected with the Create tool.
  • Prevent changing the horizontal scroll position when the timeline is zoomed.
  • Prevent timeline zoom to fit from zooming in an unreasonable amount when the view is wide.
  • Added volume to Audio view.
  • Thicker clipping attachment edges.
  • Allow setting colors for multiple attachments at once.
  • Increased Current/Start/End text box widths in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed orange frame number when dragging dopesheet keys when scaling a selection smaller.
  • Improved timeline zoom slider and UI padding.
  • Improved handling of tabs that are smaller than their contents.
  • Fixed bug with Combine subdirectories when packing a texture atlas.

23 Aug 2018

  • Added Compress and Uniform settings to 1-bone IK constraints.
  • Fixed data import not seeing stretch in IK timelines.
  • Greatly improved font rendering when interface scale is >100%.
  • Fixed mesh and path editing when interface scale is >100%.
  • Changed default texture packer max size to 2048.
  • Fixed texture packer progress when packing many folders.
  • Fixed crash when zooming the Audio view in some cases.
  • Fixed crash when exporting video which has audio longer than the video.
  • Detect OpenAL audio initializing correctly but not being able to start playback.
  • Fixed right clicking a track button in Preview not using that track's settings.
  • Fixed dragging bone length being able to change tree item visibility.
  • Right clicking a visibility dot now uses a single undo entry and is much faster.
  • Fixed off-by-1px problem with vertical scrolling in the Dopesheet.
  • Fixed stepped dashed line before first key not appearing for color timelines.

14 Aug 2018

  • Fixed New Animation button in Animation view not working when a skeleton has no animations.
  • Fixed saving JSON and binary projects after doing an export with texture packing.
  • Added export setting for JSON and binary to 1) pack only attachment images or each skeleton's image folder, and 2) to output a single atlas or an atlas per skeleton.
  • Fixed export dialog not remembering output path.
  • Fixed Preview changing animations when a different track is selected.
  • Fixed Spine launcher (3.7.28) not running on some Windows computers.

13 Aug 2018

  • Better consideration of bones when calculating skeleton bounds.
  • Various Spine launcher improvements (3.7.27).
  • Fixed audio being shorter than video, causing a desync when looping in some players.
  • Prevent losing the selection when dragging on a region attachment in animate mode.
  • Fixed video + audio exports with a range.
  • Improved export progress indicator.
  • Fixed crash during texture packing.
  • Show dialog instead of crashing if texture atlas unpacking fails.
  • Fixed binary export not writing stretchy IK boolean for IK timeline keys.

11 Aug 2018

  • Pad setting for export Size: Fit.
  • Fixed loading range and crop export settings (from JSON and last exported).
  • Fixed various export dialog bugs.
  • Remove extension when choosing the wrong export file type.
  • Added hotkey to open a project, bypassing the favorites dialog (ctrl+shift+O, cmd+shift+O on Mac).
  • New Spine launcher, 3.7.23 (requires manual download and reinstall). Improves overall performance, highly recommended.
  • Fixed resampling when exporting video with audio (requires new launcher).

7 Aug 2018

  • Fixed crash double clicking an attachment while holding ctrl with the Create tool.
  • Fixed export Size: Fit.
  • Minor export improvements.
  • Fixed some occasional crashes.

7 Aug 2018

  • New, powerful image and video export with preview, cropping for cutscenes and cartooning, and more.
  • Advanced, high quality GIF export settings.
  • Added APNG and PSD export.
  • Added skeleton and animation Export checkboxes.
  • Added an animation clean up option for JSON and binary export.
  • Added a Stretch checkbox to IK constraints.
  • AVI and MOV now support audio.
  • Create tool is no longer limited to selecting only one bone.
  • Fixed crash doing CLI animation clean up for some projects.
  • Fixed rare Create tool crashes.
  • Increased pose tool rotation speed when only one bone is selected.
  • Fixed icon select box crash on mouse down.
  • Fixed the key selection state when a dopesheet row is collapsed.
  • Fixed launcher progress bar (3.7.19).
  • Fixed multiple "Export complete" toasts when exporting all animations.
  • Enabled panning in Preview view with left click.
  • Fixed bug where Pan Drag (J) would activate without pressing the mouse.
  • Fixed drag indicator being drawn over tree expand/collapse icon when bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Fixed transform constraint Match rotation offset.
  • Fixed zoom after New project.
  • Added Mesh Tools view tooltips.
  • Export bounds now respect clipping.
  • Removed MSAA setting (antialiasing is always used).
  • PNG sRGB and gAMA chunks are respected.
  • Added Divisible by 4 setting to the texture packer.
  • Clicking in a blank space in the dopesheet now stops playback (timeline doesn't).
  • Fixed checkers showing very faintly in color dialog with 255 alpha.
  • Fixed texture packing progress bar when there are multiple skeletons.
  • Added a setting for backface culling.

27 Jun 2018

  • Fixes from 3.6.53 (important stability fixes).
  • Improved dopesheet performance for projects with 15k+ keys per animation.
  • Fixed crash clicking Browse for a folder on Import Data dialog.
  • Fixed CLI exports not writing files.

25 Jun 2018

  • Using tab to select the next text field now always selects all the text.
  • Fixed hang after CLI data export.
  • Fixed launcher not recognizing some parameters (new launcher version is 3.7.18).

15 May 2018

  • Updated Italian translations.
  • Print warnings when loading projects for the CLI.
  • CLI animation clean up can take a folder of project files.
  • CLI export can now take a folder of project, JSON, or binary files.
  • Added CLI parameters to import a project, JSON, or binary file or folder into a project.
  • Zero padding on filenames when exporting PNG or JPG sequences.
  • Fixed texture packer padding causing images to be too large.
  • Fixed JSON pretty print running out of memory with large (15MB+) JSON files.

8 May 2018

  • Smoother launcher progress bar.
  • Fixed undo when clicking Auto in the Weights view.
  • Fixed Zoom 100% not resulting in 1:1 pixel zoom in some situations.
  • Fixed path tangent dashed line scaling.
  • Fixed paths breaking when handles are moved.
  • Reversing keys using box select now also reverse the curves.
  • Improved blurry graph handles.
  • Fixed CLI JSON or binary export when Create atlas is checked.
  • Added CLI parameter for showing project information.
  • Tooltips for bone transform inherit properties.
  • Fixed Preview track buttons staying orange after loading a new project.
  • Unload images and audio for hidden skeletons.
  • Improved dopesheet tick spacing for various font sizes.
  • Prevent tree spacing from changing before restart when font size is changed.
  • Fixed path fixed position, fixed spacing, and percent spacing when the path bone is scaled.
  • Drag indicators in for constraints and draw order tree nodes.
  • Use 0 if GIF repeat is set to blank.
  • Fixed blurry dashed triangle line for Edit Mesh.
  • Fixed adding the same bone multiple times to a path or transform constraint.
  • Fixed Key Shift when moving white keys.
  • Dopesheet no longer shows white keys in the first row as selected unless all keys are selected for the frame.
  • Allow right mouse button to pan Audio view waveform.
  • Fixed tab focus for modal dialogs.
  • Fixed favorites file dialog staying open.
  • Favorites file dialog is not shown if it contains only the current entry.
  • Fixed texture packing when max size== image size, padding > 0, and edge padding == 0

11 Apr 2018

  • AVI export now includes audio.
  • Updated Italian translations.
  • Fixed slot select box in existing slot dialog.
  • Fixed distance required to start dragging vertices when zoomed in.
  • Fixed a hang and some bugs when a mesh, clipping attachment, etc has zero scale.
  • Slot Color view no longer shows color chooser when no slots are selected.
  • Fixed being able to change 2-bone IK to have a bone with disable inherit rotation or scale.
  • Fixed crash when using clipping with many thousands of vertices.
  • Key Color hotkey works when a bone is selected, if the bone has a single slot.
  • Key Color hotkey works on multiple slots (and bones with one slot).
  • New -> Bone now creates at the new bone at the parent bone's tip (convenient for creating an IK target).
  • The stepped transition from the setup pose to the first key is indicated with a dashed line.
  • Increased decimal places on main toolbar for translation values >= 10 and < 1000.
  • Dopesheet row sorting keeps slot color, attach, and deform timelines together.
  • When a project has multiple skeletons, after deselection the dopesheet shows keys for all skeletons instead of none.
  • When texture packing using combineSubdirectories, any subdirectory containing a pack.json file will not be combined.
  • Fixed export JSON "class" field.

15 Mar 2018

  • Export mesh with linked meshes even if Export is unchecked.
  • Fixed load/save dialog titles on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Always change the skeleton name when choosing a JSON file for Data Import.
  • Allow specifying a folder of JSON or binary files for Data Import.
  • Remember last settings for Data Import.
  • On Windows, open Data Import when dropping a folder containing JSON or binary files on the Spine window.
  • Improved Edit Mesh triangle line rendering and colors/dimming.
  • Added a Viewport pixel grid scaling setting for pixel art skeletons.

4 Mar 2018

  • When hiding a bone, the bone's keys are hidden in the dopesheet when otherwise all keys would be shown.
  • Fixed crash when creating new path if clicking twice in the same position.
  • Edit Mesh hotkey now changes a region attachment into a mesh.
  • Added a tree indentation setting and increased default.

4 Feb 2018

  • New Animation hotkey fixed.
  • Fixed crash setting up views for the first time.

3 Feb 2018

  • Fixed out of memory error when exporting.

3 Feb 2018

  • Updated German translations.
  • Added out of memory dialog during export.
  • Fixes from 3.6.52.

26 Jan 2018

  • Fixes from 3.6.51.
  • Fixed slots not having tint black after data import.
  • Added dashed lines for arrows and other lines.
  • Fixed alpha for motion vector colors.
  • Warning when trying to move vertices outside the hull when Deformed is checked.
  • Allow bone scale setting up to 8.
  • Improved zooming and panning with larger bone scales.

24 Nov 2017

  • Added motion vector options to Ghosting view.
  • Fixed crash converting recent files from prefs.json to recent.json.
  • Fixed crash saving texture packer settings.
  • Fixes from 3.6.48.
  • Disallow .png as a texture atlas file extension.

2 Nov 2017

  • Normalize waveform in Audio view to take up full height.
  • Prettier Audio view waveforms.
  • Fixed playback speed when no audio is playing.
  • New Preview additive and remove icons.
  • Fixes from 3.6.47.
  • Added Resample setting to texture packer scales.

28 Oct 2017

  • Fixed image and audio file watching.
  • Fixed animate mode tooltip always showing at startup.
  • Added icon overlays for mesh attachments, region attachments, image files, audio events, and audio files when the image or audio file is missing.
  • Added visibility dot to events to disable playing audio and showing the event name in the viewport.
  • Fixed transform constraint match shear offset.
  • Fixed transform constraint match when local is checked.
  • Added Audio view to show audio waveforms.
  • Fixed timeline frame number color when setting loop.
  • Cleaner shutdown of audio system.
  • Fixed exporting skeletons with names that are invalid for the file system.
  • Allow dragging audio file to Events node to create a new audio event.
  • Fixed undo for moving audio event keys.
  • Fixed warble while dragging after moving audio event keys.
  • Increased initial width of the Preview view.
  • Added an "additive" mode to tracks > 0 in the Preview view for morphing and combining animations in new ways.
  • Fixed headless export crash.
  • Delete JSON/binary file before exporting to reflect case change in skeleton name on Windows.

20 Oct 2017

  • Fixes from 3.6.46.

5 Oct 2017

  • Fixes from 3.6.42.

22 Sep 2017

  • Fixes from 3.6.41.
  • Moved recent files and view layouts out of the preferences JSON to separate files.

6 Sep 2017

  • Merged fixes and improvements from 3.6.

27 Jun 2017

  • Fixed message about audio files not being loaded.
  • Fixed audio warbling when scrubbing, especially for small files.
  • Fixed decoding some OGG audio files.

27 Jun 2017

  • Added audio support.
  • Fixed keys disappearing at the left edge of the dopesheet when the timeline is zoomed out.

3.6 Releases

27 Jun 2018

  • Important stability fixes for the dopesheet, mesh editing, and other areas.
  • Better error messages when a project file can't be loaded from the CLI.

3 Feb 2018

  • Fixed Weights view Direct mode controls just after Spine is started.
  • Fixed a key's curve being set to linear after moving keys twice with Offset enabled.
  • Fixed path handles not mirroring correctly.
  • Fixed issues with input events on OS X.

26 Jan 2018

  • Fixed transparency in the editor when using tint black.
  • Fixed new bones with length > 0 having a non-bone icon.
  • After binding bones, fixed Auto weights only considering the one selected bone. It still uses the selected bones when Auto is clicked.
  • Auto weights with selected vertices or bones shows a toast as a warning.
  • Unknown hotkeys (often from newer versions of Spine) show a toast instead of a dialog.

1 Jan 2018

  • Fixed crash creating a new path.

29 Dec 2017

  • Fixed image export sometimes being 1 pixel too large.
  • Blinking text cursors.
  • Changed back to always showing pies for unselected vertices.
  • Paths that are not closed show straight lines for before and after the path when selected.
  • When specifying a .pack.json file for texture packing at the command line, the .pack.json extension is stripped when the file name is used for the texture atlas name.
  • Fixed texture packer JSON writing a name attribute, which caused the JSON to fail to load when used as pack.json in image folders.

24 Nov 2017

  • Fixed crash in edit mesh mode while dragging from hull vertices with Create tool.
  • Fixed visibility dots changing when dragging items in the tree.
  • Fixed not being able to drag an image file to a slot if tree filters are hiding bones.
  • Fixed clipped image and video export bounds.

2 Nov 2017

  • Fixed crash creating a skin placeholder on a bone.
  • Fixed warning on Windows when exporting a skeleton with images in subfolders.
  • Fixed deleting existing texture atlas files in scale subfolders.

20 Oct 2017

  • Prevent invalid project files from being included as recent files.
  • Delete bones with invalid skeleton on project load.
  • When moving bones, slots, and attachments across skeletons, crash immediately if the move was incorrect to allow finding the reproduction steps for the bug.
  • Fixed crash moving bones, slots, and linked meshes across skeletons in some cases.
  • Fixed wrapping for next/previous frame hotkeys (R and F).
  • Fixed next/previous key hotkeys (Q and E) not updating transform key buttons.
  • Fixed warning on Windows that an image cannot be found when it doesn't have a lowercase file extension.
  • Fixed warning that images were already packed when using scales and packing multiple times to same directory.
  • Creating a new constraint now suggests a name, using the target.
  • Less mesh UI clutter when adjusting weights, especially with pies disabled.
  • Update Bindings now works with multiple meshes selected.
  • Fixed linked mesh in skin placeholder being moved to a different slot without also moving the source mesh.
  • Fixed bugs with moving a skin placeholder with a linked mesh to a different skeleton.
  • Fixed bugs where after deleting a skin, the skin remained active.
  • Fixed mouse events at the very top of the window from being accepted by tools.
  • Fixed pasting deform keys to an attachment under a different bone.

15 Oct 2017

  • Fixed crash clicking Update Bindings without a weighted mesh selected.
  • Fixed Weights view not having a weight painting tool selected by default.
  • Improved keeping the mesh position when removing deformation for: Reset in the tree properties in setup mode, Reset, Generate, and New in edit mesh mode, and when converting a mesh to a region.
  • Fixed some actions being combined into the same undo step.
  • Auto key works for mesh reset.

13 Oct 2017

  • Fixed undo state showing as edited when a project is loaded.
  • Fixed parsing JSON which uses \r (CR) for EOL.
  • Fixed the images path from being set to the Spine installation folder when saving a project for the first time or with Save As.
  • Fixed crash opening some very old projects.
  • Fixed problem which hid actual crash cause.
  • Direct is now the default tool on the Weights view.
  • Adjusting bones in setup mode no longer adjusts the bind pose, preventing mesh corruption.
  • Added an Update Bindings button on the Weights view to store the correct mesh vertices as the mesh's bind pose.

5 Oct 2017

  • Fixed color dialog RGB values changing when losing focus.
  • Fixed crash using zoom to fit or zoom to 100% when no skin is visible.
  • Fixed crash importing some data files or opening some projects.
  • Fixed vertex count on edit dialog when creating a new clipping attachment.
  • Fixed transform tools when the bone closest to the root is fully controlled by a constraint.
  • Fixed hotkeys.txt being kept open while Spine is running.
  • Show icon at drag position for direct weight tool.

25 Sep 2017

  • Fixed opening some extremely old projects.
  • Changed how zoom to fit works when bones/images/other are hidden.
  • Fixed zero scale on bones causing the Spine camera to fail.
  • Fixed texture packer dialog not showing last output folder.
  • Added Tree Up alt + up, Tree Down alt + down, Collapse alt + left, Expand alt + right.
  • Fixed color keys with FF alpha changing to FE after project reload.
  • Fixed Animations view not selecting the skeleton to match the viewport selection.
  • Fixed tab traversal on some dialogs.
  • Fixed undo not recording a state in rare cases.
  • Fixed typing numbers on color dialog being entered backward.
  • Fixed filtering artifacts on hotkey popups.

21 Sep 2017

  • Prevented attachment names changing position when ctrl is pressed.
  • Fixed crash selecting multiple different kinds of attachments when attachment names are enabled.
  • Fixed skin visibility when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Fixed skeleton tree expand state not being remembered when loading a project.
  • When creating a new path and dragging the second handle, the first handle is adjusted to make for a reasonable path.
  • Fixed skin alpha sorting after rename or Find and Replace.
  • Fixed crash when right clicking to remove an entry from a file dialog.
  • Fixed right clicking to remove an entry from a file dialog sometimes not working.
  • Fixed saving a project during exit not closing Spine afterward.
  • Fixed Set Parent for bones and slots not being able to choose targets in a different skeleton.
  • Fixed crash using Set Parent for images (not attachments) and choosing a target in a different skeleton.
  • Fixed images path when set to ".".
  • Fixed image preview in the tree when the image is larger than the Spine window.
  • Fixed crash when creating a bounding box or clipping attachment and New is clicked before any vertices are created.
  • Fixed Import Project browse button showing favorites.
  • Show launcher cancel button during update check.
  • Fixed rotate and scale compensation when both Bone and Image compensation are enabled.
  • Use file name for default skeleton name on Import Data dialog.
  • Fixed zoom to fit after doing Import Data.
  • Fixed New not clearing the vertices on the bounding box Edit dialog.
  • Fixed animation names being shown in brackets during Import Project.
  • Improved the resulting mesh position after using edit mesh Generate.
  • Fixed selection group hotkeys not scrolling the tree to the selected nodes.
  • Fixed Project Import animation when two placeholders in the same slot have attachments with the same name.
  • Fixed meshes with Wireframe checked being drawn in mesh edit mode when deform is unchecked.
  • Don't animate mesh rotate tool unless changing vertices.
  • Fixed keeping attachment transform when moving a skin placeholder to a new bone.

6 Sep 2017

  • More efficient editor rendering.
  • Fixed exported data not having skeleton size in some cases.
  • Improved error handling during exports.
  • Export script improvements (next launcher update or at spine-scripts).
  • Added AE and Inkscape export scripts to launcher download (next launcher update or at spine-scripts).
  • Default bone name for new bone uses parent icon and parent name as prefix.
  • On Windows, can drop a .json, .skel, .spine, or .atlas file on the Spine window.
  • Hovering the visibility dot or key in the tree no longer temporarily shows the attachment.
  • Use absolute path for images folder when doing Data Import into a new project.
  • Fixed weights slider on the Weights view for Direct mode.

29 Jul 2017

  • Fixed error opening some old projects.
  • Added a new UI language: Italian
  • Fixed Ghosting view alignment for non-English languages.
  • Changed default prune value to 5.5.

7 Jul 2017

  • Fixed clicking bone rotation checkbox when disabled in animate mode.
  • Fixed button icon scaling at small and medium font sizes.
  • Fixed minimum height for Timeline and Playback views.
  • Added skel.bytes extension to Import Data.
  • Fixed invalid project state in some cases from dragging across skeletons.
  • Better error messages are logged for WAV files.
  • Fixed tree not scrolling all the way down when the project has many skeletons.
  • Fixed file dialogs not remembering network paths.

23 Jun 2017

  • Fixed Preview crashes.
  • Fixed image file used icons after dragging into viewport.
  • Fixed dragging image file when toolbar is next to the tree.
  • Show mouse over for region attachments in animate mode.
  • Fixed crash dragging vertex in mesh edit mode.

21 Jun 2017

  • Fixed texture unpacker dialog.
  • Fixed crash right clicking a Preview track button before an animation is selected.
  • Fixed crash moving path position in animate mode.

19 Jun 2017

  • Fixed right click delete of first item on export file dialog not deleting.
  • Fixed adding a new key preventing existing curves from being applied.
  • Right click Preview track buttons to toggle the last played animation.

19 Jun 2017

  • Better weight colors.
  • Fixed Visibility hotkey for bones.
  • Fixed Set Parent hotkey for path and point attachments.
  • Fixed crash creating clipping attachment with Preview open.
  • Fixed undo allowing a bounding box or path to have zero vertices.
  • Fixed crash dragging a slot with a path to two different bones.
  • Fixed point attachments not showing their name when under a skin placeholder.

17 Jun 2017

  • Fixed viewport non-linear filtering.
  • Launcher updated.

17 Jun 2017

  • Slot color dialog and Slot Color view apply auto key has the color is changed, to better work with Preview.
  • Fixed Auto weighting when a linked mesh's vertices are selected.
  • Added Limit memory texture packer setting.
  • Can now select any number of bones, click Bind on the Weights view, then choose a mesh, bounding box, path, or clipping attachment.
  • Focusing a text field no longer prevents ctrl + ? hotkeys.
  • Added a vertical line to denote the original start/end when using key Offset.
  • Added Current skin scope to Find and Replace.
  • Removed square brackets from bone names in bone select boxes.
  • Added Cancel button to export progress dialog.
  • Fixed difficulty selecting bones with a pen while holding ctrl (cmd on Mac).
  • Edit button to choose new constrained bones and target for transform, path, and IK constraints.
  • Show linear line on Graph.
  • Added a progress bar to texture packing.

14 Jun 2017

  • Fixed images showing "loading" placeholder during key Offset.
  • Don't show parent bone arrows for hidden bones.
  • Improved line rendering.
  • Better arrow head scaling.
  • Colored track button when playing an animation on that track in Preview.
  • Preview tooltips.
  • Fixed minimizing a view with more than one tab.

13 Jun 2017

  • Optimizations for projects with many Bezier keys.
  • Fixed file dialog not opening in some cases.
  • Fixed Find and Replace not finding the right object types.
  • Added clipping attachments to Find and Replace.
  • Fixed ctrl exiting New clipping attachment mode.
  • Allow resizing warning dialogs.
  • Fix projects on load that have attachments in a skin that has been deleted.

12 Jun 2017

  • Fixed hotkeys on OS X.

12 Jun 2017

  • Fixed Show All Bones/Slots hotkey not updating the tree.
  • Fixed misaligned icons on minimized view buttons.
  • ctrl + alt + click removes a vertex from soft selection.
  • ctrl + alt + drag removes vertices from soft selection with box selection.
  • Added Hull vertices checkbox to Mesh Tools view.
  • Added First option to the Find and Replace dialog.
  • Fixed slot blend mode being changed when multiple slots are selected.
  • Loop, mix, and alpha are stored per Preview track.
  • Fixed crash when adding a key to new animation with Preview open.

12 Jun 2017

  • Fixed crash opening file dialog.
  • Fixed missing and loading placeholder images not using the right texture filtering.
  • Fixed maximize/fullscreen size when using multiple monitors.
  • New hotkey Show All Bones/Slots, defaults to ctrl + H (cmd + H on Mac).
  • Fixed crash deleting slots/bones/etc with Preview open.
  • Warning if exporting JSON/binary and creating an atlas under a skeleton image folder.
  • Warning on export that attachment image file is missing if it has different case on Windows.
  • Fixed Preview crossfading on track 0 when the second animation doesn't key a value on frame 0.

11 Jun 2017

  • Import Project file dialog shows recently opened project files.
  • Separate favorite and browse dialog buttons.
  • Fixed Wacom modifier key events.
  • Optimizations for projects with many attachments (75,000+).
  • Fixed Create tool being unable to drag the new bone the first time.
  • Fixed selection groups containing a slot from selecting the parent bone in the tree.
  • Added -m / --clean CLI option to perform animation clean up (requires 3.6.25+ launcher).
  • Fixed OS file dialog not showing in correct directory.
  • Fixed project undo state after deleting entry from file dialog.
  • Fixed dragging a bone and descendants to another skeleton.
  • Fixed crash editing a mesh while using Preview.
  • Fixed key Adjust so it still works when Auto Key is off.
  • Fixed Preview not seeing a longer or shorter animation.
  • Fixed directory appearing in files list on file dialog.
  • File dialog no longer shows entries when the root of a path (usually the drive) does not exists, even when a path isn't required to exist.
  • Export dialog shows file extension that will be added when one is not specified.
  • FPS now shows "--" until the FPS is ready.
  • Added button in dopesheet to show/hide Graph view. If Graph is a tab, the active tab is toggled instead of hiding the view.
  • Key Offset when the first and last keys are not the same value is disallowed.
  • Fixed events being triggered incorrectly when loop start/end was used.
  • Fixed curves when using Key Offset.
  • Fixed orange frame number in timeline when dragging < frame 0.

5 Jun 2017

  • When a new animation is chosen in the Preview view, immediately load images for attachments shown in the animation.
  • Press spacebar or alt+B on any file dialog to browse.
  • Fixed ghosting affecting Preview view skeleton color.
  • Added Next Skin and Previous Skin hotkeys (default: , and . keys).
  • Improved Next Animation and Previous Animation hotkeys for projects with multiple skeletons.
  • Fixed Preview and Animation views' skeleton select box.
  • Fixed Preview collapse button.

3 Jun 2017

  • Fixed dopesheet vertical scrollbar width.
  • Preview view improvements and bug fixes.

1 Jun 2017

  • Added Preview view for playing back animations with mixing inside Spine, similar to Skeleton Viewer.
  • Fixed dragging image files to a slot.
  • Fixed path constraint position when dragging handle along the path.
  • New hotkey, Main Menu: alt+F. Can be followed by a letter, O for Open Project, S for Save Project, etc.
  • Linked mesh properties now show source mesh skin, if any, and clicking the source mesh makes the skin active so the source mesh can be selected.
  • Restrict Timeline view height so it doesn't look broken.

29 May 2017

  • Fixed attachments abandoned in old skin when a bone is moved to a different skeleton.
  • Allow pasting a file as a path into text boxes.
  • Pasting a file to a file dialog will choose that file.
  • Right click to remove a path from a file dialog.
  • Fixed file dialog when UI animations are disabled.
  • Fixed bone selection after dragging a bone to a different skeleton.

28 May 2017

  • Fixed images not loading for attachments shown mid animation.
  • Fixed crashes creating new attachments.
  • Fixed attachment not showing when creating a new slot + attachment at the same time.

28 May 2017

  • Bones, slots, and attachments can be dragged to a different skeleton.
  • Duplicate now prompts to also duplicate keys for bones, slots, attachments, and events.
  • Fixed polygon compensation when moving a bone that is a child of a bone that is constrained.
  • Favorite projects are no longer listed first on Recent Projects menu.
  • Fixed graph line size.
  • Pressing enter on a file dialog chooses the most recent. If filter text is entered, it chooses the first entry.
  • Fixed losing attachment visibility when undoing moving an attachment to a different slot.
  • Fixed Link sliders for transform constraint being disabled in animate mode.
  • Added hotkeys Auto Scroll (equivalent to tree button) and Scroll To Selected (for when auto scroll is off).
  • Fixed vertices not being updated in edit mode if the attachment isn't visible.
  • Fixed some problems with undoing changes to keys.
  • Fixed changing key curve type in graph not having an affect.
  • Changing beta setting prompts restart.
  • Allow dragging multiple attachments with different types at the same time.
  • Fixed duplicating a bone or slot that has linked meshes.
  • Attachments automatically renamed by moving linked meshes to another slot now have their path set so the image can still be found.
  • Fixed dragging linked mesh on to source mesh when source mesh is under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed draw order not showing correctly in the tree.
  • More detailed log messages when projects load with warnings.
  • Pressing ctrl (cmd on Mac) over UI widgets no longer triggers a mouse over in the viewport.
  • Fixed crash showing main menu regarding the recent projects submenu.
  • Fixed Save As not working the first time.
  • Fixed loading color keys in very old projects.
  • Fixed crash using undo when hovering tree node.

13 May 2017

  • Fixed keying issues.

12 May 2017

  • Huge performance improvements for projects with many attachments.
  • Loading dialog when opening project via Recent Projects menu.
  • Fixed crash keying an event.
  • Fixed not being able to selected vertices in mesh edit mode after the Spine window forcibly loses focus.
  • Draw deformed boundary lines for multiple vertices in mesh edit mode.
  • Improved deformed mesh edit mode when dragging multiple vertices and hitting the boundary lines.
  • Animated returning mesh vertex rotate tool icon to 0 degrees.
  • Fixed scale tool icon not changing size for mesh vertices.
  • Fixed selecting a second mesh when box selecting vertices.
  • Fixed Hide Selection hotkey to hide vertices during manipulation.
  • Fixed crash during project Save As.
  • Fixed rendering while project loads after choosing a file from the file dialog when Spine is maximized or fullscreen.
  • Fixed default interface scale on high DPI (2x+) displays.

22 Apr 2017

  • Added loop selection: hold shift when clicking an edge.
  • Tree highlighting for linked meshes.
  • Faster AVI RAW and MOV RAW video export.
  • Improved open dialog paths.
  • Remember selected bones in Weights view.
  • 4K support for Skeleton Viewer.
  • Convert paths stored in project file to the new open dialog.
  • Wider dialog text boxes.
  • Icon for main menu recent projects list.
  • Increased item spacing for main menu and select boxes.
  • Rounded edges and blue down state for select box selection.
  • Fixed clipping ghosts when ghosting only selected attachments.
  • Metrics view shows clipping metrics.
  • Fixed color keys when opening projects from before 3.6.

19 Apr 2017

  • Added weight painting.
  • Significant performance improvements, especially with mesh manipulation and undo/redo.
  • Fixed video with alpha export, supported codecs are AVI RAW, MOV RAW, MOV PNG, and MOV Animation.
  • Fixed slot color with zero alpha affecting clipping.
  • Don't fill background when clipping is selected and Others are hidden.
  • Icon for clipping end slot Set button.
  • When creating a slot for clipping, put it at the bottom of the draw order.
  • Clipping end slot defaults to same clipping attachment's slot (which clips until end of draw order).
  • Colored background in draw order to denote clipping.
  • New file choosing dialogs and smart logic.
  • Save Project As updates the skeleton image paths relative to the new project file location.
  • Added Wireframe checkbox to meshes to always show the vertices and edges.
  • Prevent flashing of Pies checkbox and bone dimming when dragging with Weights tool.
  • Selected checkbox on Weights view is now useful even when no vertices are selected.
  • Selected checkbox only shows pies for selected bones and vertices.
  • Added "select vertices" button to bones list on Weights view.
  • Faster auto weight calculation.
  • Preserve background color alpha when choosing image export formats.

8 Apr 2017

  • Fixed tree filter for attachments.
  • Fixed clicking slot label when bones are hidden in tree.
  • Fixed clipping end slot.

8 Apr 2017

  • Added clipping attachments for polygonal clipping areas.
  • Fixed tint black checkbox when multiple slots are selected.
  • Fixed tint black when duplicating a slot.
  • Update path constraint properties after dragging path position in viewport.
  • Fixed confusing UI state when playing an animation with no keys or all keys on frame zero.
  • Added separator between skeletons in the tree.
  • Fixed default UI scale for 4K (2x scale).
  • Fixed scrolling to selected tree node in some situations.
  • Allow selecting region attachments in the tree in animate mode by clicking them in the viewport.
  • Fixed ghosting Images setting.
  • Fixed tint black with ghosting.
  • Remember tint black setting when disabling tint black.
  • Fixed ghosting showing attachments hidden in setup pose.
  • Fixed texture unpacker dialog size.
  • Fixed dopesheet losing selection when the active tool is changed.
  • Fixed undo for changing attachment colors.
  • Fixed auto weight crash for Mac and Linux.

26 Mar 2017

  • Fixed images not being packed during data export if their name or path has a file extension.
  • Fixed Import Project, Animation when the source project has a region and the importing project has mesh deform keys.
  • Fixed crash when editing bounding boxes in animate mode.

21 Mar 2017

  • More audio playback improvements. New play.jar uploaded.
  • Much higher quality font rendering when using Interface scale.
  • Added Interface linear filtering setting to disable linear filtering when using interface scale.
  • Better initial settings for 4K displays.
  • Texture packer whitespace stripping now leaves 1px of whitespace on image edges that were stripped when duplicate padding is used.
  • Added back Reuse instance setting for Windows and Linux.
  • Hid Keyboard type for Windows and Linux.
  • Disabled changing the Spine version in the trial.
  • Fixed manipulating bones in setup mode for linked, weighted meshes.

16 Mar 2017

  • Improved Scale tool when dragging to adjust both axes and one is negative.
  • Fixed non-shadowed bitmap font render position.
  • Added Spine version to export dialog.
  • Duplicating a slot now changes viewport selection to new attachment.
  • Audio server improvements, loop audio when looping animation.

6 Mar 2017

  • Don't draw paths in outline view.
  • Updated fonts in launcher.
  • Added language: Traditional Chinese. Requires new launcher.
  • Fixed being able to undo changing the background color in the Settings dialog.

28 Feb 2017

  • Numerous fixes from 3.5.4X.

23 Feb 2017

  • Added point type to Find and Replace.
  • Turkish translations updated.
  • Fixed Auto mesh weighting for a coarse mesh with very small bones.
  • Don't write bone rotations outside the -180 to 180 range in export data.
  • Thicker graph lines.
  • Fixes from 3.5 releases.
  • Better Bone -> New constraint UI.
  • Auto weights now only modifies weights of selected bones and vertices. Select none for all.

21 Dec 2016

  • Added local and relative options to transform constraints.
  • Added Turkish language translations.

12 Dec 2016

  • Graph view now hides text on buttons and labels when resized smaller to reduce its minimum width.
  • Holding shift when creating a new bone via hotkey or the tree creates the new bone as a sibling of the selected bone.
  • Removed ability to create a Skeleton Attachment, which is a WIP and not yet ready.

10 Dec 2016

  • Fixed tree selection order when shift clicked from bottom to top.
  • Fixed image compensation for child meshes.

7 Dec 2016

  • Fixed New select box being disabled when selecting multiple bones.
  • Mouse over glow for weight pies.
  • Changed how meshes, paths, and bounding boxes are adjusted and how image compensation is applied to them.
  • Fixed shear compensation for meshes.
  • Removed shear compensation for bones, as it didn't work right and doesn't make sense.
  • Fixed mouse cursor on text fields in dialogs.

6 Dec 2016

  • Added bone Split button.
  • Better tree node expansion when doing box select.
  • Fixed selected tree node being scrolled under the tree properties.
  • Added Select checkbox to bones.
  • Fixed exporting attachments with file extension in their names.
  • Hiding a bone in the tree no longer hides dopesheet rows.
  • The events node and individual events in the tree no longer hide dopesheet rows.
  • Hiding events using the dopesheet filter now also hides the events in the viewport, above the skeleton.
  • Added texture unpacking to CLI.
  • Export warnings when a slot is hidden.
  • Export warnings when a project contains a mesh and Create atlas is checked.
  • Better warning messages for multi-skeleton projects.

2 Dec 2016

  • Added Tint black for slots. Requires special runtime support.
  • Added point attachments.
  • When setting a key, use the constrained local transform if the property being keyed is controlled 100% by a constraint.
  • Tooltips move with the mouse and are shown above the mouse so they can be more easily read.
  • Buttons on right edge of tree show a tooltip with the name of the constraint.
  • Items related to the selected item in the tree are highlighted.
  • Related items are highlighted when buttons on right edge of tree are hovered.
  • Show tooltip animation duration reduced (hover time unchanged).
  • Draw arrows between bones when hovering buttons on right edge of tree.
  • Improved arrow rendering.
  • High quality antialiased line rendering, even without MSAA.
  • Mouse over with Create tool shows only arrows up hierarchy to the root bone.

3.5 Releases

6 Mar 2017

  • Fixed crash selecting vertices immediately after using mesh Reset.

6 Mar 2017

  • Fixed loading certain very old projects.
  • Fixed pasting a color key to a different slot.
  • Pasting bone, slot, and constraint keys uses selection to find an appropriate paste target (eg pasting bone keys with an attachment selected pastes to the attachment's bone).

28 Feb 2017

  • Fixed bug when pasting keys from multiple bones.

27 Feb 2017

  • If a scrollable area (dopesheet, tree, etc) isn't scrolling vertically, the mouse wheel no longer scrolls the viewport.
  • Possible fix for spurious keys being create when Auto Key is enabled and the timeline is scrubbed.
  • L (key active tool) and ctrl+L (key selection) will key the mesh deform of the selected mesh(es).
  • Added Key Attachment hotkey.
  • Fixed being able to drag an attachment to another skeleton.
  • Fixed opening projects where an attachment is from another skeleton.
  • Fixed crash pasting keys to a different skeleton.
  • Fixed copying IK keys to a bone without an IK constraint.
  • The Animations view no longer selects the animation in the tree, unless the selected animation is clicked a second time.

26 Feb 2017

  • Fixed importing IK, transform, and path constraint keys with a Bezier curve.
  • Fixed project integrity when moving an attachment to a different slot.
  • Fixed attachment visibility when undoing delete attachment.
  • On Linux, fixed window losing maximized state when regaining focus.
  • Fixed crash mousing over empty skin placeholder in some scenarios.
  • Fixed crash when duplicating a path is some scenarios.
  • On Windows, fixed hang after fallback file dialog loses focus.

22 Dec 2016

  • Fixed keys sometimes not being shown when the dopesheet filter is active.

22 Dec 2016

  • Fixed keys sometimes not being shown when the dopesheet filter is active.

21 Dec 2016

  • Fixed the fullscreen Spine window staying on top after the window loses focus.

17 Dec 2016

  • Fixed disabling inherit rotation, scale, or reflection being reset when a project is opened.
  • Fixed animation sort order after rename.
  • Fixed slow down when Spine is left open for a long time.

7 Dec 2016

  • Fixed data import for paths and bounding boxes.

6 Dec 2016

  • Fixed crash from dopesheet showing a bone whose deform timelines are hidden because the meshes are in a skin.

2 Dec 2016

  • Fixed mouse cursor getting stuck when closing color dialog.
  • Increased number slider text field width.
  • Improved bone compensation when a child bone is constrained.
  • Updated Clean Up to leave one key if needed so the animation duration doesn't change.
  • Fixed regions from being selected in animate mode.

30 Nov 2016

  • Better Clean Up for draw order and attachment keys.

30 Nov 2016

  • Default color dialog to hue.
  • Fixed color dialog hue mode from changing color slightly due rounding.
  • Allow color dialog to be resized.
  • Added mouse cursors for dialog resizing.
  • Added animation Clean Up to remove unnecessary timelines.
  • Fixed Export checkbox.

30 Nov 2016

  • Fixed image preview not hiding.

29 Nov 2016

  • Hid Constraints node in the tree for Essential users.
  • Added tooltips to tree annotation buttons.
  • Added Slot Color View hotkey.
  • New tree node order.
  • Highlight slot/draw order slot when other is selected and mouse is not over tree. Will do better highlighting later.
  • Fixed path constraint modes when duplicating skeleton.
  • More decimal places for path percent sliders.
  • Fixed hang when scaling paths to zero in some cases.

29 Nov 2016

  • Fixed attachments not being exported.

29 Nov 2016

  • Fixed attachment visibility when going from mesh to region or region to mesh.
  • Background checkbox has become separate Select and Export checkboxes.
  • Allowed selection of hidden bones using the tree.
  • When hovering a 2 bone IK constraint, draw IK arrows to the target bone.
  • Transform constraints default to 0% mixes and sliders unlinked.
  • Hide Images tree node in animate mode.

28 Nov 2016

  • Fixed choosing keyboard layout.
  • Added Dvorak and Russian keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed crashes where a project kept references to deleted attachments.
  • Fixed bug when pressing ctrl while dragging with the Create tool.

26 Nov 2016

  • Improved overall performance for projects with many images and attachments.
  • FPS display in title bar is only shown during playback and when enough samples have been collected to provide an accurate frame rate.
  • Image scanning limit changed from 10,000 to 2,000 to avoid a huge load when opening projects with many skeletons.

26 Nov 2016

  • Many improvements to UI graphics, new buttons, dialogs, etc.
  • Zoom to fit considers bounds and paths.
  • Zoom to fit doesn't consider bones or attachments if they are hidden via Options group.
  • Added checkbox to export Others (paths and bounding boxes) for image and video export.

23 Nov 2016

  • Reverted UI changes that are not quite ready.

23 Nov 2016

  • Fixed opening a project containing a non-constant speed path in some cases.
  • Fixed SRTH text field alignment with small font.

21 Nov 2016

  • Fixed crashes with skin placeholders.
  • Fixed images showing red/unused icon after being modified and reloaded.
  • Fixed mesh deforms only being displayed during playback.
  • Fixed crash deleting a skin.
  • Fixed duplicate skeleton and duplicate slot not preserving attachment visibility.
  • Fixed crash after removing bound bones to a weighted, linked mesh.
  • Fixed file watching on OS X.

20 Nov 2016

  • Big performance improvements for projects having tens of thousands of attachments.
  • Fixed crash switching to animate mode for some projects.

18 Nov 2016

  • Disabled keying when playing backward.
  • Fixed deforming meshes in animate mode when the mesh is in a skin.
  • Left column in dopesheet no longer shrinks in size except for when locked or refreshed.

18 Nov 2016

  • Fixed rare crash opening a file dialog.
  • Fixed rare crash when a dopesheet group is changed.
  • Fixed elusive crash switching to Weights tool after deleting vertices.
  • Fixed rare auto key crash.
  • Fixed rare crash dragging bones in Weights view.
  • Fixed rare crash using Pose tool.
  • Fixed background attachments being exported.
  • Fixed translation compensation.
  • Prevent left column of dopesheet from changing size while scrubbing the timeline.
  • Mouse hover preview over meshes in the tree now uses the setup pose vertices.
  • Fixed rare crash when pasting.
  • Fixed crash hovering meshes and paths in tree.
  • Don't show image or attachment preview during playback when hovering in the tree.

17 Nov 2016

  • Adjusted default location when choosing a file of folder.
  • Fixed empty skin placeholder interfering with visibility of other attachments in its slot.

17 Nov 2016

  • Fixed dopesheet keys not appearing when the dopesheet has been scrolled horizontally.

17 Nov 2016

  • Fixed dopesheet keys not appearing.
  • Fixed hidden skin placeholders from being shown when switching skins.

16 Nov 2016

  • Fixed mesh deforms in animate mode when a mesh has weights.
  • When a .json extension is not specified on the save export or packer settings dialogs, .export.json or .pack.json is appended to differentiate the type of settings.
  • The packer settings dialog now has a Load button.
  • The export dialog Load button accepts packer settings JSON.
  • The packer dialog Load button accepts export settings JSON (applying only the packer settings).

16 Nov 2016

  • Fixed skin placeholders being hidden when a skin is made visible which has no attachment for the placeholder.

16 Nov 2016

  • Fixed auto key setting a deform key when an attachment visibility key is set.
  • Fixed texture packing not writing a PNG.

15 Nov 2016

  • Fixed crash with undo after deleting a skeleton.
  • Badges for EDU and ENT (requires launcher update).
  • Fixed crash when loading invalid export settings.
  • Fixed crash using Next Animation hotkey with no currently selected animation.
  • Fixed rare crash clicking bone with Weights tool.

9 Nov 2016

  • Fixed crash relating to slots.
  • Fixed crash changing to animate mode after selecting an image file.

13 Nov 2016

  • Fixed clicking Auto weights when button is disabled.
  • ctrl+A hotkey for lists that support multiple selection (Weight view bones, filters, etc).
  • Added dashed line to bone New select box.
  • Added Load button to Export dialog.
  • Disabled arrow keys to "nudge" during playback.
  • A mesh with Background checked is now exported if keyed in a deform timeline.
  • A warning is shown if an attachment with Background checked is exported because it is keyed.
  • Prevent left column of dopesheet from resizing during playback or while scrubbing the timeline due to attachment visibility changes for the selected attachment.
  • Fixed skeleton setup pose size being exported as 0x0.
  • Fixed selecting both parent and child bones.
  • Fixed crash dealing with selection and skin placeholders.
  • Fixed crash clicking New tool in Edit Mesh mode for some meshes.
  • Fixed copy and paste of multiple attachment keys when a slot is selected.

12 Nov 2016

  • Huge performance improvements during playback.
  • Reduced memory usage and eliminated GC stuttering.
  • Much faster opening large projects, especially with many attachments (thousands).
  • Fixed crash loading extremely large projects.
  • Fixed crash editing graph presets.
  • Fixed undo when editing graph presets.
  • Fixed crash during pasting from outside of Spine in some cases.
  • Fixed mouse cursor position on OS X.
  • Disabled keying during playback.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a skeleton that has a linked mesh where the source mesh is in a skin.
  • Disabled tree attachment hovering during playback.

10 Nov 2016

  • Fixed filsystem watching on OS X.
  • Fixed filters for file choosing dialogs.
  • More bone icons.
  • Fixed crash with mesh attachment visibility keys.
  • Right click on bone entries in the dopesheet to toggle expand/collapse (like in the tree).
  • Don't show orange "0" in timeline when creating a box selection.

10 Nov 2016

  • Fixed exporting.

10 Nov 2016

  • More bone icons.
  • Changing text in the string field for an event with auto key on sets a key immediately, without requiring enter to be pressed.
  • Added Name checkbox for bones to always show their name.
  • Fixed crash dragging a bone from the tree over the Weights view.
  • Potential fix for incorrect mouse cursor location on Mac.

9 Nov 2016

  • Allow scrolling to zoom while panning.
  • Fixed crash keying events.

9 Nov 2016

  • Added Texture Unpacker menu item, for taking an atlas and splitting it into individual image files.
  • More bone icons.
  • Path constraint offset rotation now reflects if the path's bone is reflected.
  • Transform constraint offset rotation and shearY now reflects if the path's bone is reflected.
  • Increased width of path text boxes on texture packer dialog.
  • Fixed Data Import for paths.
  • Fixed duplicating bones that have meshes.
  • Fixed default paths on dialogs based on previously used paths across all projects.
  • Adjusted bone icon sizes.
  • Selecting a bone that is the target of an IK constraint now shows the bone in the tree, not the IK constraint.

6 Nov 2016

  • Much better performance overall, but especially with many (hundreds to 1000+) bones and slots.
  • Disabled dragging up/down in SRTH text boxes while playback is active.
  • Dragging up/down or mouse scroll over numeric text fields no longer creates many undo states.
  • Reversed scroll direction over numeric text fields.
  • Increased numeric text field scroll amount.
  • Disallow changing bone icon in animate mode.
  • Don't bother calculating weights when only one bone is bound.
  • Fixed Shear tool rotating the wrong way when a parent bone is scaled negatively.
  • Fixed orange frame count position in timeline when moving keys with box selection.
  • Less annoying easing for select boxes and the main menu.
  • Fixed restoring tree node expand state when a project with multiple skeletons is opened.
  • Reduced tap square size and time between clicks for double clicking timeline to play/pause.
  • Fixed draw order reset so a key is set when auto key is enabled.
  • Fixed draw order up/down tree icons to show direction from previous draw order, not from setup pose.
  • Zero length bones are always drawn on top of bones with a length.
  • Start speed for automatic scrolling when dragging is increased.
  • Added automatic scrolling to Weights view bone list.

4 Nov 2016

  • Fixed projects which contained bones in the dopesheet which had been previously deleted.
  • Fixed FPS text field on export dialog being too narrow with larger fonts.
  • Fixed Background checkbox on export dialog from shifting position.
  • Fixed scroll wheel over SRTH text fields from setting keys during playback.
  • Hovering bones in the tree highlights them in the viewport.
  • Added choice of bone icons for zero length bones.
  • Fixed crash importing JSON or binary data.

3 Nov 2016

  • Generate grid vertices always orients triangles the same direction.
  • Max mesh vertex count changed to 3000.
  • Improved performance when manipulating large meshes.
  • Fixed attachment compensation when a slot has a mesh and more than one attachment.
  • During playback or timeline scrubbing, attachment visibility changes no longer lose the viewport selection. If a new attachment in the same slot is visible, it is selected.

2 Nov 2016

  • Prompt that weights are being deleted for mesh, path, and bounding box New buttons and mesh Reset button.
  • Hide vertices when choosing bones to bind.
  • Limited meshes, paths, and bounding boxes to 5000 vertices.
  • Reduced distance for snapping to mesh edges when zoomed in.
  • Reduced height of blank lines on dialogs.
  • Fixed crash clicking Remove twice in Weights view.
  • Bind bone no longer uses attachments for choosing bones.
  • Fixed bone weight pies showing the wrong value in some cases.
  • When generating a grid (using Generate when there are edges at all 4 maximums) a different number of rows and columns are used to appropriately fill the mesh.
  • Generate no longer moves existing points, as it is most useful to fill in mesh after placing points in the important areas.

2 Nov 2016

  • Double click timeline to play/pause at that position.
  • Fixed exported values in JSON being off by 0.0001.
  • Fixed rounded corners on SRTH buttons.
  • Fixed entering weights numerically.
  • Fixed "Weights could not be computed" error when using auto weighting.
  • Auto weights has even better quality.
  • Generate mesh vertices is much faster and with better quality (click multiple times).
  • Fixed weights view not showing asterisk when bone weights for selected vertices differ.
  • Faster exporting.
  • Pose tool no longer shows IK target icon when translating.

14 Oct 2016

  • Fixed export file paths not being remembered when the output file doesn't yet exist.
  • Fixed changes to files with the same name as an image file but a different extension from causing the image file to not load.
  • Fixed local scale when bone has inherit rotation disabled.
  • Added separator under Current tool dopesheet filter.
  • Fixed rotate, scale, and shear tools going the wrong direction when the bone has inherit rotation disabled and a parent has reflection.

14 Oct 2016

  • Fixed rotating bones when "disable inherit rotation" is used with negative scale. Now a bone which doesn't inherit rotation also does not inherit reflection. Projects that relied on the old behavior may require minor fix up.
  • Fixed freeze on Windows when switching to Spine using alt+tab+click.
  • Fixed large values being capped in JSON exports.
  • Faster and more reliable filesystem watching for image file modifications.
  • Checkbox on Images tree node to remove limits on image file scanning.
  • Better colors on bone, slot, and other icons in the tree.
  • Timeline now indicates ghosting frames.
  • Dragging an image from the Images tree node into the viewport now creates the slot and region attachment on the selected bone.
  • Fixed tools being unable to select bones after double clicking a bone.
  • Fixed box select while a mesh, path, or bounding box is selected from selecting other attachments when any vertices are selected.
  • Fixed deleting a skin placeholder which has attachment in multiple skins. Previously the attachments remained hidden in the project until the next time the project was opened.
  • Fixed project shown as having changes that need to be saved after using Save Project As.
  • Fixed Prune saying X weights were removed when they were not.
  • Pruning weights remembers the last value used.
  • Added Current tool dopesheet filter.
  • Fixed rotate, scale, and shear tools going the wrong direction when a parent has reflection.

23 Sep 2016

  • Better kerning for all the Unicode fonts.
  • Fixed crash when mousing over empty skin placeholders in tree.

16 Sep 2016

  • Constraint order can be specified by dragging constraints in the tree. This enables all kinds of fancy rigging!
  • The frame rate can now be specified in the Playback view. This affects the animation speed for the whole project, both in the editor and at runtime.
  • Fixed rotating bones when "disable inherit scale" is used with negative scale. Now a bone which doesn't inherit scale my still rotate as a result of a parent being scaled. Projects that relied on the old behavior may require minor fix up.
  • Added "disable reflection" option when "disable inherit scale" is activated.
  • Allow transform constraint rotate, translate, scale, and shear mixes to be < 0% or > 100%.
  • Spine launcher 3.4.03 has been released which can resume downloading updates if the connection is lost. This may help those behind the great firewall of China.
  • Spine installer downloads can now be resumed. This is also helpful from China.
  • Fixed path constraint slot attachment label showing "..." when timeline position changed.
  • Fixed Match button on Graph view not showing toggle state.
  • Hide tree properties during drag and drop.
  • Fixed attachments not being shown when hovering over a skin placeholder in the tree.
  • After clicking to hide an attachment, hovering that attachment in the tree does not show the attachment in the viewport until a different tree node has been hovered.
  • Added event messages to Skeleton Viewer.
  • Improved AnimationState in various ways.
  • Disabled bone and attachment compensation when a project is opened or a new project is created to reduce confusion.
  • Fixed slider clamping.
  • When deleting a skin placeholder, the Keep current attachment checkbox changes any attachment keys showing the skin placeholder to show the attachment that was kept.
  • Better preservation of tree node expanded state when changing filters.
  • Tree node expanded state is restored when a project is closed and reopened.
  • Disable Bend checkbox for 1 bone IK.
  • If an attachment under a skin placeholder is selected, after changing skins select the attachment for that placeholder in the new skin.
  • Clicking path in path constraint selects the path in the viewport.
  • Ghosting when not looping continues slightly after the last frame.
  • Fixed path constraint timelines not changing their bone in the dopesheet when their target slot is changed to a new bone.
  • Faster performance switching to/from animate mode, applying filters, and other actions which modify the tree.
  • Faster opening of projects with 100,000+ keys.
  • Fixed losing subfolders when dropping an image file on to an attachment under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed rare hang after deleting bones bound to a mesh.
  • Fixed crash deleting bones bound to a path.
  • Fixed image exports being 1x1 when scaling a path to zero.
  • Added secret --table-lines CLI parameter.
  • Texture packer output folder will be created if it doesn't exist.
  • CLI exporting can now take a .json or .skel instead of a .spine project file to convert a Spine skeleton data file from JSON to binary or binary to JSON.

3.4 Releases

6 Aug 2016

  • Fixed rare crash when pasting (launcher 3.4.02).
  • Fixed crash during file watch initialization for some network shares.
  • Fixed crash when clicking Mesh checkbox when in weights Bind mode.
  • Fixed hang typing very large values.
  • Fixed crash opening file dialog on some computers.
  • Fixed Import Data not importing position, rotate, and spacing modes for path constraints and offsets for transform constraints.
  • Fixed UI and CLI exports having slightly different data values.
  • Dashed lines for stepped keys in the dopesheet, to differentiate between a stepped transition and no value change.
  • Added hotkeys for local, parent, and world axes.
  • Fixed shear timelines being imported as translate timelines when using Data Import.
  • Slightly zoomed out the default dopesheet zoom level.
  • Allow dopesheet to be zoomed in further.
  • Made dopesheet zoom slider nonlinear, so zooming out uses more of the slider space.

16 Jul 2016

  • Fixed crash when adding a hull vertex to a mesh.
  • Fixed crash loading some projects.
  • Fixed dragging path constraint position when path bones are scaled.
  • Fixed launcher proxy settings (launcher 3.4.01).

13 Jul 2016

  • Launcher update required.
  • Introduced concept of beta updates which require opt-in. Runtimes may not be available for beta versions.
  • Faster app loading.
  • Added warning when saving a project from an older version of Spine with a newer version.
  • Saving export and texture packer JSON settings now uses JSON instead of "minimal JSON".
  • Better path checking for CLI export and texture packing.
  • Fixed CLI export for paths.
  • Fixed CLI texture packing warning about no images being packed.
  • Added -n and --name CLI parameter for specifying the name of a texture atlas.
  • Fixed crash creating path in a slot already containing a path.
  • Path handles have selection priority over knots, so they can be selected when under a knot.
  • Fixed using New tool on a closed path where it would show as closed when it was not.
  • Fixed color key button being yellow when a key is set.
  • Fixed triangulation when the triangles are very small.
  • Dropping an image file on an attachment now renames the attachment (or sets its path).
  • Fixed crash deleting a skeleton when selection group exists for dopesheet keys.
  • Fixed crash with undo after creating a bounding box.
  • Attachments are now shown when hovered in tree.
  • Paths and bounding boxes that are selected are drawn on top of bones.
  • Meshes, paths, and bounding boxes can be edited when not the visible attachment for their slot.
  • Fixed mesh outline lines not being drawn on hover of unselected mesh.
  • Fixed CLI exports not having width and height (requires saving project with 3.4.00+ first).
  • Fixed pasting deform keys to a linked mesh with inherit deform disabled.
  • Fixed undo state sometimes showing as there is something to undo.
  • Fixed New tool in Edit Mesh mode when clicking outside of bounds.
  • Fixed a weighted path not being deformed when its bones are controlled by IK.
  • Fixed tab in textbox entering a character.
  • Added number of keys to Metrics view.
  • Fixed path color not saving.
  • Added ignore and limitMemory settings to pack.json files for the Spine texture packer.
  • The texture packer now uses a minimum size of 1 pixel when scaling images down.
  • Fixed mesh weights when adding new vertices.
  • Fixed path icon color in dopesheet.
  • Fixed path deform keys not being applied when hiding Others.
  • Fixed crashing using the New Animation hotkey.
  • Fixed Find and Replace when using the Path field.

3.3 Releases

27 Jun 2016

  • Fixed creating new paths.

24 Jun 2016

  • Weights view highlights bones which have weights for the selected vertices and shows their percentages.
  • Added handle on paths to adjust path constraint positions.
  • Path constraints take the color of the first bone, or the path color if the bone color is the default.
  • Fixed ghosting before frames showing incorrect frame with anchor enabled.
  • Changed playback speed slider to a percentage.
  • Fewer clicks to enable/change/disable tree and dopesheet filters.
  • Added Animation section to Metrics view with the number of deform vertices for the current animation.
  • Right click bone in Weights view to select that bone.
  • Selected paths are drawn above bones.
  • Fixed path length computation.
  • Metrics view no longer counts attachments with Background checked.
  • Fixed vsync on OS X.
  • Fixed ghosting crash with certain combination of deform and attachment visibility keys.
  • Faster image loading.
  • Toast messages when images can't be read or memory is exhausted.
  • Fixed Create tool when clicking to select a bone.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a linked mesh when there is another attachment with the same name in a different skin.
  • Fixed scrollbar outlines on Find and Replace dialog.
  • Auto collapse/expand offset section in tree properties when going to/from animate mode.
  • Added Prune button to Weights dialog to remove weights under a threshold.
  • Fixed Metrics view numbers from shaking the layout when changing rapidly.
  • Metrics view shows vertex transforms for selected paths.
  • Fixed undo after checking or unchecking Closed for a path.

17 Jun 2016

  • Features that remove weights (eg, mesh reset, generate) also remove any deform keys.
  • Fixed rare failure to open 3.1.xx projects with linked meshes.
  • Fixed loading projects with transform constraints.
  • Fixed numbers being entered backward when typing transform values.
  • Fixed scroll and mousewheel for numeric transform text boxes.
  • Fixed display of local axes values when multiple bones are selected.

15 Jun 2016

  • Fixed crash creating a new transform constraint without selecting bones.

15 Jun 2016

  • Fixed crash in Edit Mesh mode.
  • Fixed startup error.

15 Jun 2016

  • Added paths (cubic splines) that are keyable and weightable.
  • Added path constraints so a bone can follow a path.
  • Bounding boxes are now keyable and weightable.
  • Bounding boxes now have a color.
  • IK and transform constraints now appear under the target bone in the tree.
  • Added constraints to tree filter.
  • Constraints can now be created by clicking New... on a bone's properties in the tree.
  • Can drag/drop or copy/paste to copy transforms for bounding boxes and paths.
  • Fixed root bone translation not following parent or world axes.
  • Changed automatic backup file names to include the Spine version number.
  • Icons for clickable bone labels.
  • Added Match button for transform constraints to set the offset values to match the bone's current transform.
  • Fixed vertices in selection groups sometimes not working after a project reload.
  • Selection group internals have changed, selection groups in older projects have been cleared (sorry).
  • Fixed position of self intersecting bounding boxes.
  • Local shear is disabled on IK parent bones. The math is insurmountable. Local nonuniform scale is fine and it can still inherit nonuniform scale and shear.
  • Fixed exiting edit bounding box mode without creating vertices.
  • Dopesheet Select bones button now also selects the bones in the tree.
  • Fixed single bone IK with nonuniform scale.
  • Fixed automatic backups being created even when disabled.
  • Import Data and Import Project are now available in the trial.
  • Faster image export when loading many different images.
  • Fixed exporting multiple skins not loading the images correctly.
  • Fixed mesh, bounding box, and path tool origin from jumping after manipulation and undo/redo.
  • Increased zoom in amount.
  • Weights view doesn't lose selected bones when undo/redo is used.
  • Added a Set Parent button when multiple images are selected.
  • Higher contrast for selected dopesheet bones.
  • Pose tool translation no longer loses the current selection.
  • Fixed horizontal scrollbar scaling in lists.
  • Fixed file dialog on OS X, no longer shows full path as file name.
  • Slightly smaller project file size.
  • Fixed a number of hotkeys when a non-English language is used.
  • Tool and bone selection colors aren't drawn when using color dialog.
  • Added bone transforms to Metrics view.
  • Fixed IK mix from rotating the wrong direction in some cases.
  • Can now paste keys from one IK/transform/path constraint to another.
  • Fixed transform constraints showing as edited but not keyed (yellow).
  • Click + drag on multiple visibility dots now uses a single undo/redo step.
  • Fixed Events node visibility when there are multiple skeletons and when duplicating a skeleton.
  • Hovering over a bone or slot label highlights it in both the viewport and tree.
  • Attachments and bones can now be selected via the tree even if hidden or selection is disabled by the Options panel on the main toolbar.
  • Fixed tree not scrolling to correct location in some situations.
  • Fixed color chooser slightly changing some color values.
  • Increased time to show image preview for region and mesh attachments versus image files.
  • Improved constraint icons and colors.
  • Improved tree selection when shift and/or ctrl are held.
  • Tree expands and scrolls to selection when filters change.
  • Enforced inherit rotation and scale for IK constrained bones.
  • Entering mesh/bounding box edit mode no longer shows images/others.
  • Constraint bone/slot/attachment labels truncate long names in tree properties.
  • When changing attachment visibility, if the previously visible attachment was selected in the tree, the newly visible attachment is selected.
  • Fixed select box list display location.
  • Fixed FPS label color.
  • Dopesheet now highlights rotate, translate, scale, or shear timelines depending on which tool is selected.
  • Darker triangles lines in mesh edit mode.
  • Bones are only shown with weight colors when the Weights tool is active.
  • Fixed Create tool mouse cursor icon disappearing after deselection.
  • Transform constraints can now constrain multiple bones.
  • Arrow keys can translate in mesh edit mode.
  • Arrow keys work when vertices are selected with the Rotate tool.
  • Hold shift with the Create tool when creating a new bone to keep the parent bone selected, to more easily create many siblings.
  • Bone and image compensation buttons are now highlighted when compensation is applied.
  • When no bones are selected, the Create tool selects the root bone if the project contains only one skeleton.
  • Better relative path calculation, preventing ../ back to the drive root.
  • Set Parent works for multiple slots or bones.
  • Numeric transform entry is applied as you type.
  • Prevented double clicking launcher buttons.
  • Better horizontally tree scrolling when viewport objects are selected.

3.2 Releases

28 Apr 2016

  • Fixed transform constraint rotation offset in JSON.
  • Fixed attachment timeline hide key color.
  • Selecting transform constraint in the tree now selects the target bone, not the constrained bone.

26 Apr 2016

  • Added a new tool: Shear. This enables skewing a bone and it's children without needing to scale a parent bone nonuniformly.
  • Added rotate, scale, and shear mixes to transform constraints.
  • Transform constraint mixes are now keyable.
  • Added rotate, translate, scale, and shear Y offsets to transform constraints.
  • The Pose tool can now perform translation by dragging a bone's origin.
  • The bone that will be edited by the Pose tool is more clearly indicated.
  • Binary and JSON formats have been updated. spine-libgdx is the only runtime up to date at this time.
  • Bone, slot, and attachment buttons at the top of the tree have returned as shortcuts for setting the tree filters.
  • Fixed filter list sometimes not appearing the first time.
  • Filter buttons are now blue when active.
  • Added influence arrows in the editor area on IK and transform constraint tree mouse over.
  • Fixed numeric transform values flashing when scrolled or dragged.
  • Numeric transform value text entry can start with +, *, or / to perform math operations on the previous value. Use +-xx for subtraction. Also works for bone length, current frame, and loop start/end.
  • Loop start/end is now allowed between frames.
  • Tab now focuses rotation numeric text entry.
  • Fixed key button icon distortion with small fonts.
  • Cleaner key button images.
  • Added --force and -f CLI parameters to force the update file download (launcher v3.0.15).
  • Fixed texture packing being skipped when run from the command line.
  • Reset automatic backup timer when a project is opened or saved.
  • Fixed crash hovering over tree items in rare situations.
  • Fixed project size after deleting a skeleton that is in a selection group.

3.1 Releases

21 Apr 2016

  • More accurate bone rendering and IK constraints.
  • Fixed CLI export.

20 Apr 2016

  • Fixed not being able to create a bounding box directly on a skin placeholder.
  • Better dopesheet key line selection color.
  • New expand/collapse buttons.
  • The dopesheet no longer forgets locked items when the animation is changed.
  • Added a filter button for the dopesheet to filter by timeline type
  • Changed tree filter buttons to a single filter button.
  • Fixed losing mesh selection in editor area when clicking FFD keys.
  • Right click in Find and Replace dialog of filter popups to toggle items (like holding control).
  • Smarter Playback view, can be sized less wide.
  • Deformed is now checked by default on the mesh Edit dialog.
  • Fixed crash deleting an empty skin placeholder.
  • Thick outlines for event name labels (above skeleton).
  • Fixed dopesheet key lines sometimes not rendering correctly.
  • Shadow for left edge of dopesheet keys.
  • Collapse/expand above the tree can be right clicked to collapse or expand all. Double click still works.
  • The button for moving the main toolbar can be right clicked to reset it's position to the center. Double click still works.
  • Fixed dropping an image on an attachment that is under a skin placeholder.

16 Apr 2016

  • Added Keyboard layout to settings dialog on Mac. This causes the hotkeys.txt files to use the key names for the specified keyboard layout.
  • Messages saying linked meshes were moved only show when they were actually moved.
  • Fixed toasts position with large font sizes.
  • Toasts now have a background to improve readability.
  • Inherited FFD timelines now show in the dopesheet even if the source mesh is in another skin.
  • Fixed deleting a skin placeholder orphaning an attachment until the next time the project is loaded.
  • Clicking FFD timeline title in the dopesheet prefers to select a linked mesh, if visible.
  • Selecting a linked mesh highlights the parent mesh FFD timeline in the dopesheet.
  • New "source mesh" icon for a mesh which has linked meshes.
  • Toasts can no longer go off screen.
  • Miscellaneous UI polish.
  • New project checkbox on Import data dialog. Reduces confusion over the empty skeleton created with a new project.

8 Apr 2016

  • Fixed running on some versions of Windows XP.
  • Allow tree selection to select objects in the editor area, even when select for that type of object is disabled.
  • Key Dopesheet hotkey ctrl+shift+L no longer keys events, since the idea is that it keys a "pose".
  • Main toolbar text labels are hidden when the view is too small.
  • Setting to for main toolbar text labels: auto, show, hide.
  • Setting for docking main toolbar: left, center, right.
  • Binary format improved. spine-libgdx has been updated with the changes and the format is now fully documented.

1 Apr 2016

  • Fixed IME input.
  • Fixed Chinese text wrapping.
  • Better mouse wheel scrolling in tree.
  • Better word selection for non-English languages.
  • Fixed loading linked meshes from JSON/binary when the source mesh is in a skin.

28 Mar 2016

  • Added a new language: Portuguese.
  • Updated translations.
  • Fixed crash creating new bounding boxes.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a skin that contains a linked mesh under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed selecting scale X and Y text on focus when pressing tab.

6 Mar 2016

  • The background when a dialog is open is now darker.
  • Fixed blurry edges in the color picker.
  • Improvements to most non-English languages.
  • Added a new language: German.

3 Mar 2016

  • Fixed crash exporting certain linked meshes.

3 Mar 2016

  • When an attachment image changes size, the UVs are automatically adjusted so the previous image contents don't change size. The adjusted UVs are now centered, so if whitespace is added equally to all sides, the mesh UVs remain correct. Also, this adjustment now uses the undo stack so it can be avoided if needed.
  • Increased text input width next to number sliders.
  • Headless command line export reads image sizes from image files, if available.
  • Added Clear path checkbox to rename attachment dialog.
  • Rename attachment checkbox on rename slot dialog now remembers last checked state.
  • FFD keys can now be copy/pasted to another mesh, as long as it has the same number of vertices.
  • Added Linked Mesh attachments, which allow a mesh and FFD in animations to be reused with different images.
  • Fixed bones losing inherit rotation/scale setting when duplicated.
  • The Duplicate button now works for attachments under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed graph labels drawing out of bounds.
  • Added more languages. Japanese, French, and Russian are complete. Korean is mostly complete. Chinese and Spanish are partially complete but will be finished soon.
  • Performance improvements for tens of thousands of attachments.
  • Fixed Metrics view to not count attachments from skins as visible.
  • Fixed updating FFD in animations when a vertex is deleted.
  • Attachments can now be drag and dropped to a slot which already has an attachment with that name. The dropped attachment is renamed.
  • Changed order of data in binary format, you will need to export your projects again.
  • Fixed incorrect 0,0 at start of bounding box vertices.
  • Fixed incorrect bounding box vertices for the binary format.
  • Fixed UVs being corrupted when importing a project that was exported without essential data.

3.0 Releases

27 Feb 2016

  • Fixed crash when opening settings dialog for some OS languages.

27 Feb 2016

  • Fixed exporting videos from the command line.
  • Bounding box vertices can now be selected by holding ctrl (cmd on Max), like mesh vertices.
  • Fixed importing bounding boxes from data (previously they could not be selected).
  • Changed position of icons that follow the mouse cursor.
  • When an IK target bone is selected, the IK constraint is selected in the tree only for a zero length bone and when all other selected bones are also IK targets.
  • Language defaults to the OS language.
  • Exposed UI scale feature in Settings dialog (good for 4K screens).
  • Changed bone sorting so transform behavior is consistent when IK and transform constraints are mixed.
  • Fixed crash pasting newlines into a text field.
  • Fixed importing a project being corrupted in setup mode.
  • Fixed messages containing %1.
  • Fixed number of bounding box vertices for CLI exports.

21 Feb 2016

  • Fixed ghosting slider and color button sizes.
  • Fixed slot color button size.
  • Fixed Settings dialog blurriness.
  • Fixed Pose tool when bones are scaled negatively.
  • Added a UI language setting.
  • Translated UI to Croatian.

18 Feb 2016

  • Transform constraints are now exported (requires binary exports to be exported again).
  • Skeleton Viewer updated.
  • Syncing music playback with animating in Spine is now possible.

13 Feb 2016

  • Fixed crash when moving bones in a way that invalidates an IK constraint.
  • Fixed Unicode and CJK font scaling when UI scale is != 1 (eg for 4K screens).
  • Fixed single bone IK when scale is negative.

10 Feb 2016

  • Draw order up/down hotkeys now set a key if Auto Key is on.
  • Fixed crash when a name has a very large number suffix.
  • Changed atlas file charset from OS default to UTF-8.
  • Windows launcher updated to 3.0.06, fixes failure to run on some OS configurations.

21 Jan 2016

  • Fixed Spine Essential crash.

21 Jan 2016

  • Fixed crash by auto save when project hasn't been saved yet.
  • When preferences are reset, many backups of hotkeys.txt are now saved instead of just one.

16 Jan 2016

  • Fixed attachment timelines in the dopesheet not refreshing when a slot is reparented.
  • Hiding a bone hides the dopesheet timelines for that bone when the dopesheet is not locked.
  • Current dopesheet frame shows one decimal place when off integer frames.
  • Backups now differentiate between manual and automatic project saves.

16 Jan 2016

  • Fixed Windows alt+tab being disabled when maximized and taskbar is hidden.
  • Fixed inherit scale and rotation not being imported with Import Data.
  • Fixed attachments with a path set not being packed into an atlas.
  • Fixed layout on texture packer settings dialog.
  • Added update command line parameter for starting Spine using a specific update version.
  • When run from the command line, updates can be downloaded.
  • JSON and binary data export and texture packing now work on headless machines.
  • Fixed Spine process sometimes not exiting when using -v at the command line or after a crash.
  • Fixed select box when creating a constraint and pressing escape.
  • Creating a mesh from a region now preserves the region color.

14 Jan 2016

  • Fixed setup pose appearing at animation start and when timeline is scrubbed backward.

14 Jan 2016

  • Fixed inherit scale and rotation missing from exports.

10 Jan 2016

  • New skewing scale.
  • IK constraints rewritten to support skew (a huge undertaking!).
  • IK constraints no longer support other bones between the parent and child bones.
  • IK bones can now be rotated if the IK constraint mix is < 1.
  • Removed restriction on translating and scaling bones controlled by an IK constraint.
  • Removed flip (use negative scale).
  • Added transform constraints (translation only, for now).
  • New, larger default font.
  • Font support for most languages (Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc).
  • Multiple font sizes: small, medium, large, extra large.
  • UI scaling for fonts smaller and larger than the default.
  • Choose default font size based on OS DPI.
  • High DPI awareness for the launcher.
  • Tree icon denotes if a bone is controlled by a constraint.
  • Fixed slowdown after deleting images directory outside of Spine.
  • Fixed crash (race condition) when deleting images directory outside of Spine.
  • Improved speed that images are refreshed.
  • Fixed lag with mice that have high polling rates on OS X.
  • Wording changed for project unsaved changes dialog: "Your project has unsaved changes. Discard changes Save changes Cancel". D or N discards, S saves, and C, escape, spacebar, or enter cancels.
  • Better error on Linux when libxrandr is missing.
  • Fixed Outline view background color.
  • Fixed pressing enter in text fields adding a character.
  • Fixed ghosting incorrectly showing FFD from current frame.
  • Texture packing sorts regions by name for better diffs when regions are added.
  • Much smoother scrolling when dragging a scrollbar handle.
  • High refresh rate monitor support (editor frame rate setting).
  • Ghosting Before frames no longer include the current frame.
  • Always show dimmed mouse cursor in Edit Mesh mode.
  • Setting to not show "missing" placeholder images when an image can't be loaded.
  • Choosing IK target bone no longer allows clicking images to select the bone (interfered with clicking empty space to create a new target bone).
  • Fixed translate compensation for bones with mesh attachments when both image and bone compensation is on.
  • Fixed hex numbers from setting alpha in color dialogs with alpha disabled.
  • Added Ghosting hotkey which toggles all ghosting on/off.
  • Texture packer dialog remembers atlas name in project file.
  • Fixed attachment skin placeholder replacement visibility.
  • Disallow importing skeleton data with multiple root bones.
  • Fixed zoom slider going out of bounds.
  • Support to drag-and-drop a region or mesh to another region or mesh to copy the SRT. Copy/paste also works between region/mesh and vice versa.
  • Fixed 1 bone IK from mixing in the wrong direction.
  • Show selection lines for regions when selected.
  • Ghosting is enabled for Spine Essential.
  • IK constraints show parent and child bones in tree properties, click to select.
  • Fixed texture packing crash when edge padding exceeded max size.
  • Fixed crash in outline view when editing a mesh with a bounding box visible.
  • Fixed sporadic crashes on OS X.
  • Fixed data import allowing slot names with whitespace at the start or end.
  • Fixed data import allowing two slots with the same name.
  • Fixed slots and attachments having whitespace at the start or end when created via an image file name with whitespace.
  • Holding shift in Edit Mesh mode with the Create tool constrains to the X or Y axis.
  • Faster load time.
  • The Create tool now snaps to mesh vertices if the mesh is selected using ctrl (cmd on Mac).
  • Easier to read name tag rendering.
  • Much faster bone and attachment name tag layout and rendering.
  • Dopesheet timeline shows frame offset of dragged key.
  • Fixed bounds names not showing.
  • Attachment outline is now hidden when dragging in Edit Mesh deformed mode.
  • Higher quality LOD when bones are scaled.
  • Precision for numerical display of translation changes with the value's magnitude.
  • Open button for Images node tree properties.
  • Added IK constraints to Find and Replace dialog.
  • Select bone in tree when slots and attachments are hidden and an attachment is selected.
  • Tooltip on key buttons when no animation is selected.
  • Fixed typing translation values when multiple meshes are selected.

2.1 Releases

2 Apr 2015

  • Fixed crash attaching image to skin placeholder under some circumstances.

2 Apr 2015

  • Added blending modes: normal, additive, multiply, screen.
  • Fixed project directory being locked on Windows even when a new project is opened.
  • When an attachment is moved under a skin placeholder, animation keys are now updated to use the placeholder.
  • When a project is loaded, keys referencing an attachment under a skin placeholder are fixed to reference the placeholder.
  • Fixed mouse cursor getting stuck on Linux.

28 Mar 2015

  • Fixed backspace not working in text fields.

27 Mar 2015

  • Fixed crashes when creating a new project or skeleton.
  • Fixed ctrl+c, ctrl+v, and other hotkeys in text fields.

27 Mar 2015

  • Fixed leak with font rendering causing entire app to render at a low framerate.

26 Mar 2015

  • Less flickering when mouse cursor changes on Windows.
  • Mouse cursor changes for OS X.

25 Mar 2015

  • Fixed crash rapidly clicking Refresh on the tree Images node.
  • Better log messages when image files could not be read.
  • Fixed some issues with image file watching and reloading.

24 Mar 2015

  • Fixed ghosting shaders.
  • New font rendering subsystem.

24 Mar 2015

  • The editor scale setting now allows the camera to be zoomed out farther.
  • Faster loading of projects with tens of thousands of attachments.
  • Added both Win/Linux and Mac hotkeys as an option for hotkey popup.
  • Fixed loading projects with bad mesh attachment that is missing triangles.
  • Fixed inherit scale when using experimental --skew setting.

11 Mar 2015

6 Mar 2015

  • Fixed window not redrawing when maximized, fullscreened, or restored.
  • Fixed right click not toggling active tool.
  • Fixed events on frame zero not firing in Spine and some runtimes.
  • Fixed holding right click stopping playback.

5 Mar 2015

  • Fixed right click pan from stopping playback.
  • hotkeys.txt file now shows Mac key names on Mac (cmd, opt).
  • Added separate Pan Drag, Zoom Drag, Pan Move, and Zoom Move hotkeys. The "move" hotkeys are primarily for using a touchpad/trackpad.

4 Mar 2015

  • Disabled inertial scroll for Spine on OS X.
  • Fixed incorrect alpha for mouse cursors.
  • Changed Zoom and Pan hotkeys to work better with the left mouse button.

3 Mar 2015

  • Added Slot Color view for easily changing slot colors.
  • Added Zoom to mouse setting, which can be useful to disable when using a touchpad.
  • While the Pan hotkey is held, the mouse no longer needs to be pressed to pan, only to be moved.
  • Added Zoom hotkey, for zooming without pressing a mouse button.
  • Made zoom slider smoother and slightly less sensitive when zoomed way out.
  • Attachment outlines are now still drawn when the attachment alpha is zero.

1 Mar 2015

  • Fixed crash when adjusting some sliders.

1 Mar 2015

  • Added Outline view.
  • Improved usable range for zoom sliders.

23 Feb 2015

  • Added Metrics view with performance metrics.
  • Vertices in exported JSON are now rounded to 5 decimal places (instead of 2 or no rounding).
  • Launcher updated for all platforms. Added spineboy hoverboard example project.

22 Feb 2015

  • Added the Timeline view. This allows the dopesheet to take up the full screen height while still being able to access the timeline easily.
  • Fixed crash when double clicking Animations view when there are no animations.
  • Fixed "new animation" icon button in Animations view when there are no animations.
  • Fixed image file watching when the Images path started with a dot (.).
  • Fixed long exceptions being logged when image files are deleted from the Images folder.
  • Fixed Background checkbox not showing the correct state for meshes.
  • Fixed overscroll in dopesheet only animating when the mouse moves.

27 Jan 2015

  • Fixed crash where images from the wrong skeleton could be selected while creating a new bone with the Create tool.
  • Fixed bounding boxes not being selected when using the Create tool.
  • Fixed auto weights say they could not be computed.
  • Auto backup interval is now configurable.

11 Jan 2015

  • Fixed FPS font color.
  • Fixed exported skeleton size in JSON and binary using current pose instead of setup pose.
  • Fixed copy/paste bone pose for bones that don't inherit rotation when World axes are active.
  • Fixed Auto Key with copy/paste bone pose.
  • Fixed unlocked dopesheet sometimes showing some bones that aren't selected.
  • Fixed deleting a mesh or event not removing dopesheet overview keys.
  • Added Repeat Last Export hotkey.
  • Fixed launcher for Windows XP (download and reinstall Spine).
  • Fixed file dialog hang on Windows XP.
  • Hold shift to get confirm dialog when delete confirmation is disabled in the settings dialog.
  • Don't change triangle order when not using meshes.
  • Fixed tools not fading back to normal when the mouse button is released without moving the mouse.
  • Fixed launcher for OS X 10.7 and 10.8 (download and reinstall Spine).

24 Nov 2014

  • Fixed deleting an animation overview key would delete all keys at that timeline position, not just the visible keys.

24 Nov 2014

  • Fixed graph zooming.
  • Don't change timeline position when an overview key is clicked and ctrl (cmd on Mac) is down.
  • Keys placed between stepped keys now use stepped. This already happened for Bézier.
  • Fixed Child Bone hotkey.
  • Fixed timeline not automatically scrolling when scrubbing.
  • Added 0.1x and 0.25x buttons to the Playback view.
  • Fixed MSAA setting for Mac.
  • Fixed box selecting region attachments when one is already selected.
  • Fixed crash opening project during playback.
  • Fixed Pose tool not adjusting bones unless the mouse is moved.
  • Fixed 2 year old heisenbug crash when deleting a key!
  • Enter in event string value text box sets key.
  • Fixed attachment showing as edited when hidden with auto key enabled.
  • Fixed meshes not showing as keyed (FFD) right away.
  • Fixed exporting an empty skin to binary.

20 Nov 2014

  • Fixed using relative project path from the command line.
  • Added warning if it is detected quotes were accidentally escaped at the command line.
  • Added error for specifying input or output without pack or export at the command line.

18 Nov 2014

  • Spine's CPU usage has been greatly reduced.
  • spine-js saw many improvements (demo).
  • Minor launcher update (2.1.14), all platforms.
  • Command line texture packer argument can now take a pack settings JSON file.

12 Nov 2014

  • Fixed crash when editing images that Spine is using.
  • Fixed crash on start with older Spine launchers.

12 Nov 2014

  • Fixed crash while running texture packer.
  • Fixed selecting items when keys are clicked and the dopesheet is locked.
  • Added timeline position indicator to skeleton viewer.
  • Command line export now accepts relative paths (requires launcher update).

10 Nov 2014

  • Added Spine and launcher version to settings dialog.
  • Image sequence export changed to use underscore before number. Eg instead of name1 becoming name11.png it becomes `name1_1.png. This also means indexes can be used when texture packing for easier frame by frame animation using an atlas.
  • Fixed bug with command line export input and output paths.
  • Fixed atlas extension when saving export settings JSON.

9 Nov 2014

  • Completely rewrote command line arguments for export, see docs.
  • Added texture packing from command line.
  • Spine on Windows can now be pinned to the taskbar and is Spine.exe rather than javaw.exe in Task Manager. To get this, update your launcher (download and reinstall Spine).
  • Spine on Mac now works with Keep in dock. (update your launcher)
  • Fixed opening .spine files in Mac. (update your launcher)
  • Fixed Use single instance, renamed it Reuse instance, wrote better description on settings dialog, and disabled it for Mac (which always reuses).
  • Fixed Set Selection for slots when bones are hidden in the tree.
  • Clicking an attachment now selects the slot in the tree in animate mode if the selection was empty and bones are hidden in the tree.

2.0 Releases

6 Nov 2014

  • Command line export.
  • Fixed ghosting colors changing across Spine updates.

6 Nov 2014

  • All export settings remembered across Spine runs, stored in preferences and projects.
  • Fixed flip keys when duplicating an animation.
  • Fixed crash when scrubbing timeline with draw order keys.

5 Nov 2014

  • Image file extension is now allowed for an attachment name/path (solely to reduce confusion).
  • Fixed crash when using ghosting with an attachment change that has FFD.
  • PNG file sizes greatly reduced when not using the texture packer.
  • Fixed show FPS setting.
  • Big performance improvements, especially for projects containing many complex skeletons.
  • Fixed numeric suffix when duplicating.
  • Fixed a bug with how tabbed pane layouts are stored. Unfortunately this will cause Spine preferences to be reset to defaults.
  • Fixed export dialog not remember paths.
  • Added Dim unselected skeletons setting.
  • Fixed Local and Parent axes when translating vertices with multiple meshes selected.

16 Oct 2014

  • Changing the size of an image used by a mesh now keeps the UVs the same size. This allows whitespace to be added or removed from a mesh image without requiring the mesh to be recreated.
  • Fixed Weights view not showing bones during Bind.
  • Double click animation in Animations view to rename.
  • Fixed bones having same color.
  • Fixed crash double clicking an attachment while holding ctrl with the Create tool.

11 Oct 2014

  • Fixed keying IK constraint bend direction.
  • Fixed alpha blending rounding error when exporting images or video.
  • Fixed IK showing FK bones during playback even when IK constraints are visible.

9 Oct 2014

  • The Create tool no longer uses shift to choose an attachment to move to the new bone. Instead, after selecting the parent bone, attachments to move to the new bone can be selected by holding ctrl.
  • Fixed auto key for bone flip.
  • Nudge (10) and Nudge default hotkeys swapped. This means customized hotkeys will be reset (sorry!).
  • Added "images path" to nonessential export data. This allows the images path to be specified in import data.
  • Fixed browse button not opening in the correct directory.
  • Better computation of relative paths for images path.
  • Fixed image preview in tree for certain image size.
  • Added checkbox when deleting skin placeholders to keep the currently visible attachment.
  • Fixed dopesheet rounded corners.
  • Fixed crash when the dopesheet is locked and the items in it change while dragging the mouse.
  • Fixed loading projects with attachment timelines referencing a deleted slot.
  • Fixed storing the minimized views across Spine versions.
  • Fixed flip keys causing auto key to incorrectly create keys when changing the timeline position.

5 Oct 2014

  • Changed attachment Path to show the attachment name when not set.

4 Oct 2014

  • "draworder" -> "drawOrder" in JSON format. Official runtimes updated and fall back to "draworder" so existing JSON isn't broken.
  • Changed flip timelines to be per bone. Any bone can be flipped, which uses the world axes.

3 Oct 2014

  • Keyable skeleton flip (see skeleton tree properties).
  • Fixed click + dragging on tree visibility dots.
  • Fixed undo after changing skin visibility.
  • Multiple events triggered the same frame no longer overlap.
  • Faster JSON export.
  • Fixed exporting skeleton with IK using Essential.
  • Fixed binary format when there is no default skin.
  • Fixed binary export IK constraint order.
  • Fixed all bones dimming when mesh is has no bounds bones.

30 Sep 2014

  • Fixed crash dragging bones in Weights view.
  • Fixed atlas file naming when running texture packer separately from data export.
  • Fixed hang when playing an animation with <= 1 keys.
  • Fixed the last frame showing the first frame when repeat is on.
  • Fixed opening very old goblins project.

27 Sep 2014

  • Fixed export with ".atlas.txt" atlas file extension.

27 Sep 2014

  • Fixed event indicator being triggered at the wrong time.
  • Fixed playback repeat.
  • Fixed dopesheet auto scroll to use integer frames unless shift is held.
  • Playback repeat now stored across runs.

26 Sep 2014

  • Paths remembered in a project are no longer choosen as defaults if they don't exist.
  • Fixed Data Import when no Spine version is in the data.
  • Added event indicators above the skeleton.
  • Better wrapping when dragging past end of animation or looped frames.
  • Auto Key now saved across app runs.

26 Sep 2014

  • Fixed crash setting path on new project.
  • Disable scaling for bones that have a setup scale of zero.

26 Sep 2014

  • Fixed setting path on Images node using Browse button.
  • Fixed exporting skeleton names that contain dot.
  • Data import adjusts for old way of storing scale keys.

26 Sep 2014

  • Fixed Spine prompting for activation code again on OS X and Linux. This requires the Spine launcher to be downloaded again.
  • Fixed export path being stored incorrectly.

24 Sep 2014

  • Fixed removing bound bones in the Weights view.

24 Sep 2014

  • Fixed title bar being off slightly on OS X.
  • Fixed Weights messages.
  • Fixed being unable to use Bind in the Weights tool.
  • Fixed undo for Weights view.
  • Fixed Weights tool adjustment depending on zoom level.
  • Fixed crash selecting a bounding box when the Weights view is open.

24 Sep 2014

  • New view layout system! Drag and drop views into tabbed panes.
  • Fixed scale to be multiplicative. This affects all runtimes.
  • Updated UI elements.
  • More precise mouse wheel zooming.
  • Always output entry for default skin, even if empty.
  • Fixed image page size output by the texture packer.
  • Fixed image compensation for numeric entry of translate Y.
  • Fixed dopesheet horizontal scroll bar jumping to the beginning while dragging keys and from appearing when the window is resized.
  • Fixed banding in background gradient.
  • Don't show transparency squares for background color.
  • New hotkeys for creating skins, animations, IK, events.
  • Added setting for disabling tooltips. F1 still shows them.
  • Improved bone rendering.
  • New interface animations.
  • Setting to disable interface animations.
  • Faster dialog fade in/out.
  • Remember last location of dialogs (mostly for multiple monitors).
  • Animations view for easier animation selection.
  • New Next Animation and Previous Animation hotkeys, MRU order.
  • Fixed stuck translate cursor for mesh tools.
  • Increased weight dialog max height to 10 bound bones.
  • Added Expand/Collapse hotkey for the tree.
  • Fixed crash bug removing bound bones from a mesh.
  • Horizontal dopesheet scrollbar uses smooth scrolling and is easier to click.
  • Store project in recent projects when using Save As.
  • Fixed launcher for Education licenses to use shared storage again.
  • Updates LayersToPNG.jsx export script for Photoshop.
  • Added Gimp export script.
  • Default texture packer settings no longer strip whitespace.
  • Opening projects zooms to fit if the saved camera position puts the skeletons outside of the view.
  • Tree filter buttons for bones, slots, attachments expand to the previously selected nodes.
  • Parent visualization for Create tool.
  • Fixed crash bug when a bone somehow gets a draw order key.
  • Fixed texture packer not deleting previously exported atlas files before outputting new files when using multiple atlas scales.
  • Choosing an image path via the browse dialog is now relative for up to 3 common parents (../../../). Can still type in any relative path.
  • Warning message for why an attachment cannot be selected when it is attached to a bone that is controlled by an IK constraint which is not visible.
  • Fixed tinting being incorrect in rare circumstances.
  • Smaller scrollbar handles at small sizes.
  • Weights tool dialog converted to a view.
  • Fixed non-interpolated playback.
  • Double click to deselect no longer shows usage message for Weights tool.
  • Fixed IK constraint bend direction keys.
  • Fixed auto scrolling the tree when dragging a tree item above or below the tree.

1.9 Releases

30 Aug 2014

  • Fixed IK/FK mixing.
  • Fixed JSON export losing non-ASCII (eg Chinese) characters.
  • Expand new and imported skeletons in the tree to reduce confusion.

28 Aug 2014

  • Added automatic internal mesh point generation.
  • Fixed order of data in exports being inconsistent.
  • Auto weights takes less time for meshes with hundreds or thousands of vertices.
  • Dragging during bounding box set points no longer translates all points.
  • Disabled reset for skinned meshes.
  • Fixed numeric scale entry for meshes.
  • Fixed showing attachments that should be hidden in animate mode when no animations are visible.
  • Fixed crash from changing bone hierarchy so an IK constraint is no longer valid (the constraint is now deleted).
  • Fixed crash duplicating animations that have IK constraint keys.
  • Fixed opening projects that have broken animations from duplicating animations that have IK constraint keys.
  • Fixed rare crash deleting a skin.
  • Project import and data import now works correctly with IK constraints.
  • Fixed IK constraints not being exported when the skeleton has no slots.
  • Finished IK constraints in JSON export.
  • Added IK constraints to binary export.
  • Finished loading IK constraints for spine-libgdx, JSON and binary.
  • Fixed IK constraint bend direction changing when selecting multiple constraints in animate mode.

4 Aug 2014

  • Added automatic skinning weight computation!
  • More colors for skinning weights and new color order.
  • Enabled key offset, shift and adjust for ESS.
  • Fixed dopesheet keys turning a dark color.

31 Jul 2014

  • Fixed alpha in image and video exports.
  • Fixed export dialog being too small to reach browser button.

30 Jul 2014

  • New credits dialog with credits for the second Kickstarter.
  • Fixed crash with Pose tool and bones controlled by an IK constraint.
  • Fixed crash dragging attachment to skin placeholder in different skeleton.
  • Wider dialog text boxes.
  • Warning on rename attachment dialog if attachment has path.
  • Fixed backup button in settings dialog.
  • Fixed bounding boxes for Essential.
  • Fixed ALT and F10 keys on Windows, no longer cause a hang.

28 Jul 2014

  • Fixed key curves.

28 Jul 2014

  • Fixed stepped curves.

27 Jul 2014

  • Fixed undo when using New... Skin Placeholder.
  • Allow New... Skin Placeholder on a single attachment to use the same name as the attachment.
  • Disallowed New... Skin Placeholder on a skin placeholder.
  • F12 now opens the settings dialog.
  • The settings dialog has been completely redone and many new settings added.

26 Jul 2014

  • Enabled Auto Key for Spine Essential.
  • Fixed importing from another project when an attachment has changed from a region to mesh.
  • Fixed loading a project with invalid IK constraints to due a bug in a previous version when a bone was deleted.
  • Wider rename text box.
  • Copy/paste of bone and region attachment SRT now works in the tree, not just the editor area.
  • Image size now shown in tree image preview hover.
  • Tree image preview hover now shown for meshes.
  • Instant Tooltips (F1) now works for tree image preview hover.
  • The key icon in the tree now works for all selected items.
  • Fixed yellow keys showing during playback when turning off Interpolated in the playback dialog.
  • Fixed undo when changing IK constraint mix.
  • Names are now shown for hovered bones during set parent, bind bone for weights, etc.
  • Fixed Key Adjust when translating or scaling a mesh.

24 Jul 2014

  • Fixed scaling.

23 Jul 2014

  • Added Spine version, hash, and setup pose width, height to exported JSON and binary data.
  • IK data is now exported.

22 Jul 2014

  • Fixed not being able to select event keys.
  • Fixed crash deleting keys when event keys exist.
  • Fixed toggling visibility dot for multiple attachments under the same slot.
  • Right click visibility dot now uses a single undo step.
  • Recent files shows parent directories as needed to make items unique.
  • Added support for single bone IK.

22 Jul 2014

  • Fixed compensation.
  • Fixed crash selecting empty skin placeholder.

21 Jul 2014

  • Redesigned IK constraints for better editing of the FK, mix and IK poses.
  • IK keys are now shown under the target bone in the dopesheet.
  • When choosing an IK target, clicking empty space creates a new bone.
  • Added button to jump to an IK constraint's target bone in the tree.
  • Fixed IK target bone icon rotation.
  • Fixed tooltip over IK constraint mix slider.
  • Better validation when a project is loaded to avoid crashing Spine if there is an issue.
  • Added tween lines between IK keys.
  • Pose tool now works on a single zero length bone.
  • Hold shift with Pose tool to adjust more slowly.
  • Key icon in tree instead of dot.
  • New... select box for attachments that can create a new skin placeholder and move the attachment under it, to the currently visible skin.
  • Fixed showing incorrect rotation after setting it numerically.
  • When there are multiple skeletons in a project and no editor selection, the dopesheet now uses the tree selection to determine which keys are shown.
  • When duplicating a bone, skinning for duplicated meshes now use the duplicated bones.
  • Fixed crash duplicating a bone.
  • Fixed window and taskbar icons on Windows.

13 Jul 2014

  • Fixed trial being unable to move IK constraints.

15 Jun 2014

  • Fixed deleting IK constraint with keys.
  • Allow changing FK pose when IK constraint mix is 0 and ik constraint is hidden.
  • Fixed bone compensation.

15 Jun 2014

  • Added IK constraints with FK/IK mixing!
  • Checkbox to turn off Weight tool pies.
  • Fixed zero length bone icons in tree.
  • Adjusted bone scale and zero length bone size.
  • Fixed duplicate bone not moving slots to the new bone.

1.8 Releases

11 Jun 2014

  • Weights for new mesh points are now calculated weights use neighboring vertex weights.
  • When a bone is duplicated, any skinned meshes on the new bone are influenced by the new bone.
  • Backspace is now mapped to the "Delete" action for keyboards without a delete key.
  • Fixed image compensation for skinned meshes in animate mode.
  • Fixed problem creating mesh when far from 0,0.
  • Adjusted bone size setting to go smaller for pixel art.
  • Changed selection of very small zero length bones to be more friendly for pixel art.
  • Fixed occasional crash when box selecting with the Weights tool.

29 May 2014

  • Fixed errors exporting projects with FFD.

25 May 2014

  • Fixed crash on animation duplicate.

24 May 2014

  • Fixed losing FFD keys on project load.

24 May 2014

  • Fixed deleting an attachment deleting keys in animations.
  • Improved control for the Pose tool.

23 May 2014

  • Improved mesh Set Points and Reset to make a best effort to keep the current mesh orientation.
  • Updated launcher with longer timeouts on first try, and no timeouts for subsequent tries. This allows updates even for very slow connections.
  • Better missing/loading images.
  • Pan mouse cursor.
  • Fixed deleting a skin placeholder containing a mesh with FFD keys.
  • Attachment names are no longer trimmed.
  • Fixed outputting zeros for FFD vertices in JSON format at start/end of array.

15 May 2014

  • Fixed lack of precision in JSON for skinned meshes.

13 May 2014

  • Fixed crash putting an attachment under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed converting attachment to a mesh before the attachment is ever shown.
  • Fixed showing edited (yellow) FFD key for a mesh that isn't visible.

11 May 2014

  • Fixed Import Data using the wrong bones for animations in some cases.
  • Hull length is always exported (this breaks binary format, you will need to export again).
  • Fixed keying a skin placeholder that does not contain an attachment.
  • Fixed draw order visibility dot affected export.
  • Added Smooth button to Skinning Weights dialog.

7 May 2014

  • Implemented a way to use Import Data for meshes even when nonessential was not checked on export. All internal edges are lost and the hull edges may be computed incorrectly, but at least the mesh vertices, FFD in all animations, etc are kept intact.

6 May 2014

  • Scale for Import Data, gives a way to change the size of assets used for a skeleton in Spine.
  • Fixed crash with Import Data and meshes.
  • Added width and height for each page in the libgdx atlas format. This allows UVs to be computed when loading the page images is deferred. Runtimes need to be updated to read the width and height.
  • Nonessential import is checked by default for JSON.
  • Import Data no longer fails when importing a mesh that was exported with nonessential unchecked. Meshes are not imported and a warning is shown, but at least the rest of the data is imported.
  • Import Data uses directory containing JSON for the images directory.

28 Apr 2014

  • Fixed Weights tool disabled icon for ESS.
  • Fixed problem with Import Data and meshes.
  • Fixed rare crash switching tools.
  • Allow exporting empty skins.

22 Apr 2014

  • Auto key is now applied during manipulation rather than when mouse is released, which is better for ghosting.
  • Select, lock, refresh buttons for ghosting, similar to the dopesheet.
  • Warning when exporting a skin with no attachments.
  • Fixed undo when creating a new skin not showing the last visible skin.
  • Fixed closing the Skinning Weights dialog during Bind.
  • Multi-edit for slot additive checkbox.
  • Fixed image compenstation with meshes.

22 Apr 2014

  • Fixed crash in some cases moving a mesh to a skin attachment.
  • Fixed crash box selecting meshes with the weight tool.
  • Fixed meshes with FFD being exported wrong when in animate mode.
  • Texture packer only uses a subdirectory if more than one scale is specified.
  • Fixed Create tool being active in animate mode.
  • Hide tooltips shown first time Spine starts after 30 seconds.
  • Fixed auto key making text boxes lose their selection when tabbed.
  • Fixed holding ctrl/cmd and clicking bones only selecting the first one.
  • Fixed mesh reset in both setup and animate modes.
  • Added Selected checkbox to Skinning Weights dialog to better control overlay colors.
  • Fixed dragging with the Weights tool causing a tool switch.
  • Added warning when pasting bone or image SRT with the parent axis selected.

16 Apr 2014

  • Added tooltip message when dragging an attachment to a skin placeholder with no skin visible.
  • Fixed path being set when images are dragged into editor area.

16 Apr 2014

  • Left drag + alt no longer pans, as it conflicted with the Create tool and dopesheet hotkeys.
  • A Pan hotkey is added, J by default. Left drag + this key pans. Couldn't make the key pan without left click for technical reasons. Left drag + this key + ctrl zooms.
  • Fixed duplicating a skeleton containing a skinned mesh.
  • Fixed binding a mesh to a bone when the project has multiple skeletons.
  • Mesh triangles are ordered using skinning weights. A triangle belongs to the bone influencing it most. This gives predictable behavior when a skinned mesh overlaps itself. Behavior of a non-skinned mesh that overlaps itself remains undefined.
  • Bones can be dragged to reorder in the Skinning Weights dialog to control which triangles are on top.

7 Apr 2014

  • Fixed disabled weight tool icon for ESS.
  • Pan = right drag OR left drag + alt.
  • Zoom = mouse wheel OR right drag + ctrl OR left drag + alt + ctrl.
  • Fixed bounds when exporting image or video with meshes.
  • Fixed ghosting with meshes.

7 Apr 2014

  • Fixed ctrl+click with pose tool to add to selection.
  • Fixed crash switching to animate mode with older project containing meshes.

5 Apr 2014

  • Hotkey for stop.
  • Fix projects on load that have a mesh timeline for the wrong slot (a bug in an older Spine version when a mesh was reparented).
  • Fixed duplicating a skeleton containing a mesh. Projects containing meshes with this issue are fixed on load by removing the problematic duplicated meshes.
  • Toast message when a project was loaded with warnings. This means the project had to be adjusted on load, see the spine.log file for more info.
  • Fixed playback stopping between integer frames, timeline snaps to integer frame but the skeletons were not updated.
  • Fixed bounding boxes not transforming with the bones during playback.

2 Apr 2014

  • Fixed taskbar icon on Windows.
  • Fixed trial on OS X.

2 Apr 2014

  • Smooth skinning with vertex weights!
  • Disallow selection of object types that would change the tool (eg can't select a region attachment with the Pose tool).
  • Disallow selection of hidden bone via clicking an attachment.
  • Create, Pose and pick tools (eg Set Parent) allow bones to be selected via clicking an attachment.
  • With Create tool, ctrl + click selects new bone.
  • Clicking Edit Mesh checks Show Images.
  • Clicking Edit Points checks Show Bounds.
  • Fixed crash when creating new bounding box, then exiting Set Points mode without creating points.
  • Allow Edit Points for bounding boxes in animate mode. The bounding boxes cannot be keyed, but this makes it much easier to create bounding boxes for animation poses.
  • Automatic backups every 15 minutes.
  • Bones drawn on top of bounding boxes.
  • Fixed buttons not showing hover state after click.
  • Fixed buttons not showing down state when click happens within one frame.
  • Fixed getting in Edit Mesh mode without the dialog showing.
  • Fixed crash from clicking Loop Start/End.
  • Fixed inverted mouse movement when dragging an image from the tree.
  • Fixed dopesheet box select drag with ctrl + shift to copy did not snap correctly after shift is released.
  • Changed scaling a box selection so all keys snap to frames unless shift is held (shift always prevents snapping when moving keys).
  • When images can't be selected, selecting an image only selects the bone if there is no selection.
  • Fixed texture packing with and without scales/suffixes.
  • New bones inherit parent bone color.
  • Fixed bone color when importing from a project or data file.
  • New mouse cursor icons.

21 Mar 2014

  • Fixed crash when deleting point in mesh.
  • General mesh stability improved.
  • Fixed bounding box edge colors.
  • Added copy/paste for region attachment transforms.
  • More intelligent numeric suffix when creating an object with an existing name (eg duplicating).

18 Mar 2014

  • Fixed dopesheet key shift when dragging an overview key for the whole animation.
  • Texture packing now has an optional suffix for each scale.
  • Fixed setup pose attachments in exported data using the attachments from the animate mode pose in Spine at export time.
  • Exporting no longer loses the animate mode pose.
  • Adjusted bone selection distances, especially for Create tool.
  • Fixed undo after Create tool + shift.
  • Added "atlas extension" field to texture packing settings (Unity users can use ".atlas.txt" and never have to do the rename again).
  • Fixed spine-unity and spine-tk2d to create assets in the current folder.
  • Fixed linear filtering always being applied to meshes.

16 Mar 2014

  • Orphaned events are cleaned up when a project is loaded.

16 Mar 2014

  • Fixed name uniqueness requirement adding an attachment under a skin placeholder.
  • Fullscreen titlebar button for Mac.
  • Fixed occasional crash creating bounding box.
  • Fixed numeric suffix when duplicating slots and attachments.
  • Find and replace, shows results for empty replace with when doing a name match.
  • Added overwrite confirmation to "save project as".
  • Fixed setting mesh rotation via numeric input.
  • Fixed numeric SRT values when multiple meshes are selected.
  • Fixed numeric rotation value for world axis.
  • Fixed mesh reset in setup mode so mesh doesn't move.
  • Fixed data export for meshes in skins.

11 Mar 2014

  • Fixed crash creating a new slot.
  • Updated OpenGL backend. Spine now requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher with the FBO extension. Unless your computer is ~15 years old, you should have this.
  • New slots from dragging an attachment go in the draw order under the slot the attachment is coming from.
  • Fixed bone navigation hotkeys for bones hidden in either the editor area or tree.
  • Old hotkeys now work on all tree nodes (ctrl+shift+arrows): parent, child, next sibling, previous sibling.
  • New hotkeys (ctrl+arrows): parent bone, child bone, next sibling bone, previous sibling bone.
  • Fixed crash changing parent of slot containing a mesh with FFD keys.
  • Fixed errors in projects on load where an attachment is in the dopesheet under the wrong bone.
  • Fixed crash dragging multiple meshes to a bone.
  • Fixed crash changing to animate mode while mesh is selected that isn't shown in animate mode.
  • Fixed moving mesh with FFD keys to a bone with no keys.
  • Opening animate mode will scroll tree to keep selection in view.
  • Fixed crash with edit mesh -> reset points -> remove keys.
  • Fixed occasional crash dragging in the tree.
  • Fixed square texture packing.
  • Texture packing outputs subdirectories for scaling and the first image no longer has "-1".
  • Bone colors are used on mouse over when bones are hidden.
  • Installers updated, previous example exports had bad scale.
  • SkeletonTest in spine-libgdx is now a tool for inspecting skeleton files.
  • Fixed bounding box set points drawing incorrect connecting lines.
  • Fixed crash creating a bounding box.
  • Fixed texture packer not recognizing images with capital file extensions.
  • Fixed bounding boxes being shown when slot is hidden and when under a skin placeholder.
  • Fixed crash renaming an event.
  • Fixed filesystem watching for image directories when two skeletons use the same image directory.
  • Fixed auto key creating spurious keys (!) when the timeline is scrubbed over event keys.
  • Fixed JSON export writing bone x and y for scaleX and scaleY (!).
  • Fixed bounding boxes being drawn even when hidden.
  • Fixed mouse cursor sticking after deselection.
  • Fixed undo in animate mode.
  • Fixed new skeleton bones all being at 0,0 with 0 rotation if no animation is visible.
  • Project files are now a bit smaller.
  • Allow choosing version 1.7.12 as an update on the settings dialog.
  • Fixed issues with botched 1.7.13 release.
  • Clicking a bone in the dopesheet now selects that bone, ctrl to toggle, must click +/- to expand/collapse.
  • Fixed clicking dopesheet names being off by a few pixels.
  • Left side of dopesheet now expands to fit text.
  • Renaming a bone no longer changes bones shown in the dopesheet.
  • Fixed being unable to save when a selection group (ctrl+#) contains a slot under the Draw Order tree node.
  • Fixed draw order dopehsheet rows showing up at bottom when multiple skeletons are selected.
  • Uninstaller shows up in Add/Remove Programs on Windows.
  • Improved application loading.
  • Fixed timeline not showing correctly until the dopesheet opens (rare).
  • Fixed playing backward looping when repeat is off.
  • Fixed selection groups having the same object multiple times.
  • Better bone rendering based on length.
  • Shorter bones allowed for tiny skeletons.
  • Bone scale on settings dialog affects editor as it is changed.
  • Bone scale becomes editor scale and affects background checkers.
  • Slightly faster scroll zoom when zoomed far out.
  • Bounding boxes have been rewritten to match mesh functionality.
  • Mesh and bounding box origin is much easier to see.
  • Fixed renaming an event not refreshing the name in the tree properties.
  • Fixed ghosting meshes.
  • More efficient ghosting shaders.
  • Middle click now does box select (just like holding ctrl but without adding to the selection).
  • Fixed keeping curve when setting FFD or color key over an existing key.
  • Easier to select zero length bones, especially when image selection is disabled or in animate mode.
  • Image compensation now works for meshes in animate mode.
  • Box selecting mesh vertices no longer resets pivot, if it has been moved.
  • Fixed binary export failure.
  • Fixed ghosting showing the missing image for attachments when the slot has no attachment visible in the setup pose.
  • Fixed crash when using meshes and no animation is visible.
  • Added lines in the dopesheet between mesh keys.
  • Mouse wheel direction over the timeline now matches in the editor area.
  • Improved stability when using meshes.
  • Improved stability when using undo, especially across setup/animate modes.
  • Right clicking a visibility dot also toggles all child slots and bones.
  • Fixed camera jumping for 1 frame when saving.
  • Fixed command line arguments for "Spine (system Java).app" on OS X.
  • Extensive refactoring to support new features.

1.7 Releases

  • Texture packer square output now uses smallest size.
  • Fixed moving points in mesh set points mode.
  • Dopesheet now shows all meshes for the current skin, even if not visible.
  • F1 for instant tooltips now works in dialogs.
  • Texture packer can now pack multiple, scaled atlases.
  • Dragging for the Pose tool no longer uses a tap square.
  • Fixed mesh images not output by the texture packer.
  • Fixed mesh attachment color.
  • Added "grid" texture packer option for packing spritesheets with a uniform grid.
  • Fixed GIF export so the last frame is not exported if the GIF loops.
  • Added GIF quality, higher quality means better colors but exports more slowly.
  • Fixed crash when mesh is hidden in setup mode and made visible in animate mode.
  • Shift + bone create tool now names bones using the name of the attachment's slot.
  • When using shift + bone create tool, shift can be released to end the bone outside the attachment and the attachment slot is still reparented.
  • Tree now goes to the right of the dopesheet when the window is wide enough.
  • Fixed Mac crash on start.
  • Fixed crash exporting when an image couldn't be read.
  • Fixed multiple rows in the dopesheet appearing for the same transform after pasting with a slot selected.
  • Free form deformation (FFD)! Meshes can be keyed and animated.
  • Changed how loop start/end is denoted.
  • Fixed moving origin for mesh SRT tools.
  • Added secret command line param "scale" which scales the UI for high DPI displays. Eg: scale=1.3
  • Fixed pasting multiple color keys.
  • Bone color can be customized per bone.
  • Fixed crash selecting in editor/tree by clicking in dopesheet.
  • Fixed setup pose being modified by undo/redo of changes done in animate mode.
  • Better storage of last directory and file paths, eg after creating a new project.
  • Saving project in animate mode stores camera position correctly.
  • Fixed data export not have the correct image sizes.
  • Added warnings to data export for missing images.
  • Playback is stopped if past last frame and the editor area is clicked.
  • Fixed multiple timelines appearing the dopesheet after pasting keys.
  • Fixed pasting color keys to a different slot.
  • Fixed crash from undoing creation of a selected vertex.
  • Fixed color hotkey not working in animate mode.
  • Hotkeys to navigate bone hierarchy.
  • Fixed crash double clicking in Edit Mesh, Set Points.
  • Fixed Edit Mesh, Reset Points not applying rotation and scale.
  • Allow color keys to be copied to another slot (selected in the tree).
  • Fixed crash after deleting certain mesh vertices.
  • Fixed crash deselecting during draw order drag and drop.
  • Removed name uniqueness requirements for attachments under a skin placeholder.
  • Path is cleared on project load if the same as the name. This fixes up older version which may have set the path unnecessarily.
  • Meshes!
  • Disabled MSAA by default.
  • Moving an attachment to a different slot now deletes keys for that attachment in all animations.
  • Fixed bone scale compensation not applying translation when children don't inherit scale.
  • Box select also does unselect.
  • Dopesheet zooms in further.
  • Thinner shader outline on images.
  • Fixed path being set when it should not be.
  • Keep dopesheet selection when resizing dopesheet. Box selections still go away.
  • Fixed graph rendering during dopesheet key offset.

1.6 Releases

  • Fixed dimming the text of hidden items in tree not matching during playback.
  • Fixed crash selecting with ctrl+# bones that have been deleted.
  • Might have fixed OSX flickering on resize.
  • Disallow dropping skin placeholder on another placeholder.
  • Fixed crash exporting animations.
  • Fixed backspace not registering in text fields.
  • Double click in text fields will select a word. Triple click to select all.
  • Ctrl+# selection groups are saved in the project.
  • Fixed skeleton draw order for image and video export.
  • Fixed exported JSON having an empty "path" field.
  • No longer show rectangle outline for selected images unless moused over.
  • Fixed image rotation not appearing.
  • Fixed incorrect dopesheet layout when the window is resized smaller with the dopesheet closed.
  • New hotkeys.
  • Fixed all events showing up as being modified when one is modified.
  • Fixed selecting an event key for the first time not selecting it.
  • Fixed crash selecting bones in animate mode with certain tree filters active.
  • Fixed crash importing a project.
  • Fixed editor box selection crash.
  • Fixed crash pasting before opening the dopesheet.
  • Fixed some issues with importing from a project with events.
  • Fixed save project as hotkey that uses shift.
  • Fixed crash from a bad value in older projects.
  • Nudge for scale and rotate tools.
  • Nudge works with auto key.
  • Bounding boxes now have SRT in the editor.
  • Freeze button for bounding boxes.
  • New hotkeys.
  • Image compensate works for bounding boxes.
  • Fixed crash from clicking SRT textfield then a key with auto key on.
  • Fancy animated hiding selection.
  • Selection and tool icon hides during manipulation.
  • Fixed occasional crash clicking keys.
  • Fixed duplicated skin placeholder attachments have the path set when the original did not.
  • Better preservation of tree selection, eg during undo/redo.
  • Allow OpenGL software mode, with performance warning.
  • Better FPS management, avoids low FPS in the editor.
  • Fixed autokey for events when an event hasn't been keyed yet.
  • Multi key selection now selects multiple bones when dopesheet is locked.
  • Fixed duplicate skeleton.
  • Added "new bone" to bone tree properties.
  • New hotkeys changed from dialog to toast.
  • Added hotkeys: new bone, lock dopesheet, refresh dopesheet.
  • Drag visibility dot in tree to change many items.
  • Slot icon shows slot color.
  • Dopesheet highlighted rows better match the editor and tree.
  • New dopesheet button and hotkey, "select dopesheet bones".
  • Find and Replace gets "scope" settings.
  • Dopesheet receives focus for pasting keys when timeline is clicked.
  • The pose lost when scrubbing the timeline can be restored with undo, but now it can't if there are things to redo.
  • SRT dopesheet keys can be pasted to another bone. Select keys, copy keys, select a single bone, paste keys.
  • SRT pose can be copied from bones to other bones. Select bones, copy, select other bones, paste.
  • In the dopesheet, ctrl+drag creates a selection box. Easier to start a selection on a key.
  • Loop end is used instead of the last frame when scrubbing.
  • Stopping playback now refreshes the SRT values to be exactly on the frame displayed.
  • Line in curve graph showing current timeline position. Only if all selected keys start and end on the same frame.
  • Clicking an image in animate mode now selects the slot in the tree, since selecting the image isn't useful for animating.
  • Easier to click animation and timeline names in dopesheet.
  • New Pro feature, offset keys: automatically wraps keys when moved past animation start/end.
  • Slightly shorter dopesheet rows.
  • Fixed crash in "choose existing or new slot" dialog.
  • Dragging dopesheet keys with ctrl+shift now copies the keys again.
  • Right clicking a select box in the tree properties chooses the last item chosen.
  • Fixed import data with event that has a blank string value.
  • Fix for zero size file dialog headers on Linux.
  • Auto key and "key edited" shortcut works for slot color, slot attachments, draw order, and events.
  • Fixed crash with restore selection (ctrl+1, 1) when selecting bones and images in the tree.
  • Fixed using new bounding box or slot on a bone.
  • Fixed slots and attachments showing up as "__drag" when dragged into the editor area.
  • Allow dragging multiple images to a bone (they get new slots just like dragging into the editor area).
  • Fixed keying color for multiple slots at once.
  • Store/set selection (eg ctrl+1 then press 1) stores tree selection if nothing is selected in editor. Eg, quickly jump between animations.
  • Fixed attachment name showing up as "__drag".
  • Fixed dragging attachment to skin placeholder when no skin is selected.
  • Fixed unable to use cancel in file dialog on Linux.
  • Improvements to replace dialog.
  • Interpolate button on playback dialog.
  • Added path to region attachments, so a slot may have multiple attachments with different names but the same image. This leads to per attachment color and meshes.
  • Per attachment color.
  • Added replace dialog for faster skinning and other uses. Only accessible via ctrl + H right now.
  • Fixed loading projects from paths containing certain Unicode characters.
  • Fixed crash selected a bone or image for certain projects.
  • Fixed updating hotkeys from older Spine versions.
  • Dialog when a hotkeys.txt error occurs.
  • Dialog when new hotkeys are available.
  • Added buttons for log, hotkeys, backups to settings dialog.
  • Fixed crash in certain situations on touch up in dopesheet.
  • Dopesheet now shows keys for all bones if a bone is selected that has no keys.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Fixed dragging a skin placeholder under another placeholder.
  • Allow dragging an attachment to a skin placeholder that has an attachment already, to replace the attachment without copying the existing SRT.
  • Fixed create when skeleton is added.
  • Fixed selecting multiple slots under draw order.
  • Fixed skeleton sort order being reversed.
  • Ctrl + click item in dopesheet to add to current selection.
  • Ctrl + shift + drag in dopesheet to copy keys.
  • Restore window if minimized on close prompt.
  • Fixed undo for slot color changes.
  • Multiple slots can now have their color changed at once. Finally!
  • Skeleton draw order can be changed (but not keyed). Also finally!
  • Adjustable bone size in settings.
  • Dim skeletons in settings.
  • Fixed playing backward with repeat.
  • Added "Hide Selection" hotkey to hide tool, image outlines, skeleton dimming, etc.
  • Added "Save JSON" to packer settings dialog to save pack.json file.
  • Changed draw order up/down arrows to better indicate difference from the previous draw order.
  • Trimmed names on export.
  • Fixed dopesheet items with long names getting clipped.
  • New or missing hotkeys are inserted into the hotkeys.txt file.
  • Lots of hotkeys added.
  • Tooltips show the correct hotkeys after hotkeys.txt has been customized.
  • Fixed dopesheet vertical scrollbar appearing when closed.
  • Fixed Spine starting in animate mode and messing up the setup pose.
  • Moved timeline to top of dopesheet to reduce mousing.
  • Fixed import project crash when slots are missing for keyed draw order.
  • Faster loading when switching visible images in the tree or doing undo/redo.
  • Drag and drop an image or region attachment on another to add to the same slot with the same SRT.
  • Drag and drop an image or region attachment on an attachment under a skin placeholder to replace the attachment in the active skin.
  • Images dropped on a slot are positioned at the slot's bone rather than the root bone.
  • Fixed detecting page up/down keys on Mac.
  • Fixed beep sound on Mac when using ctrl + key.
  • Another animation draw order key adjustment, should be robust now.
  • Fixed beep sound on Mac when using ctrl + key.
  • Another animation draw order key adjustment, should be robust now.
  • Fixed using pack.json files to control the texture packer.
  • One more fix to draw order key adjustment.
  • Refreshing images no longer hangs UI for directories with thousands of images.
  • Changed how animations draw order keys are adjusted when setup pose draw order changes.
  • Fixed hotkeys not working on some computers.
  • Fixed box selection scaling keys differently if made right/left instead of left/right.
  • Hotkeys configured via file:Windows: <user home folder>Spinehotkeys.txtMac: <user home folder>/Library/Application Support/Spine/hotkeys.txtLinux: <user home folder>/.spine/hotkeys.txt
  • Fixed draw order when dragging multiple slots.
  • Keyed draw order is keeps its order when a slot is deleted.
  • Hide playback dialog in setup mode.
  • Fixed storing export paths relative to project directory.
  • Allow multiple attachments to be drag and dropped.
  • Only keep a single image in memory at a time when packing textures.
  • Remembering export path improvements.
  • Fixed SRT showing as modified just by focusing text field, since textfield has limited precision.
  • Auto key is now applied when editing SRT via numeric text input.
  • Adjusted dopesheet colors for selected bones when locked.
  • PRO/ESS label in titlebar.
  • Fixed dopesheet bug when stretching box selection to flip, then stretching it again.
  • Native file dialog for OSX.
  • Fixed occasional hang dragging multiple images into the editor area.
  • Fixed crash creating bounding box under a skin placeholder with no skin visible.
  • Fixed export crash (really this time).
  • Fixed moving slot to different bone causing dopesheet keys to be unselectable.
  • Fixed export crash.
  • Clicking an image in animate mode selects the bone in the editor area and the image in the tree (slot if tree images hidden, bone if tree images and slots hidden). Makes it easier to get to slot properties when a bone has many slots.
  • Fixed auto key adding a color key when color had a bezier curve but had not changed.
  • Persisted per project paths (eg for export) are relative to project file (unless on different drive).
  • Fixed draw order reversing when dropping multiple slots above first slot.
  • Fixed resizing dopesheet box selection which starts on frame zero.
  • Change version name to Professional.
  • Fixed crash selecting in the tree with bones/images/bounds unselectable.
  • Fixed Spine keeping image files in use.
  • Fixed reverse dopesheet keys with select box scaling.
  • Made dopesheet key shift affect subsequent keys when select box scaling.
  • Fixed small memory leak.
  • Set timeline frame to 0 when animation visibility changes.
  • Fixed crash bug when clicking attachments in the tree.
  • Fixed clicking with bone tool on an image to create zero length bone.
  • Added reset to defaults button for texture packer settings.
  • MSAA in settings dialog. 8x looks nice!
  • Fixed duplicating a skeleton that has events in an animation.
  • Fixed duplicating a bounding box cleared the visibility dot.
  • Fixed auto key affecting hidden skeletons.
  • Fixed bounding boxes shown for hidden skeletons.
  • Fixed GIF export matte/background color with transparency.
  • Fixed tree selection bug.
  • Renamed "points" to "vertices" in bounding box JSON.
  • Fixed having an image folder with same name as an image file.
  • Fixed importing a project with draw order.
  • Fixed bug from clicking in tree with ctrl and shift down.
  • Strip invalid characters from file names.

1.5 Releases

  • Select box for a skin placeholder to create a bounding box.
  • Fixed hidden skeletons affecting dopesheet end of animation orange line.
  • Hidden skeletons now won't be exported.
  • Double click the expand or collapse button in tree to expand/collapse all. Collapse this way doesn't collapse skeleton root nodes, eg to more easily access a skeleton's animations.
  • Numerous minor bug fixes.
  • Bounding boxes!
  • Fixed numerous crashes, eg with selecting bones/images.
  • More under the cover changes for bounding boxes. Sorry for any small instability!
  • Fixed dragging skin attachments.
  • Skin attachments are now called skin placeholders.
  • Attachment hide keys are dimmer.
  • Fixed exporting all skins to an atlas when exporting JSON or binary.
  • Export option for image sequences to export all skins.
  • Open/close tree now pans camera.
  • Fixed spacing around lots of icons.
  • All images are no longer loaded from the images directory, they are now loaded/unloaded as needed.
  • Odd format images no longer crash Spine. All images should be decoded properly now.
  • Fixed Spine menu not opening sometimes.
  • Images select bones in setup mode when image selection is disabled (just like they always do in animate mode).
  • New fancy build stuff no one gets to appreciate.
  • Playback dialog presets for 0.5x, 1x, 2x.
  • Fixed bug deleting events and skins.
  • Fixed curve splitting and replacing colors keys causing graph to not render.
  • Fixed a number of crash bugs: clicking a new project, opening certain projects that use skins.
  • Playback slider can go > 2.
  • Store camera position and zoom in project.
  • Better Spine menu.
  • Major internal changes in anticipation for different attachment types (eg bounding boxes).
  • Fixed draw order reversing when doing drag and drop with multiple slots.
  • Fixed occasional crash keying draw order.
  • Draw order up/down arrows in tree only for slots that have been changed (not slots inbetween).
  • Fixed exporting multiple draw order keys.
  • spine-libgdx binary format changed, replaced strings with indexes where possible.
  • Draw order updates on the fly while doing drag and drop in the tree.
  • Keyable draw order. Editor is done, for runtimes only spine-libgdx is implemented so far.
  • Import data supports events.
  • Dopesheet gets fancy icons.
  • Rename bone or slot has checkboxes to rename slot or attachment with same name.
  • Single Spine instance in settings dialog. Existing window will be reused when opening file via command line parameter. Windows installer updated.
  • Fixed play not working after ctrl+E.
  • Icons for all buttons.
  • New tree properties layouts.
  • Fixed file dialogs remembering where they were last open.
  • Stored file dialog locations in project.
  • Now opens a file provided as a command line argument.
  • Fixed cloning skeleton with events.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Ctrl + saves current bone/image/key selection. Press the number without ctrl to restore selection.
  • Copy, paste, cut, delete hotkeys for dopesheet keys.
  • Fixed setting ghosting frame step
  • Event timeline!
  • Editor view stays centered when switching animate/setup mode and adjusting tree/dopesheet size.
  • Fixed dopesheet toolbar being clipped/hidden (finally!).
  • Marker for slider center.
  • Better glowing auto key and adjust buttons.
  • More and better button icons.
  • Fixed bug not importing slot setup pose color.

1.4 Releases

  • Caused and fixed a number of issues. Sorry for the momentary instability, but the dust is settling and things are better!
  • Added dopesheet multi key edit mode.
  • Colors for auto key and multi key edit modes.
  • Smoother project opening.
  • Fixed launcher not being able to download updates. Download and reinstall Spine if you had this problem!
  • Fixed translate image compensation for bones that don't inherit rotation.
  • Fixed rotate tool when bone has negative x scale.
  • Fixed shifting subsequent keys by holding alt when starting to drag a key.
  • Added toolbar button for shifting subsequent keys.
  • Fixed slot colors in editor.
  • Asterisk for unsaved changes.
  • Fixed Spine's longest running crash, rare but happened when clicking in editor after mousing over tree.
  • Fixed undoing delete slot image change key.
  • Fixed relative paths when using Browse on Images tree node.
  • Convert absolute path to project relative path on project load.
  • Reset everyone's preferences to stop a crash bug on start. Sorry!
  • Removed event timeline. It was included accidentally, it's not done yet. Soon!
  • Fixed image directory monitoring trying to read files that are still being written.
  • Fixed solid ghosts being drawn incorrectly sometimes.
  • Fixed new sliders to allow text entry below slider step size.
  • Added feature to ghosting to only show attachments for selected bones.
  • Fixed various crashes.
  • Fixed filtering artifacts on transparent edges.
  • Added bleed setting for the texture packer. This fixes filtering artifacts on transparent edges when not using premultiplied alpha.
  • Fixed skin export issue.
  • Fixed rare crash bug when double clicking keys.
  • Fixed importing from other projects animations with slot image changes.
  • Fixed image export bounds.
  • Fixed error dialog text wrapping.
  • Fixed texture packer bugs.
  • Fixed rare crash clicking keys after undo/redo.
  • Fixed occasional crash when opening projects.
  • Fixed occasional crash when preferences could not be saved.
  • Fixed a few other rare crashes.
  • Fixed exporting background images.
  • When saving, the old project file is now copied into a backup folder in the user directory.
  • Dopesheet no longer shows last key marker for hidden skeletons.
  • Mouse over images in animate mode now works for selecting bones. Can disable from Options section of toolbar.
  • Click in empty space in dopesheet to set timeline position.
  • Image "selectable" checkbox became "background", when checked the image isn't selectable and won't be exported.
  • Configurable suffix for JSON and binary export.
  • Fixed animation name in dopesheet when renaming animation.
  • Mouse over textfield, hold shift, mousewheel to edit by 0.1 instead of 1.
  • Scrollbar for select boxes with many items, mousewheel scrolls without clicking.
  • Much better mouse-image hit detection when using overlapping images with a lot of whitespace.
  • Fixed loading image files created in the image folder while Spine is running.
  • Better directory watching and image loading error handling.
  • Editor FPS reduction when in background on Windows (already did it on OSX).
  • Faster graph adjustment.
  • Fixed image change keys not being duplicated correctly.
  • Now store export directory per project.
  • Images in the images directory now load much faster.
  • Allow zooming in further.
  • Scroll sensitivity becomes less sensitive when zoomed in.
  • Better texture packer defaults.
  • Line denoting last key in animation.
  • Fixed keys disappearing when using a selection box with no width.
  • Fixed multi select in tree on Mac (was ctrl, now cmd).
  • Fixed overview key changing all keys at that frame when selected via drawing a box.
  • Fixed some exports with small value changes incorrectly using a stepped curved.
  • New fancy sliders.
  • Fixed double clicking overview keys to delete.
  • Fixed outline shader on OSX.
  • Fixed crash when selecting bone or image on OSX.
  • Export image can now export all animations at once.
  • Enabled dragging multiple images to a slot in the tree.
  • Fixed image directory watching for automatically adding/removing folders.
  • Fixed images that couldn't be loaded showing the wrong images.
  • Added warning dialog when images could not be loaded.
  • Fixed translate nudge for bones.
  • Fixed translate nudge axis control.
  • Fixed New Slot button crash.
  • Changed undo for visibility to happen as a group.
  • Create tool now parents image under mouse at any time if shift is pressed when dragging. This allows drawing bones for an image even when the bone is outside the image bounds.
  • Hold alt with bone Create tool to redraw selected bone.
  • N hotkey selects Create tool.
  • Shift + plus/minus hotkey changes draw order by 5.
  • H hotkey to toggle visibility.
  • Visibility dot toggles entire selection when clicked.
  • Fixed tree expanding when visibility dot is clicked and auto expand is disabled.
  • "Selectable" checkbox for images, no more accidentally selecting the background template.
  • Name tags shown on mouse over.
  • Fixed crash drawing zero length bone with shift.
  • F2 hotkey to rename.
  • Fixed a drag and drop crash.
  • Can no longer drop multiple images in the tree.
  • Added playback dialog with playback speed.
  • No outlines when panning.
  • New slot dialog uses attachment name, not bone name, and strips folders.
  • Hold shift when creating a bone to attach the image (and slot) under the mouse to the new bone. This enables a new workflow for creating skeletons: drag multiple images into the editor at once, draw bones on them holding shift, assemble the skeleton, assign bone hierarchy (click child, press P, click parent OR drag and drop bones in the tree).
  • Multiple drag and drop in the tree for: image files, slots, bones
  • No outlines when dragging a tool.
  • Fixed rapid ctrl clicking in tree not selecting.
  • Fixed image name tags for skin attachments.
    • and - hotkeys for adjusting draw order.
  • Fixed using nearest for minification when linear should be used.
  • Fixed selecting slot keys.
  • Thinner image selection outline when zoomed.
  • Adjusted bone sizes when zoomed in.
  • Fixed linear filtering being used when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed tree distortion at some window vertical sizes.
  • Fixed menu not opening sometimes.
  • Fixed imported data keys sometimes being off integer frames slightly.
  • Fixed importing attachment timelines, color timelines, and curves.
  • Fixed copy/paste in textfields on OSX.
  • Fixed command key on OSX.
  • Fixed R/F hotkeys for next/previous frame.
  • Tons of changes for ghosting, working much better now.
  • Fix for keys being the smallest amount off an integer frame.
  • Fixed rare crash bug on project open.
  • Changed how ghosting offset is applied.
  • Fixed some minor ghosting bugs.
  • Fixed moving slot to new bone crash.
  • Fixed shader crashes on OSX.
  • Ghosting (aka onion skinning). This is a big feature, enjoy!
  • Dopesheet keys don't snap inside a selection box.
  • Key curve splitting fixes.
  • Dopesheet key crash fixes. Dopesheet is looking pretty stable.
  • Right click tree node to expand/collapse all.

1.3 Releases

  • Dopesheet key crash fixes.
  • Scrollbar shown when panned away from keys.
  • Performance improvements for large projects. Now works well with 1000+ animations, each with 8000+ keys.
  • Recent projects menu.
  • More prompts to save (open, new project, recent project).
  • Fixed global rotation and scale when inherit is unchecked.
  • Compensation when checking inherit rotation/scale.
  • Fixed tooltip staying active when clicking new project.
  • If you scrub the timeline and lose your pose, you can get it back with undo.
  • Dopesheet completely revamped under the covers. Keep an eye out for bugs!
  • Added an overview to the dopesheet, shows all keys.
  • Select boxes can now scroll, eg to choose an animation to import from a project with hundreds of animations.
  • New undo system. Fixes undo not working and slowdown with huge projects. This required massive changes, keep an eye out for undo related bugs.
  • Changed the timeline position jumping to the selected key to happen on mouse up. Allows keys to be dragged without changing the timeline position.
  • Fixed crash at start up.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Tooltips for dopesheet and tree drag resize discovery.
  • Ignore loop start/end when loop is disabled.
  • Bone checkbox to disable scale/rotation inheritance.
  • Fixed dopesheet buttons getting clipped.
  • Additive blending for slots.
  • Allowed tree to scroll further at the bottom.
  • Click single selected tree node to deselect.
  • Fixed issue 16, drag and drop sometimes stops working.
  • Exit confirmation.
  • Settings to not auto update (you'll need to download the newest launcher).
  • Fixed backspace in text fields.
  • Support non-Latin characters in export path.
  • Auto key for bone compensation.
  • Fixed rare crash renaming bones, slots, etc.
  • Fixed not loading images with dot in the name.
  • Sort skins, animations, attachments, by name in tree and in exported JSON.
  • Fixed deleting keys leaving an empty dopesheet item.
  • Added auto key button.
  • Fixed opening projects with all skeletons hidden.
  • Deterministic bone order by both hierarchy and name. This allows animations to be applied to a different skeleton at runtime as long as the hierarchy and bone names are the same.
  • Fixed dopesheet box selection. The wrong keys were selected sometimes.
  • Sort animations by name.
  • Linear filtering setting used for image/video export.
  • Fixed image/video export translucent edge artifacts.
  • Fixed Image node in tree not updating text after browse.
  • Changed Current frame textbox to allow float frame entry.
  • Fixed touchdown in timeline going between frames without shift being held.
  • File dialog now looks for both .spine and .project files.
  • Fixed pressing tab after setting scale would revert scale.
  • Allowed partial frame to be shown and entered in "Current" frame textbox.
  • Fixed mouse down on timeline so it doesn't jump to partial frame (unless shift is held).
  • Fixed crash selecting dopseheet keys with ctrl.
  • Fixed halo with PNG export.
  • Fixed exporting animation with keyed image changes.
  • Reduced halo with PNG export, still not perfect though.
  • Fixed imported animations not having overview keys.
  • Hid overview keys in dopesheet for expanded bones when there is only 1 key.
  • Fixed duplicating skins.
  • Fixed imported skins.
  • Duplicate can only be used in animate mode.
  • Started updating the changelog again.
  • Added curve splitting.
  • Fixed OS X crash when resizing window.
  • Project files now default to using a ".spine" file extension.
  • New export format.
  • New import from project feature.
  • Tons of stuff since 1.1.0!

1.1 Releases

  • Fixed editor panning on Linux.
  • Embedded OpenJDK to fix JRE-related problems, especially Java 7 on Mac.
  • New application launcher with auto updating.
  • Installer for Windows.
  • DMG for Mac to fix execute permissions problems.
  • Fixed app icon on Mac.
  • Enter in textfield no longer keeps keyboard focus.
  • Fixed file dialog not appearing sometimes.

1.0 Releases

  • Refactored runtimes for more control over how attachments are loaded.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed export on Mac.
  • Fixed loading projects saved while in animate mode.
  • Better dialog messages.
  • New launcher script in Spine.app for Mac.
  • Updated to experimental LWJGL to support Java 7 on Mac.
  • Fixed crash when switching animate/setup mode when picking parent.
  • Fixed crash when clicking keys in dopesheet.
  • Included license.txt file.
  • Updated Corona runtime example to show time accumulation.
  • Increased max image files that will be loaded per skeleton from 500 to to 750.
  • Fixed holding ctrl with bone pose tool (deselecting, adding to selection with box, etc).
  • Fixed crash at start on Windows (oops!).
  • All new launcher and window frame for Mac, enabling Spine to run with Java 7 on OSX.
  • Refactored a few libgdx and Corona runtime class names. Same functionality, better names.
  • Added message so users know Spine logo can be clicked.
  • Minor fixes for Corona.
  • Made update available message more prominent.
  • Refactored JSON format to not rely on map order and to not quote numbers, updated libgdx and Corona runtimes.
  • Fixed dopesheet selection box, broken by resizable dopesheet.
  • Fixed crash from deleting slot with keyed color or image change.
  • Fixed lines between keys for small value changes.
  • Fixed click and drag in text fields to select text (drag left/right) versus change value (drag up/down).
  • Fixed undo when opening new project.
  • Fixed undo in animate mode reverting to bind pose.
  • libgdx runtime: Added Skeleton#findBone(String) and similar convenience methods.
  • Updated OpenGL initialization for very old GPUs.
  • Added a Spine runtime for Corona.
  • Added duplicate button for skins.
  • Set color of hidden items in the tree that are valid targets to white during drag and drop.
  • Fixed image name conflict to be less stringent for skin attachments.
  • libgdx runtime: Added Animation mix method.
  • libgdx runtime: Added MixTest example to show animation mixing.
  • Added image width/height to export format for easier runtime calculations.
  • Enabled drag tree toggle button to resize tree.
  • Enabled drag dopesheet toggle button to resize dopesheet.
  • libgdx runtime: Added support for whitespace stripped and rotated spritesheet images.
  • Deleting imported skeleton had to be deleted twice.
  • Added message so users know setup/animate can be clicked.
  • Color dialog updates value from current text field when OK is clicked.
  • Deleting skeleton did not remove dopesheet keys.
  • libgdx runtime: Added flipX and flipY to Skeleton class.
  • libgdx runtime: Added setScale for loaders. This scales the bones and animations so they can be used with a larger or smaller set of images (eg, for a HQ version). This can also be used to scale the skeleton down to a reasonable size for use with Box2D.
  • libgdx runtime: Added SkeletonTest.
  • Added dialogs for import skeleton and animation.
  • Fixed import skeleton to properly support importing skins.
  • Fixed file dialog getting stuck behind fullscreen application window.
  • Changed numeric text entry to not require enter to accept the value.
  • Fixed entering invalid values for color chooser.
  • Added import skeleton and import animation. These accept data in the same format that Spine exports and provides a way to bring in data from other applications.
  • Fixed some project files losing the bind pose when saved in animate mode.